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C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Well, this is my all new weight loss diary....which is needed LOTS at the minute!

I started SW over 3 months ago now, and I've fallen off the wagon BIG stylee...I really need to get back on track but I've been struggling a lot for the past two weeks, putting on 4lbs and just not feeling motivated to stick to plan.

I did have a food diary, but I think it's time that I draw a line under it, and don't look back on the past two weeks and get back on plan from tomorrow.

I really need to do this. I feel like a complete barrel after all of the food and drink I have consumed recently. I know it's gonna be hard to get back and stay on the straight and narrow, but after today I am determined to do it!

I don't go to group, but wouldn't say I go it alone as everyone on this site is amazing help. I usually WI on a Sat morning, but have decided that I'm restarting from tomorrow, so Friday will now be my officially WI day from now on.

I'm super excited to get back on track and hope these lbs will melt away. I really want to get to target (I want to be 9st and I'm currently around the 10st mark) as soon as possible. I know SW if for life and not a "quick fix" but I want to be slim so bad it's unreal (think it's cos most of my mate are super skinny...and the fact my Dad keeps saying I'm over weight!!)...so...here we go...tomorrow is day 1 of my SW restart..wish me luck :)...there's no looking back now!!!
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S: 11st12.5lb C: 10st9.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 1st3lb(10.21%)
good luck!! :)
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Day One: Friday 6 August 2010

Start Weight: 10st 1.5lbs
Goal Weight: Around 9st

Well, today is day one of restart :) I'm kinda happy that I'm gonna be getting back on track! Can't quite believe how much weight I've put on in two weeks. It's insane. No more binges for me ever. Obviously I'm going to enjoy myself on occasions, but not like that, that was bad!

Off work today :D

Going to limit myself to between 10-12 syns this week. I know I've been going totally overboard recently, so need to chill wit tha syns!!

Feeling quite positive!

Having an Green day today. Defo going to try out all plans to see what works best!

Breakfast: 42g of Crunchy Bran (HEB) with Milk (HEA) and a pint of NAS Squash

Lunch: Baked Beans on 3 WW Brown Danish (HEB) with Margarine (1 Syn), 1 Thorntons Chocolate (3.5 Syns) and Grapes

Dinner: 60g of Tagliatelle Pasta with Bolognaise Beanfeast and a Jacket Potato with 28g of Cheddar (HEA)

Snack: Skinny Cow Mint Choc Chip Ice Lolly (4.5 Syns)

Syns: 9

Drinks: 1 Pint of Water, 2 Pints of Water with NAS Squash, Tea with Milk & Diet Berry Drink

Exercise: 3 Hour Walk Around Town
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C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Day Two: Saturday 7 August 2010

Feeling a little better about myself today. Not as bloated and have been walking around alllll day so my legs are aching :)

Got a free Clarins makeover today...with strawberries and dark chocolate. Kinda ate the choc oops but it was really nice :)

Going to my friends house tonight for her birthday cocktail party. Not the best thing for me getting back into plan but I'm going to enjoy myself (but not too much!)

Having another Green day today :)

Breakfast: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs & 3 WW Brown Danish (HEB) with Margarine (1 Syn) and 28g of Special K (HEB) with Milk (HEA)

Lunch: Thorntons Chocolate at Clarins counter (9 Syns?) & Strawberries

Dinner: Smash Pizza using Smash, Passata, 28g of Cheddar (HEA), Tomatoes, Peppers, Onion & Garlic with SW Wedges

Drinks: Diet Coke, Diet Berry Drink, Water & Cocktails

Syns: 10 + cocktails

Exercise: Long walk :)
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Sunday 8 August 2010

I had a great night last night. I was quite good with food & drink at my friends house, so synning the night at 40 syns :) still hungover today. We had a lovely celebration for my friends 22nd and an engagement of my other friend. Made me feel all lonely and pathetic, being the only single gal there. Sigh.

So kinda went off plan last night. And I stayed at my friends so kinda off plan today. Her Dad made me quorn sausage, egg and toast for brekki and she's having her birthday Indians later which we are all invited for. Don't know whether to pass or go.
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Monday 9 August 2010

Well I had the Indians yesterday for my friends birthday. Totally off plan but had a good day. Was also very ill yesterday, hangover kicked in and I was being sick til after 4pm! Eek. Oh well. A line has been drawn under my weekend and I now have no plans to go out or drink or eat rubbish til I go to London at the end of the month! So here comes 100% eating, drinking and exercising!

Don't feel too well today...effects of the Indians maybe? And I am sooo tired. Wish I had taken today off, but I didn't so it's off to work I go :( so not really in the mood to eat so gonna be weirdly picky today I think...

No gym tonight as I have a driving lesson. Gonna go back to the gym tomorrow and go on Wed and Thurs. Excited to go back!!

