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Poogatch's Diary - Day 13 Mrs P's Birthday :D

Well I'm starting it a day late but hey what can you do :p

So yesterday was interesting but I managed to get through it.

Started off well, the new blender really makes the shakes taste a lot smoother than when I did CD before and used a hand blender (adding blended ice is a godsend). Had one first thing before work and took a packet with me.

A couple of tough moments, the main one coming when the WHOLE office got fish and chips in grrrrrr. It's the smells that get me going hehe.

I had quite a lot of symptoms quite early on as well, the hunger I expected but had the headache brewing by mid day and the funny feeling/taste under my tongue before days end. Felt a bit faint when I got up to leave work as well so I think skipping the gym was a good idea haha.

Really not sure when to incorporate it back in if I'm honest. While on Xenical I've built up my fitness quite a lot, going from dieing after a 1 minute jog to managing 4.5 miles! Just not sure how my body is going to react to 4.5 miles (burning over 800 calories in the process) when it's only had a couple hundred calories that day, could be interesting.

Managed to distract myself enough last night with some chores and TV, was really feeling the hunger before bed so I'm glad I managed to hold off on my 2nd pack until I got home from work, I decided to do 3 packs and not 4 like I should do on CD because the Exante should turn up today and didn't want to spoil myself with 4 knowing it would come down to 3 on Exante.

Anyway that's day one done and over with never to be seen again, only a couple more days of hell before it gets easier :) Thankfully I got into ketosis really fast last time, somewhere around late day 2 early day 3, so if it goes that way again I will not be complaining :D

Had a cheeky weigh in this morning, I lost it really steadily on CD and loved weighing myself everyday to see my weight fluctuate (I'd weigh myself like 3 times a day haha) I found it really interesting to watch. Going to try and not be so obsessive this time mind. Anyway I've lost 3 lbs in one day, say by by to the glycogen woop :D

Had a stinker of a head this morning but that's passed, bit of stomach pain/hunger but nothing I can't handle.

Anyway I'm at work so I better get on! Catch you all later.
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Hey, im Mandy, nice to have you here! (we need more males haha). Seems like day 1 went great for you! Id probably hang off with the 4.5 mile jogs until u get right into it (maybe start off a bit more gently if your body cant handle it on less calories)

Cant wait to hear how u get on

ps....im a scale-aholic too. im sure we should have a support group for that alone haha
Well done getting through day 1 and good luck for today! X
Hi Mandy and Lisa thanks for the words of encouragement!

I know scale hopping is definatly some form of medical condition ;)

I've hardly drank any water yet, maybe half a litre, and I can't stop going to the toilet! I find that the most annoying part of it all tbh haha.

My stomach is actually hurting a bit atm, not good but I don't have any food at work to eat anyway haha so there's nothing I could do about it even if I wanted to! :p
Your welcome :)

Oh yeah i could pee for Scotland....nice subject eh lol

I try to keep my first pack til lunchtime most days so can sympathise with the rumbly sore tummy.....mines is anxiously waiting for 12 oclock to come!
Well done on getting over the first day. I'm on day 3 and haven't had any problems yet - other than the soups making me burp! (Sorry for sharing that.)

Maybe I won't be feeling so smug if I get a cracking headache or only lose 2 lbs in my first week!
Hehe, you could be one of the lucky ones you never know :D

I swear I'm going to need a colostomy bag at this rate, I can only last an hour between them at most and by them I'm literally squirming arghhh!
You know for the life of me I can't remember if this weeing malarchy gets better or you just get used to it :p

When I did CD I worked from home about 5 seconds from the toilet so it really didn't bother me but now I work in an office about a minutes walk from them it's really starting to annoy me haha!

Does it slow down or am I in for it big time?
youve just started though haven't you? the first week you loose the glycogen stores and I think for every bit of glycogen holds 4 times it's weight in water, so in theory, it should be a little better next week ;)
I did LL about 8 years ago and from what I remember it doesn't get better, but I do remember that I didn't have anything to drink after 2 p.m. so I didn't have to keep going to the loo in the night!

I'm a bit worried about going back to work next week because I work in a school and can only go to the loo at break and lunch times. God help me when I'm on playground duty and don't get a break. Think the water consumption is going to have to be planned with military precision.

