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Really Down.


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I have been off work for the past 3 weeks with stress. I am SO tired. Luckily I have a very sympathetic GP who is very supportive. I work in the NHS and she really hates the fact I am being really put on. The trouble is , at the mo I feel SO guilty at not being around for all my staff. But I dream of work every night and it's really scr*wing me up. I can't think about work without my work stomach churning. I'm waiting for occupational health to contact me, but I'm dreading it.
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Aww Judi :hug99:your body is telling you to put the brakes on and be kind to yourself instead of others for a change.
At least you have your GP's support don't be forced back into work until you both agree that you are ready. I made the mistake of going back too soon after illness before now and made myself much worse.
We all know from your posts on here that you are a lovely caring person with a lot to give. Just give a little of it to yourself instead of others for a while and it will all work itself out.
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Poor you! That sounds horrible. As has been said though, you have to be well yourself before you can take care of other people. Work stress can be terrible and also guilt-inducing but I reckon from what you've said, you NEED to rest. *hug*

I've been struggling with depression recently. My solution was to jump on a train to Liverpool and spend the afternoon (and lunchtime) whining to Vixxster. Heh. The poor girl had never met me before and will probably change her name and go into hiding now! She was awesome though and it really helped.

If you ever want to get away to Manchester for the day (if indeed that's feasible - geography isn't my strong point) I'll happily show you around. Or we can go somewhere and chat. In any case I'm PMing you. ;)


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Oh no, *hugs* about 4yrs ago I was off work with stress, and put on anti-depressants to help me sleep. Not good at only 21/22!! So I know how you must be feeling. *more hugs* xx
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Just sending (((HUGS))). Look after yourself xx
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Look after yourself hun, my hubby was off for similar reasons, hes a chef and it just got to him in the end. Problem was he went back before he was ready as his boss was pressuring him and wound up worse and had togive up cheffing for a while.
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Oh Judi. Sometimes life just gets to us, and we need some time out!! Take care. And don't do anything until you are ready.



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Sorry to hear you are feeling down judi but i have to agree with the others it does sound like you need a good rest! Im sure your staff will understand and dont feel guilty you need to do what is best for you now!



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Awww honey!!! I am so sorry to hear you're feeling so blue. Work stress sucks and can have a massive impact on life.

This is happeneing because you're a good boss who CARES - but you're going to make yourself ill if you don't get the time out you need honey. Are you worried about going back and it all being the same sh*t different day again? So sorry - sending hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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*hugs* Judi *hugs*

Stress is such a terrible thing - it affects people very differently and some people just don't understand it until they've actually experienced it...and not just a 'tough day at work' kinda stress either.

You can't worry about your team - as much as you care, what you should focus on is getting yourself right. You'd be no good to them going to work in the state you're in. They'd want you to get yourself better, then you'll be in a state of mind that's good for you and good for the team too!

Make changes for yourself, make sure changes are made at work for you so that you're not going back to something that's going to make you ill again.

And vent your frustrations with us any time you like....and perhaps do some wii boxing to thrash it out too!!!

*more hugs*
I've just caught up with this, and really am SO sorry Judi, especially as things are probably a bit difficult at home still, adding to the stress. Thank goodness that you have a sympathetic GP.

I can only echo what the others have said - you MUST give yourself time, however difficult that seems. Returning too early to what will, inevitably, continue to be a pressurised and stressfull environment, will not help you OR your team. Maybe, being absent will make them all appreciate just what you DO do on a day to day basis - this is totally different from a planned break.

Do hope that you start to feel better soon, Judi. Just remember to put YOURSELF first for once.

Sending Hugs and Very Best Wishes, Roz.
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Hugs Judi, there is nothing that will make this right overnight, its going to be slow process of inner healing. You have got to just take your time and not hurry the process (easy said when we all want things yesturday), but most of all, you have to stop thinking about others and put yourself first. The NHS will carry on without you and your work collegues will be getting through the day. They would rather you were well and happy, than at work and suffering. I understand how you feel having been off sick since February this year myself, and my stomach was in knots for weeks cos I felt guity about being off. But time does change things hun, you begin to realise that your health is more important than anything else. Don't try and rush things Judi, do things you enjoy doing and that make you happy while you are off, If you can have a couple of hours feeling relaxed then that is progress. Most of all, don't feel guilty about putting yourself first, its necessary. I'm always here for you if you want to pm me for a chat or a moan.

Love Carolyne xxxxx


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((hugs)) Judi.
I am so sorry that you are having such a stressful time.
Please take it easy and look after youself.
Your health is way more important than any job.
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Totally agree with all above advice. I work for the NHS and hate every minute and I try not to think of it when I'm not there.

Keep safe, look after yourself.

Tania x

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