Having a green day today, and eating Special K as I bought loads so gonna try and incorporate the special k diet into red and green days for a couple of days maybe!

Breakfast: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with Milk and a Cup of Tea with Milk (HEA)

Lunch: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with 1 Activia FF Yogurt and Blueberries

Dinner: Mild Cheese & Broccoli Pasta n Sauce (0.5 Syns) and a Jacket Potato with Margarine (1.5 Syns) and 28g of Cheddar (HEA)

Supper: 2 WW Brown Danish (4 Syns) with Margarine (1 Syn) and Grapes

Drinks: 2 Cups of Tea with Milk, 2 Pints of Water & 2 Pints of Water with NAS Squash

Syns: 7
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C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Tuesday 10 August 2010

Feeling a bit lonely in this part of the forum. Considering going back to my original food diary but unsure at the moment.

Feeling a lot better today, and not so bloated and bulky!

Going to the gym after work tonight and cannot wait!! Not going to do too much - maybe 25ish mins on the cross trainer and some time on the bike. Don't want to push myself too much going back into it.

Another green day today. Not much variety but we don't have much food in at the moment!

Breakfast: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with Milk (HEA)

Lunch: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with 1 Activia FF Yogurt

Dinner: 3 Bean Chilli made from Quorn Mince, Tinned Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Onions, Pepper, Garlic, Chilli and Curry Powder, Mixed & Kidney Beans, and a Jacket Potato with 28g of Cheddar (HEA) and 1 tsp of Low Fat Margarine (1 Syn)

Snacks (throughout the day): Caramel Freddo (5 Syns), Grapes & Oats So Simple Raspberry Sachet (6.5 Syns)

Drinks: 2 Cups of Tea with Milk, 2 Pints of Water, 2 Pints of Water with NAS Squash

Syns: 11.5
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S: 19st0lb C: 18st6.5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st7.5lb(2.82%)
Hi there!

Well done on getting back to plan! I have only been doing this for a few weeks but currently doing EE, might try some red and green days so your plans really help, thank you!

Glad you are feeling better today and that you are looking forward to going to the gym.... MMmmmm dont think I will EVER say that! Not been to a gym for a long long time and do need to increase/start exercising, been thinking about getting a Wii :rolleyes:

Anyway, have a good day and "enjoy" the gym :D
S: 12st12lb C: 11st4lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 28.4 Loss: 1st8lb(12.22%)
Hope you enjoyed the gym and good luck on restarting the plan. Keep posting as it is dead helpful to read about you and what you're doing. Loads more people read this and don't post back so you may have a following in cyber space:D:D:D!
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Thanks guys :)

Well, didn't end up going to the gym. Had all my stuff at work with me to walk down the bank to the work gym, then at 4:30 it absolutely chucked it down with rain. And I didn't wanna get soaked as I had no coat or brolly...so I came home. Considering going on my own home cross trainer later, but off to Asda to pick up some food, then to Uncle's to type up a report for him. So if I get time, I WILL exercise, if not, I'll defo go to the gym tomorrow!

Had a random day today. Been sooo quiet at work, done hardly anything but had a good catch up with some of the high up staff :) and also bought more stuff for my Mam's 50th. I've officially spent faaarrr too much on her, and am in my overdraft and have had to increase it from £200 to £350...she better appreciate it!

Been considering my future a lot these past couple of days. I know I'm bored of my job. It's not what I want to do, there's no challenge and I love something to get my teeth into. I've applied for loads of jobs but I'm not sure what exactly it is I want to do. I've always had office jobs. I loved being a legal secretary, found law soo interesting, but it's hard to get back into as nowhere has any vacancies. My first love is travel/tourism/aviation/airports...but even that's hard to get into without qualifications. So I've been looking at the UK Open College's website...they do a travel and tourism course that you can do from home (kind like the Open Uni)...and was thinking about maybe doing that when I get some money behind me. I really want to progress and do something I love. Right now, I don't dislike work, it's just....nothing. All I seem to do is photocopy, file and make teas and coffees....a long way away from the responsibilities I used to have. So now I have decisions to make...
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S: 11st12.5lb C: 11st6lb G: 8st11lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.9%)
Hi there. Just passing through and loving the new diary :)

By the way, one of your earlier posts say you want to be 9lbs...isn't this a little bit too skinny??? Hehe! :p

Good luck with it all :)
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Haa...thanks Carthago delenda est :) never even noticed. I was obviously asleep when writing that. Changed it now :) x
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Wednesday 11 August 2010

This week is going on forever :( I hate being back at work. I wish I could win the lottery and be able to give up my rubbish job and be able to live well til I found something I wanted to do. Booo!

Another horrid rainy day here, but I won't let the rain put me off the gym today - I am defo defo going after work for about 45ish mins. I need to get back on it!

