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Quickie about the HIP grant

Hi, I am sure this question has been asked a million times so I apologise in advance but how do I get the HIP grant?, I have a MW appt tommorow and will be 26 weeks, do I have to ask the midwife for a form or do I get it from elsewhere? Is it easy to apply for?
Thanks, Jo
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Yeah just ask her for the form, she fills out her bit and signs it, you sign your bit and put in you ni number and bank details i think and you send it off.
I'd give it about 4 weeks to come through. x
Thanks MT :)


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Hi Jo

Just wondering if you got your HiP form today? A friend of mine who is 26 weeks got hers today but was told to post it ASAP. According to her midwife, the government changed their minds about keeping the HiP grant until next year and are now cutting it off from 1st August.... apparently they only announced it this morning so people have just 5 days to apply. Personally I think either said friend or her midwife have got the wrong end of the stick (Aug 1st in date that CTF changes from £250 to £50, hopefully someone is getting confused!)

I'm praying that I'll still be eligible as that money is REALLY needed and has already been factored into our tight baby budget, so I'll be mightily p*ssed off if I miss out by a few weeks.
Yes she gave it to me glad she remembered as I forgot to ask as I had rambled on about other things:eek: I sent it off thia afternoon as it was really simple to fill in, she never mentioned anything abot the 5th of Aug, you have me a little worried now, will go and Google and see what I can find out. I think you are right about the trust fundgoing down from 1st Aug so hopefully they have got their wires crossed.
I posted mine yesterday so I will let you know when it appears in my bank account, not sure we qualify for the SS one either but I am going to apply anyway just to see, I hope it wasn't the actual MW who was giving out dodgy info otherwise a lot of her ladies will be missing out :(
We don't currently qualify for the SS grant but I'm going to try and see if we can once the baby is here as our wages go up/down depending on how much money the company makes (and no offence to DH but I probably make around 2/3 of it at present!), so income is going to drop like mad come December. From what I've heard you can try and claim for it for up to 3 months (or maybe 1 month? not sure) after the baby's come, so I think that's the best time as you can know exactly what you're getting mat pay wise and how much the household is earning.

It's a long shot but from what I've read on other forums, it depends on the sob story you can give them, some people get it when they don't even need it, so it's worth a go.
Always worth a go in my opinion, if you don't ask you don't get;)
we applied for the ss and we got it because we recieve tax credits, it is 3 months after baby is born that u can apply think they give u time to sort out your tax credits first then apply...this is what my mw told me to do if we didnt qualify at the moment. x
Yep we did last time because of the tax credits too, will be trying again this time, 500.00 is a massive boost when you have so much to pay out for ;) Just for those who are going to apply after babes is born it is being changed to pay out for first child only in April 2011, so if 3 mths after your due date takes you past April 1st and its not your 1st baby remember to apply before the deadline.
Fast work, I sent it off last tues and it was in my bank account today, so it took 8 days, not bad eh;)
I claim child tax credits for my dd, so does that mean I could also claim this £500 sure start grant???

If so I will be one happy mummy!lol That's a lot of money for nothing!
It states on the website tax credits so thats how we tried last time and we got it, I really don't know what exact criteria they ask for but it is def worth applying you literally have nothing to lose but if you get it 500 is a lot of money.
You have to pick up a form from your local job centre (I think you can print one off from directgov but not sure) get your MW to sign the back of it fill it in and send it off, you can apply anytime after 29 weeks. I will def be trying for it again this time, good luck;)
I just rang them and they are sending it out to me, should recieve it in three days. I may get it this time as it's only my husband working and his wages have gone down, so it's well worth a try. I'll be very pleased if we get it!
Good luck, I hope you get it;)
Just to say that those of you who have yet to get their HIP grant if you are having it put into a bank account you don't use regulary then I wouldn't wait for a letter to say its going in, I had mine last tues (8 days after applying:)) It went into my current account that I use most days so I knew it was there, but I only had a letter saying that I would get it yesterday (a week after it went into my account). So if you are planning on putting it into a savings account or an account you don't use often I would start to check about a week after you apply, you don't want to be waiting for it and then find you get a letter a week after it has been sitting in your account ;)
About the Sure Start Maternity Grant, my midwife just said that you qualify if you get income support or child tax credits or if you and your partners combined income is £16,000 or less. There are probably loads of other criteria but like everyone has said it never hurts to apply! £500 is a huge boost!!!!

Wow I'm impressed with how quickly you got your HP grant Bajoleth!!!! Thats great!!!
I picked up my Sure start form today, there are the usual criteria i.e income supprt etc but it also states if you receive a certain amount in tax credits, It is not a high amount, then you can apply. It costs nothing to apply so I would suggest if you are on benefits or receiving tax credits then fill in a form (really easy form) and apply;)

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