poorly sick


is shrinking!
hi everyone, come out of lurkitude, to ask some advice.

I am stuck at home with rotten flu-lke symptoms, my son is also poorly and I feel like hell. I'm in week 6 of LL.

haven't fallen off the wagon yet- but have had an extra pack today already:(

have been drinking hot water with flavouring in it. but i cannot cannot stop thinking about eating something hot and filling. grrrr

what have any of you done when you are feeling below par?
Sorry your feeling poorly!

I would take painkillers have a nice bubble bath and an early night.

Sorry it's not more filling. But you could have an extra pack if you have one. A hot chocolate is comforting!

Hope you feel better soon.

Dizzy x
Ah poor you. It's rotten feeling ill and dieting. At my last LL session we talked about wanting special foods and treats when we were ill even though in reality they don't help at all. It's a left over message from childhood. Better to take some painkillers, eat your packs (hot !) pamaper yourself with baths and magazines and listening to nice music and think slim. I know it's hard, reallly really hard. All the best, Melissa