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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Discover Plan Points' started by Starlight, 13 September 2008 Social URL.

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  1. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Stealing an idea from SW here. If you have any queries regarding the points values of anything can you add them to this thread.
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Ok Ill start off lol

    Saw Mini Magnums in Asda the other day but didnt have my calculator with me. Anyone know the points in them? They look rather nice :)
  4. lydia150970

    lydia150970 Gold Member

    Goal Weight:
    Mini magnum white is 3.5 points but the full size magnum light is also 3.5 points.
  5. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Oh, that's interesting. I wonder if the difference in taste/texture etc is worth it. I do tend to be a quantity over quality person myself ;)
  6. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Youre kidding! Wow! Well Ill not be getting them, would rather have a full size one...
  7. imso

    imso Full Member

    Anyone know how any points wotsits are please?
  8. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    1.5 per bag
  9. imso

    imso Full Member

    Oooo less than i thought. Thank you
  10. grebe

    grebe New Member

    help please

    This is my first week on WW - I am following the Core Plan. I started on Monday and have followed it religiously but seem to have put on another pound!

    Just wondered, in my dispare someone just came in with a hot sausage roll from Greggs and I have ate it!!! I can't find out howmany points it is - can some one help me?

  11. Gemstone

    Gemstone Here for the Journey

    Healthy Eating (common sense)
    My advice would be, don't worry about it. Go steady for the rest of the day and draw a line under it. Tomorrow is another wonderful day and you will be fine. It's a journey and journeys often have unscheduled stops - this is just one of them. They sometimes make you a little late but no-one has a stop-watch. If you really want to count it in perhaps Sandy or one of the other WW people will help BUT DON'T WORRY.
  12. grebe

    grebe New Member

    I know its early days, but I know if I get on the scales on monday and I haven't lost anything I will give up - just need some incouragement.

    got 3stone to lose!

    So if anyone out there knows the points value?

  13. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    I can only find the points for a Greggs jumbo sausage roll, which is seven. If it was a small one, maybe four or five? Reasonably easy to pull back over the weekend or make up for in exercise points anyway.

    Good luck.

    Oh, and stay off the scales mid-week - youre weight will fluctuate throughout the week anyway x
  14. Gemstone

    Gemstone Here for the Journey

    Healthy Eating (common sense)
    3 stone - is that all? I know it seems daunting but don't worry it'll soon come off. Just do your best and if you don't lose, come back on and we'll try to find out why - and I wouldn't mind betting it isn't a measley sausage roll - you can get rid of that quickly enough.
  15. alterego123

    alterego123 Full Member

    Malibu points?

    Hello people any ideas how many points are in a single shot of malibu?
    I'm not very good with vokda!

    Any ideas for others drinks would be appreciated.
  16. Jennyonaplate

    Jennyonaplate Gold Member

    Slimming World
    it's 0.5 points for 25ml
  17. mum_of_one

    mum_of_one Silver Member

    Points in a milk choc lindor ball?

    Does anybody know how many points these are?

    Thank you
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  19. Marie_D

    Marie_D Gold Member

    If you mean the Lindt Truffle balls then I think they are 2pts each - they are my absolute fav!!!!!! I love love love love love them!!!!!!! I remember trying to find the points for them before and it took me ages to find I can't remember where I finally saw it, but I'm pretty sure they worked out at 2pts each - I couldn't swear to it though (sorry, that probably wasn't much help was it....but I count them as 2, so...).
  20. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    They are lovely aren't they? Sadly, according to esource, they are indeed 2 points each :(
  21. lea8198

    lea8198 Gold Member

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    Weight Watchers
    Ok, I am thinking of being a little naughty...but I have only eaten about 7.5 points out of 32 today.......

    How many roughly in a takeout portion of sweet and sour chicken hong kong style? And plain rice? I think I would only eat half of it anyway. I guess I am too scared to know really.....

    Has anyone else had to point this meal?
  22. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    I don't know about s&s chicken Hong Kong style but the s&s chicken balls or Peking style is 10pts

    Plain boiled rice is 6.5pts

    Enjoy ;)
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