Mind you, think of the exercise you're getting with all those trips to the loo. See, an unexpected bonus!
Hmmmm, it would seem we are in a bit of a pickle.....

I orderd from exante yesterday at about half 9 in the morning so the stuff would turn up today. Got a confirmation email that said i'd get one when the items shipped.

No emails after that, order sat on completed on their website and money gone from my bank.

Items havn't turned up yet and as its 5pm I doubt they will now, tried ringing them at half 4 to be told by a recorded message their offices are closed and they are open 9-5 monday to friday like I'd rang out of hours.

Now the CD left overs I had are about to run out (there will be 3 left after today between two of us!), what on earth am I supposed to do? :(
They use a delivery company called H L Fulfilment in Poole, I think. I got an email from HLF just after I'd ordered, and the parcel was actually delivered by my local Interlink. HLF supplied tracking details on the morning it was due to be delivered. Might be worth giving your local Interlink a buzz to see if they've got anything. They are probably still open.
Tried ringing interlink at the same time and just got an automated service, got to a bit where it said it was transferring me to someone and kept asking me what mailbox I wanted as it was full?! :/

Wondering if I should start ringing round the CDC's tonight or wait and see what tomorrow brings, but if it doesn't show and I leave it till then and a CDC can't help me I'll be up shitcreek!
Oh no thats not good, i ordered Monday and were delivered yesterday. I still have some CD aswell. If im honest, dont think I am going to be able to stomach it, have tried the bars and the Tomatoe Soup and the Strawberry shake so far. Not being negative but they are a far cry from the CD taste.

I couldnt actually stomach the soup.
Well, that was painless. First CDC I ring is absolutely lovely and says that's not a problem would just need to fill out the medical form. She even started asking me about exante as she'd not heard of it before and she only lives in the next village, result! I can relax now hehe

Although if I have to resort to it it's going to cost me extra money which was the whole point of doing exante grrr!


Guess who's back...?
Oh no thats not good, i ordered Monday and were delivered yesterday. I still have some CD aswell. If im honest, dont think I am going to be able to stomach it, have tried the bars and the Tomatoe Soup and the Strawberry shake so far. Not being negative but they are a far cry from the CD taste.

I couldnt actually stomach the soup.
Wait! Don't give up yet! I too he'd the strawberry as my first taste of Exante and gagged the whole way through. Was VERY worried, but the others have been nice (vanilla with coffee, mushroom and veg soup all quite tasty!). Give all flavours a go first and remember your taste buds will change. I was a LLer and loved all the shakes, bars etc... hated the soups, so weird that this time it's the other way around. Might try hot choc for breakfast tomorrow, with a sweetener. Fingers crossed!

Don't give up yet honey... Just try not to think of it as nice food, but rather as weightless medicine... makes everything SO much more stomachable!!!!

Stay strong. A xx


Guess who's back...?
Scuse spelling in previous post, on iPod. Also meant to say... when I posted about how rank the strawberry one, loads of people wrote back saying it was their least fave too. Oh, and the tomato soup has a bit of a reputation as a baddie; so probs not the best two to try first in hindsight!!!! Lol x
Well, day 2 completed safely wooooop :D

Pee'd on a ketostick yesterday evening and even with a diluted stream was showing minor levels of keytones which didn't suprise me considering the horrible feeling/taste under my tongue I'd had all day. Needless to say this morning it read as very much in ketosis so thats made me happy, once again I lucked out on the time taken to get into it hehe :)

No headache this morning and no hunger either! Hopped on the Wii fit which showed another 3lb loss :eek: 6lbs in two days not a bad start ;) (I know I know it's all glycogen :p)

I'm not impressed with Exante at all if I'm honest. Tried ringing them again this morning just now and it goes to the recorded message of office not open please call back between 9-5 again. Doesn't seem very professional to not answer your phones :/

Thankfully the wonderful CDC I spoke to will help me out big time but the whole reason I'm going to use Exante is because it's cheaper so this is going to put me right out of pocket especially considering I've allready paid Exante!

Trying not to let it stress me out but I'm not a happy bunny truth be told. I suppose one thing to focus on is that 3lb loss (although unnoficial) pushed me out of the 40's in BMI terms and also below 20 stone and into the teens for the first time since I was a teenager! :D

Hope you're all doing well today :) x

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