Another green day...decided it's gonna be my last. Red from tomorrow!

Breakfast: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA)

Lunch: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with 1 Activia FF Yogurt, 1 Punnet of Cherry Tomatoes and a Pack of Quorn Chicken Style Slices (I was hungry...oops, so much for Special K diet!)

Dinner: 2 Quorn Sausages, SW Chips, 14g of Normal Chips (1 Syn) & Beans with 2 WW Malted Danish (5 Syns) with LCEL Cheese Triangles (HEA)

Snack: Bag of Walkers Baked S&V Crisps (7 Syns)

Drink: Tea with Milk (Part HEA), 2 Pints of Water, 3.5 Pints of Water with NAS Squash, Bottle of Diet Coke & Options Hot Choc (2 Syns)
Syns: 15...must cut down tomorrow!

Exercise: Moving stuff around office for an hour (standing for an hour), 15 minute walk at lunch and Gym: 30 Mins on the Cross Trainer & 10 Mins on the Treadmill
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C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Thursday 12 August 2010

I woke up thinking it was Friday. I wish. Bad times!

At least the sun is shining a bit...for now :) off to work soon :( no gym tonight, taking some clothes back and buying mother somemore birthday presents!

Going for another green day...

Breakfast: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA) and a Mandarin Mullerlight

Lunch: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with a Strawberry Mullerlight, Blueberries, Raspberries & Strawberries and some Cherry Tomatoes

Dinner: Curry using Chicken (5 Syns), Peppers, Onion, Tinned Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Jalfrezi Powder with Boiled Rice and a Jacket Potato with LCEL Cheese Triangles (HEA) and 1 tsp of Margarine (1 Syn)

Snack: 2 Chocolate Mini Meringues (7 Syns) and Onken FF Strawberry Yogurt

Drinks: 1 Cup of Tea with Milk (Part HEA), Diet Orange Fizz, Options Hot Chocolate (2 Syns) and 4.5 Pints of Water with NAS Squash

Syns: 15

Exercise: 2 hour walk around the shops (lol)
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C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Friday 13 August 2010

Eekk Friday 13th! I should honestly not go out today, I'm accident prone enough on a normal day - I should be wrapped up in bubble wrap! I'm don't particularly buy into the whole 'Friday the 13th' thing but even people I work with are teasing me. I hate being so accident prone!!

Friday at last though - cannot wait for a lie in tomorrow. This week has been sooooo long. Roll on 4pm. Was going to try for a half day cos I feel rubbish - got a headache and feel all achey. Hope I'm not coming down with something!

Dunno if I'm going to gym tonight. Got my stuff with me but it's raining again and if I feel this rubbish later, I won't want to go. We'll see. Supposed to be going out for my friends birthday tonight. Just to the pub, where I wouldn't be drinking, but even considering giving this a miss (mainly cos I am super skint - anyone know how to make some money fast? I've got the lottery on!) and just popping round to my Auntie's to see my cousins new puppy. Guess I'll decide all of this later. I really need to be a recluse this month. I'm waayy into my overdraft already with all the presents I've been buying, and I've got to have about £100 to go to London at the end of the month, so the best thing for me is to stay in now and save money, not spend...roll on pay day!!

Anyhoo, I WI this morning. I lost 1lb. Which I am actually really chuffed with. Chuffed because I drank loads on Sat night, and had an indians and crisps and crap on Sunday, and it's * week (almost TOTM..maybe thats why I'm feeling so rubbish?!) yet I still managed to pull it back to lose 1lb. So I'm happy with myself for now :)

Green day today. Really enjoying green days again as you can see! Prior to my restart, I did lots of EE days which I did enjoy, but it's nice to have a bit of green :)

Breakfast: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA) and 1 Banana and Custard Mullerlight

Lunch: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with 1 Raspberry & Cranberry Mullerlight, Blueberries, Raspberries & Strawberries

Dinner: Smash Pizza using Smash, Passata, LCEL Cheese Triangles (HEA), Peppers, Tomatoes, Onion & Garlic with 42g of Chips (4 Syns) and a Jacket Potato with 1 tsp of Margarine (1 Syn) and 2 LCEL Cheese Triangles (2 Syns)

Drinks: 2 Cups of Tea with Milk (Part HEA), 4 Pints of Water with NAS Squash, 1 Can of Diet Orange Fizz, 1 Diet Coke

Snacks: 2 Mikados (1 Syn) and 2 Chocolate Mini Meringues (7 Syns)

Syns: 15
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S: 11st12.5lb C: 11st6lb G: 8st11lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.9%)
Well done on the loss! Bet it's given you a boost for this week :)

Good luck with today. That whole Friday the 13th thing is nothing to be worried about. And I hope you feel better!!! *hugs*

In my case however, it is, as I'm out for lunch with my Aunty (something I totally forgot about) and then I'm throwing a picnic style evening for my friend's birthday...I'm trying today make it as SW friendly as possible, but with tortilla chips and cake, I think it's going to be hard! Though I'm off to the gym this morning (maybe it will counter-act it!)

