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  1. Vicky2

    Vicky2 Full Member

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to start thread!

    I am now awaiting my 6 week weigh in 2morw and i'm so excited!

    I have lost 29lb in total and i am only just starting to notice it myself!

    If anyone needs a buddy or any encouragement please just msg me.

    I really do believe with a PMA (Positive mental attitude) can do anything but at times we may need a little help!

    I would love to hear other people's success stories to keep me motivated!

    I have attached pic! See if you guys can notice the diff! Still a little scared of full length.

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  3. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Congratulations on your loss - you look fantastic!

    I have been on cambridge just over 6 weeks and have lost 33lbs. Would love to be your buddy as we are at the same stage in our journey! Like you I am starting to notice the difference now and am determined to keep going - just a shame Christmas has to get in the way!

    I have attached a photo of me on day one and week six x


  4. Vicky2

    Vicky2 Full Member

    Well done!!!

    I had a funny week last week- We had a big party so my rep said i had to eat last sat because i was going to drink.
    Felt so strange eating. Only Chicken and green salad but still odd I drank Vodka and Slimline Tonic.

    This week back on track!

    But this weekend my birthday!!! Going to some posh fish resturant ..... but one night off then back on it!

    How do u find your breath? I am always chewing gum!!

  5. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Me too! Breath is awful and am so conscious of it! Small price to pay though I guess!

    Have had one night out drinking so far but hey - we are young and still need to have fun! In a few months we will be living back in the real world so I believe it is good to have these occasional nights. My consultant told me that one woman she saw suspended her social life for 6 months and didn't go out at all. When she reached her goal weight she went wild and will probably end up back on cambridge as she never learnt to balance nights out with low fat eating.

    Every week I still have a take away on a Saturday night but just opt for chicken shaslick from the Indian (no naan rice or chips though!). It helps me feel sane and my consultant actually suggested it!

    The majority of the time I love this diet but every now and then I get this devil on my shoulder saying how nice it would be to have some food! That is why I keep coming on her to blank those voices out!!

    You must be so proud of how you are doing! Can you imagine what you are going to look like in a few months?!? How exciting! X
  6. Vicky2

    Vicky2 Full Member

    Wow you have done amazing!

    That's a good idea!

    Oct, Nov and Dec are always busy months for me- All the family Birthdays happen then!!

    It's so sad i look forward to Wednesday to get weighed!

    Let me know how you get on with your next weight in xxxx
  7. Flare

    Flare Full Member

    just wanted to say you both look fantastic :)
    I am in week 3 on 810 and have lost 10lb so far. Having a rubbish week this week though, my scales arent showing a loss so I am dreading WI tomorrow night. Your pics have really cheered me up :)
  8. Nicbec10

    Nicbec10 Member

    Hi Ladies

    On Day Three, I can so see the difference in your photo, I can't wait to see a difference in myself xx
  9. Vicky2

    Vicky2 Full Member

    hi hon,

    I never weigh myself mid week because your weight can change throughout the day! I know it's hard but just wait for your consultant! Be worth it otherwise you will find yourself obsessing.

    10lb in 3 weeks is Smashing it! You have done so well.

    Just drink loads of water to fill you up! I love sparkling water makes a nice change lol

    Good Luck let me know how you get on xxxx
  10. Vicky2

    Vicky2 Full Member

    Thank you!

    Good luck let me know how you get on with your 1st weigh in xxx
  11. Flare

    Flare Full Member

    I know its really not helpful to weigh yourself at home but I have become obsessed with the scales, so I am going to put the scales away when I get home tonight. If i can get my first stone off with my WI tomorrow (4lb lb loss needed) then i will be chuffed to bits but i dont feel like i have lost anything this week :(
  12. Vicky2

    Vicky2 Full Member

    Im sure you will do it!

    Do you exercise? Power walk round the block once a night! ;) xx
  13. Vicky2

    Vicky2 Full Member

    Well Laides I lost another 4lb this week I am very happy! xxx
  14. Flare

    Flare Full Member

    Well done Hun xx
  15. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Well done - 4lb is brilliant!! You must be buzzing!!

    I only get weighed every two weeks as my consultant doesn't live nearby and I must admit it feels good to see another half stone gone each time!

    Flare - well done on your losses! I must admit I can't help getting on the scales every day! The temptation is too much! Last week my scales didn't move for 5 days then boom - one morning they were 4lb lighter! Our bodies do funny things but just don't let the scales get the better of you. If you are sticking to plan you WILL lose weight!

    Congratulations again vicky x
  16. Flare

    Flare Full Member

    Thanks for the support :) x
  17. Vicky2

    Vicky2 Full Member

    Thank u xx

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  18. Flare

    Flare Full Member

    Had my week 3 weigh in and I've lost 3lb :) So that's 13lb so far. Just another 18lb to go !! X
  19. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Fantastic!! Well done Flare - you will be there in no time! Brilliant x
  20. Flare

    Flare Full Member

    We've got friends staying over tonight and it's going to be very hard not to slip back into bad habits :( Wine, G&T, curry, nibbles.....I've done some healthy carrot, celery and cucumber sticks but the garlic dip is sooo tempting. We are going for a 5 mile walk in the morning but it wont work miracles so I need to stay focused and let everyone else eat drink be merry.....this sucks !!
  21. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Yes it will be hard but stay focused! You will just regret going wild in the morning. We went out for an Indian last night but I drove, had sparkling water and chicken tikka. Getting a bit sick of chicken but at least I was allowed it and was able to join in a meal with everyone else.

    Tonight however I am craving a nice big take away. I will resist but after nearly 8 weeks I am missing some comfort food!!

    Hope it goes well for you tonight and that you have a nice time. It is hard but your end result will be so worth it. X

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