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Progress Photos & Soup!

I have my soup in a mug, i add a bit of boiling water first and mix it into a paste and then add the rest of the water, I find that way it dissolves better! Adding Curry Powder, Herbs and Salt & Pepper, definitely also helps! Tasha xx


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Funny you mention that, i'd been looking also for one for inspiration. I think there def should be one, for when people are struggling. I am going to take some minging photos tonight of me in my swimming cossie, then every time i loose a stone redo them to compare x
haha me start it hmmmm, i am thinking i will take pics each week, i am happy to post if others do too!!! i found it really helpful when i did cambridge looking at peoples pics :) thanks for the soup advice too! xx
I put them in my profile album each time I lose a stone - I've been buying a huge balloon to celebrate each stone loss :) (Although could probably add some pics that show the weight loss difference better.)

A single thread sounds a great plan though :)
Me too and if i am going to stick to this diet, I am going to make sure he commits to buying me that present for every stone i lose!! lol Tasha x
I hate takin full length photos of msyelf haha....but have inspired me to go for it! Today i will dig out the swimming cossie and take photos of my start weight.....and will update once a month (notice a bigger difference than weekly i think).....yikes!


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Sticky needed please :D So cossies at the ready, see you all in a month, i'll post todays with the end of the months at the same time so hopefully they will show a difference, it'll be the first time i dont breath in, in my cossie! Scary! x
Arghhh am i the only one with a phobia for swimwear....im sweating at the thought of taking pics haha! Defo gonna do it tho.....be good to see the difference in photo! and good for looking back at too x
Kissme that will be fine! anyhow were all in the same boat thats how i see it! no one needs to be scared! ahhh i'm from Exeter! nice to hear someone local is on here too :) x
oo i was born in exeter RD&E didnt move to torquay till i was 4 :)

:) i have never heard of anyone doing exante near me and our start weights arent that far apart! im now 19st 12.5!

spooky eh?
oooh yep thats a bit mad! but good :) nice to know your local, keep in touch, ooh i just seen another post from you....ahhh were both called sarah! ha! x
haha how the plot thickens eh! i never found anyone who did slimming world near me on here yet i got on to exante where there arent as many members and find someone close lol!

except your lucky and your taller than me!

when you get to 50 posts you will get my friend request and can inbox me :)

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