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Quark and.....


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Just a couple of ideas for quark picked up at foodie night last night....

Quark mixed in with chopped red onion, chives and an ounce of strong cheese. Leave it for a couple of hours and it makes a lovely cheesy spread, all for a HEX or 6 syns.

Quark mixed in with a tin of salmon and some dill makes a yummy salmon pate

Quark and lemon curd - yum yum!

Leave them all for a couple of hours at least to allow the quark to take on the flavours and then spread on ryvita or scan bran or even thin down with a bit of natural yoghurt for a dip.

I've got the cheesy one in the fridge now ready for lunch on a jacket and some dips later tonight. :)
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Andy R.

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i always have trouble finding quark in supermarkets, its like they hide it out the way or something. i might have to hunt some down tho now


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I love quark, it goes with everything. I love it with tinned salmon as above or spread on toast with beans on top, or even on toast with just salt and pepper.
I'll try the lemon curd one, and the cheese one. I bet they're yummy
Just ask a member of staff Andy, that's what I had to do. Thanks for the ideas jaylou!


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I've just finished making a Strawberry trifle using quark and fromage frais mixed with sweetener as the cream topping.....and it was bloody lovely :D


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lol, i'll pop by only like a 100 miles away lol
Lol...it's so simple to make. The recipe is in the Best Ever recipe book, however that recipe calls for Sherry but I don't have any and wasn't prepared to buy any just for a trifle, so mine is plain strawberry trifle and 3 syns if you use the sherry :)

Andy R.

Time for a change
well if you're offering trifle it might be worth the journey lol. I have actually bought quark before. just ive had trouble finding it in some places, and i once asked a shop assident. and he had no idea what it was lol. must be a guy thing lol


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I always pick a nice young man to ask, if I'm lucky he takes a while to find it!:cool:

I'll use the recipes, great to have some spreads that are free!
I made a nice mustardy creamy salad dressing using wholegrain mustard, yogurt and quark. Lush it was! Made the syns of the mustard go a lot further and was tangy and tasty! :D

I am always looking for quark ideas. Keep em coming!
I've got a tub of Quark sat in my fridge at home, but so far I just keep staring at it then walking away - at least now I have a few good ideas of what to do with it. J x
I've got a tub of Quark sat in my fridge at home, but so far I just keep staring at it then walking away
Snap!!! I'm exactly the same!! :D
Will try these suggestions now though.:eatdrink051:


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i have found quark fantastic. When i started the plan i was like what the hell is that now i use it all the time! my favourite is to mixed it with loads of garlic and pepper and stuff peppers with it the pop them in the oven with a little cheese(hexA) till golden brown yummy! i also use it in sandwiches with chopped onions, tomato, peppers, cucumber makes a lovely crunchy sandwich filler. Thank good i invested in a nicer dicer had save me so much time chopping veg for salads and sandwich fillers!

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