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question to people who have already lost alot of weigh

Mrs V

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Hi there.

I've managed to loose 8 stone, but still have another 3.5 to go before target.
It hasnt been easy, and you really do have to be determined, but never think about how far you have to go, only how far you have come.
Im lighter now than when I left secondry school. There are still parts of my body that I cringe over, but overall Im happier than I have been for an extremly long time.
Yes, I do go to the gym, but thats only because I want to climb the 3 Peaks...I've climbed 2 of them already, so if I can do it....etc! Lol.
Swimming is a nice gentle exercise if you are thinking of doing something and that tones up everything without building muscle.

Good luck Hun, there are going to be days when you think to yourself "why bother?", but then there are more days when you think "why didnt I bother sooner!"



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thankyou for your reply :)
I do think I can't look worse than I do LOL ...

I'm only week 2 into it and gone downhill .... my partners supportive but everyone else just keeps putting downer on things which make me think why bother than eat then I regret it! ..weigh in is 2night so im prepared for them tell me I've gained this week... but as long as its not more than 5lb then i've still lost!

Im just unsure about how my body is going to change.. I have my own mum saying why bother your tummy will always be like that you have had two children! ... then my mother in law is size 8.. but very wrinkly tummy (she as been pregnant 6 times) so i kinda think yes i can lose weight but cant even get a 'toned' body..... soim worrying about after effects losing weight...

im currently size 16-18 (16 uncomfortably with giant muffin top - 18 comfortably) however I walk alot with school run and its all up hill so my legs are size of a size 14 so can imagine how silly i look at moment! I'm all hip and belly...


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Hi Gemma - you HAD almost 5 stone to lose and you now have just over 4 stone so you're well on the way already. Mrs. V is right, think about how far you've come.

I'm just a little taller than you and started out about where you are now. I have 6lbs to go to "target" but I'm not sure now I want to (or can) go any further than where I am. I can say exactly where I want to lose each of those lbs, but it's not quite working at the moment, so I'm trying to maintain for a bit before considering a final "push".

I have done lots of exercise along the way and feel better about my body than I ever have done. OK so there are still a few wobbly bits, but I can live with them. Put it this way, I wouldn't be ashamed in a bikini now! Especially as it's a size 10 lol.

Good luck with your weightloss - remember everyone's different, so you may well find you end up more toned than your mil, especially as age is on your side.


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i havent long joined (wanna loose 5st 9lbs, so 5st1lbs to go!! lol) i have a terrible tummy from having my little girl, its very badly stretched so i know i will have a saggy wrinkly tummy as i loose the weight, but i think although i may never get my old tummy back,i know ill be happier being that much slimmer, im also planning on having atleast one more child so i know my tummy is only going to get worse lol but it will be worth it, at least i can wear big 'hold in the flab' pants when needed to help hide it a little lol good luck with your weight loss xx


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I have lost just over 7 stone now and am pretty happy with the way I look.

My skin on my stomach and breasts does look a tiny bit 'deflated' but it isn't hanging down or anything and is getting better all the time. I have more recently started regularly doing toning exercises which had definitely helped me get more definition and I have lost my weight relatively slowly which I also think helps.

I am not going to lie and say my body is taut and streamline, but I don't look odd or wrinkly- the hardest thing for me to deal with is remembering mentally what my size is. I still have a 'fat person' body image and find it hard to grasp what I look like to other people and that they may see me as 'normal'

Look at it this way- My Mum walks with a zimmer frame and is only 62. Her knees are crumbling under her weight and she has a super morbidly obese BMI and will be in a wheelchair within a year is she doesn't takle her size, but she recently gave up SW using the excuse that she would rather stay fat than be thin and wrinkly. I think a few wrinkles are NOTHING to worry about if your health is at risk

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Mrs V

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Also age has to be taken into consideration Hun. I've had a daughter by C-section, but I was the same weight with her as I was when I started doing SW this time around!
If you are young, your skin has more elasticity to it regardless of how many children you have.
I've lost 8 stone, yes I have a bit of a tummy still but thats from when I was cut for my c-section, but Im beginning to get feeling in the muscles there now and its beginning to tone up. I had really bad bingo wings, but even they have started to firm up. Im 34 and dont think I look too bad now! :)
hi hun
i started with needing about a 4.7/5 stone loss and i'm down almost 2 now and I do get feeling like what if I don't look great when I get there is this worth it. but when I have the right head on me I tell myself if I don't try I will never know and always be happy. I also think if we lose 5 stone we have got to look great ok our tummy might be alittle wobbly but we have had children and as a mum i'm no planning on showing mine off that often.
my tummy on the other hand is already getting smaller and the flab over the top of my c/s scar is getting smaller.
good luck hun you can do this ignore what anyone else says and prove them wrong.


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thankyou soo much for replies and It as made me think alot..

well done to you all losing the weight :) you must be very proud :)

tbh my body is a little saggy now so as long as i can pull it in WHEN i lose the weight and look good with clothes on then im happy LOL...i have big boobs so hoping the deflate in a nice manner and not look like a popped balloon! with health wise i'd love to be classed as 'normal' weight and not obese! I want my children to be proud and love running with me :) i guess there going to be my motivation :



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I am not totally happy with my body but am so much happier than I was before SW!
At my age, no matter what I do, I will never have a 20 year old, toned body!
My tummy is full of stretch marks but I have had those since the birth of my son 35 years ago, and even when I did gym every day, I could never get totally rid of the loose skin there, and the stretch marks are something I have grown used to.
I have noticed, however, in the last few weeks that my skin is getting tighter and the wrinkly, sagging skin on my thighs and bum is so much better.
I do know that, in clothes I look so much better than I have in many years, and I honestly can't remember when I was last able to wear size 8/10 clothes and also feel really good and confident about myself.
Anyway, no one sees me without my clothes on except my hubby and he loves me any which way I am.
There is no way I would swap my body now for what I was!