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QVC woes


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Sorry I need to vent! I ordered a TSV from QVC last week - some bare escentuals mineral foundation and powders - at a good price with the option of two easy pays to spread the cost. It was supposed posted last wednesday and hasn't arrived. I phone up a couple of days ago and was assured it would get here by friday but still no sign of it. Now they are saying they will need to send me a declaration form to confirm it hasn't been received. But the product sold out on the day so they can't send me a replacement! So annoyed as QVC will have had my money in their bank account for a month earning them interest, and they will claim the costs of the lost package from the mail company. But I'm sitting here without my goodies, inconvenienced because I've had to chase them up several times and having loaned them some money for a month with no return! Do you think I should press them on this and what should I ask for if I can't get the product I ordered?
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Definately, I'd explain how disapointed you are in their service, the fact you've had to ring them several times & seeing as the product sold out on the day how soon will you get your money back. If you've ordered before from them & rec'd good service I think, when complaining, its good to remind them how good they usually are etc.

And if they are going to return your money it will take 5 wking days to hit your bank, so make sure you know when they return your money.

How irrating, have they checked the items were definately posted, did they get proof of receipt.


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Oh no! That's awful. As far as I know they've always been pretty good with customer services, my mum has been shopping with them for about 20 years! Unfortunately I think they moved their call centres abroad though and the people on the other end of the phone don't seem to give a damn :(

As the product has sold out , they will be more likely to give you a refund, I'm not sure they would give you a like for like product because you ordered this one at a discount price. They would be more likely to offer something at the same value that you paid, which would probably be a lower quality product. They might be able to give you a date when they are expecting new stock.... TSV's tend to be the beginning of a new campaign for a range of products IIRC. So you may have to wait, but it's possible that you may still get it. Or they may hold back a certain amount of stock for such instances.

I would definately, definately be in touch with a complaints department though!!! Ok, so thiings get lost in the post, but you shouldn't have to repeatedly chase them up for it! :(


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I have bought a few things from QVC over the years and have never had a problem with them, but I do only buy from them occassionly.

Couldn't you just ask for a refund and get your cosmetic's from an online store, there is no guarantee how long you will have to wait to get your 're-order' sent out to you from QVC.

I'm sorry you are upset by this, but unfortunately this is how these big businesses make their money, from the vunerable viewers - I do hope all is sorted out for you very soon.
Does it come by ordinary post? If so, have you rung your local postal sorting office to check that it is not sitting there for some reason?

Have you checked to make sure it hasn't been left with a neighbour?

If they use a courier service, check with them to see if they have it.

I get deliveries delayed from time to time and to be honest it is rarely the fault of the seller.


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Bummer! I had that TSV - it was my mother's day prezzie and it arrived on the Tuesday. It was sent via Hermes, not Royal Mail.

I have shopped with QVC since almost the beginning and they have always been brilliant with customer service issues. I'm sure they will refund you, but I guess they do have to check that the product hasn't arrived as I suppose a lot of people try to scam them and it is standard practice.

There are some really good ebay sellers doing Bare Escentuals at great prices, so maybe check them out to get the bits you want separately?


Strutting her stuff
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Thanks guys! The parcel was to be delivered to my work and it's small place so it can't be lying around somewhere unfortunately. They will refund my money but only after I return the declaration form they are going to send me so that will add another week to the saga! And thanks for your suggestions but I needed to get it from them so I can check the shade and return it if it's the wrong one. I wouldn't be able to do that with another supplier. I ordered the fairly light shade, which is the palest they do on QVC. I think americans must have a different concept of pale skin to us as the light one made me look tangoed!

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