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Question for RtM pros!

Hey - yet more questions.

Just wondered if anyone had tried to make the blamange (sp?) style dessert suggested in the book (sugar free jelly and a pack).

Just wondered what quantities I should use and how long it takes to set etc?


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Deb G

Silver Member
OOh....sounds lovely.....but no replies, so maybe not popular?
Hi Leesy

This sounds yummy and I'm now digging around for my recipe book :) I'll be allowed sugar free jelly from thursday onwards, so might give this a whirl then!
Hope you are getting on ok with RtM? I'm doing ok, but never been very patient and I keep willing the week to pass so I can get onto the next bit!!
Not sure if this might help: I am not on route to management but I when I was on WW I used to make desert with Sugar free jelly and fat free yogurt. Usually I would add fat free yogurt in place of the cold water in the SF jelly recipe (which is about 8oz or 240 ml), SO I am assuming you would use a whole pack, make it cold, use a cup of hot water to dissolve the jelly and then add the pack in place of the water.. it usually would set in 2 - 3 hours.. just like normal jelly.
Thanks everyone - that's great! I will give it a go and report back later!

Monkey - I am the same, because my RtM classes are on a Friday, I need to do a shop that brings in the next weeks choices at the weekend, so have to remind myself when I can actually have something!

Looking forward to tomatoes and lean meat (mmmm lean bacon!) as of Friday. Its good fun though, and the sugar free jelly is a real saviour. I have also fallen in love with Total 0% greek yoghurt - its so versatile, I think it will become a staple even post RtM.


Well....pleased to report my first attempt was a success! And very very yummy.

I took advice from here, and added a couple of small teaspoons of sugar free jelly (dissolved in in hot water first - make sure you properly dissolve it or it goes a bit lumy as mine did!). Then filled up with cold water to 200mls, added a strawberry pack and whizzed it all up with the blender. Put it in the fridge and let it set. I think 2 hours would be enough for it to set properly, but I didn't eat it until about 4 hours later - not sure what effect that had on nutritional content?

Anyway, it was very creamy and a real change from my usual strawberry mousse so for those in RtM, or about to go into RtM, I would definitely recommend it. Will try another flavour with a vanilla pack I think - will report back.



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