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Quick question


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Ive just finished my fat attack 2 weeks, and happily lost 8lbs. I now start phase 2, and was wondering, I have 1950 cals allowence per day, do I HAVE to stick to the menu plans, or can I eat the foods they suggest, up to the value of my allowence, obviously making sure I dont eat 1950 cals of junk? Basically, I cant see myself sticking to the menus, exactly, but if im eating healthy, exerciseing and not going over my calories, will I still lose?
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I haven't stuck to the menu plan per se, but how I've increased my calories is by say increasing the amount of pasta, or potatoes in my main meal. If I'm having soup for lunch, I'll maybe have 2 slices of bread instead of one.
well done dietingdon gr8 los 4 the faf:clap::happy096: I dont stick to the plan 100% as long as stay in the cal allowance what you have done is fine it does say you can mixn match to your likin we all have different tastes dont we:D


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I seemed to have nibbled alot (on ealthy things) today though, just to make up my allowence, and im still not quite there, but I dont want to eat for the sake of it
I don't stick to the meal plans fully either. I easily keep within my calorie allowance and I just aim for 99% of what I eat to be less than 5%. I ensure I add as much salad or veg as I can to lunch and dinner, have some fruit or a low fat yoghurt or snack bar, if I'm hungry, and mainly drink water or tea.

I think providing you stick with low fat food and within your calories then you shouldn't gain weight. Then the main loss will come from your daily activities or exercise.

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