I'll try to pull it back, I really need a good loss to counter-act last week's gain...

I'm probably going to follow suit and give more red and green days a try. I'm not entirely sure EE is for me, though it's great for those days where you need flexibility.

Essay over - hope the accident-free day goes quickly for you and have a wonderful and restful weekend!


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S: 19st0lb C: 18st6.5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st7.5lb(2.82%)
Well done on your loss :happy096:

Hope you feel better as the day goes on. Pouring down here and it is sooooo depressingly dark I also wish it was 4pm and I was on my way home :rolleyes:

Hope you feel well enough to go out tonight but know what you mean about being skint!
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Thanks both of you :) I'm still flying high off my 1lb loss on * week! It's unheard of for me!! Especially after my boozey Saturday and my Indian filled Sunday!

Still raining so missing the gym. Still haven't decided whether to go to the pub for my friends birthday. On one hand I feel really guilty and want to go because there's only 4, possibly 5 of us out and she missed her 21st with us last year because we were at a different 21st party, so this year we were supposed to make up for it. On the other hand I still have a busting headache and I'm tired and still skint (lol)...dunno what to do! Going to Auntie's to visit Lilly-pup at half 7/8ish...so I suppose I could get ready first, go visit puppy then go to the pub for a few hours. Ugh. I really cannot be bothered but I know once I get out I'll have fun..hmm....
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Saturday 14 August 2010

Happy Weekend everyone :) sooo happy! Had a long lie in this morning and feel good!

Did go out last night for an hour or so. Felt bad about missing my friends birthday night out so popped up with another friend. Stayed on the diet coke though. Very proud of myself! Also feel a sense of closure. The guy I knew that was going to be there was there. And I'm still not talking to him after the whole situation that went on (I know I'm not being specific but don't want to think about it all again!). I've done amazingly well cutting him out of my life and not speaking to him. It's a shame cos he was a good friend. But friends don't do that to friends. I completely avoided him. He did come over to talk to my group but he didn't look/speak/anything to me, so I think he gets the picture :) and I'm glad. I thought it would hurt more, but actually, it was okay. A bit awkward because when he came over I just quite simply couldn't even look at him. He caught my eye once at the bar but I just looked away. I'm happy. Maybe it means I'm finally over it all! Woo! And it was nice seeing my friends, even in their drunken state :) first time I've been sober in the pub for a while...it was odd!!

Quiet weekend for me I think. Going to do bits and bobs in the house today, maybe some exercise...quiet night in watching DVDs tonight.

Another green day today :)

Breakfast: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA) and 1 Mandarin Mullerlight

Lunch: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with 1 Cherry Mullerlight and some Blueberries and Raspberries

Dinner: SW Classis Chicken Curry from the SW Curry Heaven Book, but using Quorn Chicken with Tinned Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Pepper, Garlic, Onion & Spices. With some SW Chips, 2 tbsps of rice. With 2 WW Malted Danish (5 Syns) with LCEL Cheese Triangles (HEA) and Garlic made into Garlic Bread :)...STUFFED! It was LUSH :D

Snacks: Ham Slices (2 Syns), 2 Belgian Choc Mini Meringues (7 Syns), 2 Mikados (1 Syn) and a tub of Onken FF Natural Yogurt with Sweetener

Drinks: Tea with Milk (Part HEA), 1 Can of Diet Orange Fizz and Water

Syns: 15

Feel like I've been a total pig today. I've really enjoyed my food though. Always seem to eat more at the weekends cos i'm at home with not much to keep me occupied!
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C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Sunday 15 August 2010

The weekend is almost over :( boo!

I'm hating TOTM. I have extreme crap and feel totally rubbish. But for once I'm not bloated and can fit into my size 12 jeans and a size 12 top :D so I'm happy!

Another green day...gonna change to red next week to mix it up a bit!

Breakfast: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA) and 1 Mullerlight

Lunch: Pasta with Passata, Tomatoes, Onion, Pepper, Garlic, Quorn Chicken Pieces & Chilli Powder

Dinner: 28g of Special K Sustain (HEB) with 1 Mullerlight and 3 Belgian Chocolate Mini Meringues (10.5 Syns)

Snacks: Salad with Beetroot in Vinegerette (2 Syns), Sweetcorn, Cucumber, Eggs and Tomatoes with Salad Cream (1.5 Syns)

Drinks: 2 Cups of Tea with Milk, 2 Pints of Water and 2 Pints of Water with NAS Squash

Syns: 14
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