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quick q; are we only allowed 1 bar a day?


Is determined and focused
Yep just the one as they're higher in cals/carbs than the other products and two could knock you out of ketosis. Plus you may get a bad tummy if you had more than one.


Is determined and focused
Thank you madame dotty, it's good of you to answer so quickly:)

I'm a bit worried that I've got them a bit too early anyway as I'm only just finishing my first week, but I guess if my cdc says it's ok she knows her stuff:)
Just be careful as it's best to start on them once ketosis is well & truly established. I tend to suggest to my clients to have one or two in their second week to try them and then start having them up to one a day in week 3. Saying that though, I started on them daily in week 2 & I was fine.

All the best


Is determined and focused
Thank you once again, I'll try and limit how many I have this week just in case

I'll let you know how I get on, thank you for your help, I can't get over the level of support on here:D
D_Q has a delightful turn of phrase if you have more than one bar a day ..... you can end up with "choccy waterfalls"!!!! Think it sums it up so well!!

Bars are delious - and if you chop them into little pieces and put them in the fridge they come out like Revels and take ages to eat!

Always remember with bars to have an extra drink as you are not using water to make them up like you do the packs.


The Diet Guy
The malt toffee, choc orange, chocolate and caramel all contain around twice the carb of the normal sachets and hence two of them a day can jeopardise ketosis.

The newer Cranberry and Peanut bars contain the same amount of carb but are high in fibre so again two a day may not be good.

Most people who have multiple bars a day have bad wind and can also get the runs so really try and avoid doing it.

I had one a day fromDay 1 - taking something else to work not really possible. I was fine!

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