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PP spices wth??

Well, I've gone to do my fave dinner which ia chicken dhansak (type of curry sauce with lentils) now I know the sauce is higher because of the lentils. Now normally on PP it would be 1 PP per serving ( it usually makes 7 portions) yet on PP its 3!! which is rediculous! I cant believe we have to point spices!

3pp is the same points as 1/4 of a llyod grossman green thai curry! alot quicker and easier!
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sorry I don't understand. You just said that it was higher because you had to point the lentils and then you say it's ridiculous because it's 3pp rather than 1 old point?

First of all, out of 29pp per day (or maybe more) 3pp is roughly the same as 1 point. Besides, what is making you think you need to point the spices?

for 1 tsp:
Curry powder: 0pp
cinnamon: 0pp
oregano 0pp

and so on. Yes, of course if you put 3 or 4 tsps of spices (curry powder is 1 propoint from 2 tsp up to 5!) you will need to point them, but that's the same for anything, even with the old plan! For example, even with the old plan, if you drank 10 cans of diet coke you had in the end to point it because it would go over the calories, even if 1 can was 0 points!
When you use a tablespoon of spices you need to point it.

Normally the sauce would be 1pp per serving but due to the fact I have to point spices it is now 3pp per serving. if the sauce didnt have the lentils like a regular curry then normally it would of been free, I was already prepared for it being higher.

Maybe I didnt explain it properly.
oh I see now. Well yes, 1 tbs = 2/3 tsps so yes, you need to point it.

Remember that even spices have got calories, proteins, carbs and fat so if you use a lot of it in your soups yes, they do influence your calorie intake.

3pp is not much in the big order of things, not when you have 29pp minimum to eat, so I wouldn't worry too much!
Sorry hun it was me quickly trying to write down how annoyed i was instead of explaining it! lol

i get 45 a day so I really have nothing to worry about I suppose I kinda have it in my head that I'm trying to save points (which I know I need to eat my daily points on PP ) like I did on the old plan!

I'm sure I'll get used to it!
you will definitely hun :) I know it's hard to see the value of food we love go up, but we need to remember also that we have more allowance to spend. It's like as if we were living in the 80's and were transported with a time machine here at this current time and were going out with £2 trying to have a meal out... and feeling sick because we couldn't find anything, without realising that our WAGES would have gone up as well ;)

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