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Redmel's Diary.

Dear Diary (lol)

I thought I would make a diary as this forum is pretty quiet and I need to waffle on somewhere haha.

I am on day four of slimfast and have done great on day 1&4...day 2&3 went a little off plan, I am hoping if I stay on track I will still see a little loss on Monday?

I have had a vanilla shake for breakfast and lunch and I am having HM chilli for dinner. I love spicy food so am really looking forward to it actually.

I will keep you updated diary xxx
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Hi Redmel, I see you are a long standing member of this forum and have tried various regimes in order to lose weight, so perhaps now that you are starting your own diary it will be a help to be able to trace you quickly and give some help and advice when necessary.
Hope you have good results soon altho' it is hard to know where you are in getting to your goal as you have not filled in those details.

However, all the very best to you .... :)
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Emmaline - I will consider my hand slapped and I will fill in my details immediately;):p

Yes I did Join sometime back, I had a baby in March 09, joined here on the SW plan shortly after, but within a few months I found out I was pregnant again, so only loosely kept up with SW! I managed to give birth (June 2010) and be a couple of pound lighter than pre-preg (that time) but my daughter is now 14mths old and in that time I have gained 1st 10lbs:cry:

So here I am:wave_cry:
I did do Slim fast briefly in May09 just for a couple of weeks to kick start my weightloss before moving onto SW, so I know it works for me, I just need to stick with it:p

Thank You for reading and commenting.....*runs off to fill in stats*
Morning my Diary

I have woken up this morning to NO MILK!!!!!!! Well I have been up since 6.30 but Ive only just checked lol. I am going to make myself some quorn sausage and something instead...I will just make it up to around the same calories as a shake.

I'm sure that will work out ok, as I really can't be bothered going the shop just yet!
Oh no shame about the milk! It doesn't really matter though as you say, as long as you keep within the cals. How are you getting on otherwise? :)
I feel much more 'in tune' to the diet since yesterday actually. I am trying to deter dh from bringing his mate round at the weekend though because it will inevitably result in a takeaway!!

I do think It will be a bit easier for me when the kids are back to school.

How are you getting on? Have you got a diary.....(I will go check:))
Good morning (just about)

I seem to have tons of energy this morning...I have been up since 7pm fed and dressed the kids, had my shake, and have been blitzing the kitchen ever since, while stopping every now and then to entertain or see to the kids.

I had half a tracker bar for a snack works out about 60 calories for half, the other half went on ds3's plate ready for his lunch.

I am going to get on with the kitchen now and hopefully burn some bulge lol!
Goodmorning .. or perhaps it's good afternoon..lol!
You have been a busy lady over the years and know only too well what it is like with the children thing as I had 3 in under 3 years!!..:D

Well done in keeping to your diet and in perservering.
BTW, didn't mean that remark about your details to sound like a slap, but it does help in getting to know people when in this virtual world.... and pleased to make your aquaintance...:)

Keep up the good work...:girlpower:
Wow Emmaline 3 kids in 3yrs!!! My eldest two are 8&10 there is a 23mth gap between them, then unfortunately I had 3 mc's before I had my 3rd son (5.5yrs later) and then there is only a 15mth gap between him and his little sister.

I am done having children now (I think;)!) I am concentrating on getting my body back and completing my degree lol.

Today has been an odd one. I had....

1/2 a tracker bar

And then I have spent hours running the loo with an upset tum:( I was going to have a tuna salad but I dont feel like it now so will have a yummy pork chop and some roasted veg instead.

It doesnt leave me as many cals for a few drinks tonight but seeing as my tums bad, im not sure I will be drinking anyway.

Off to sort dinner x
I also ended up having quite a few handfuls of peanuts and a piece of bread and butter.before dinner as I went all shaky and lightheaded...not worried if I have gone over for today as I really thought I was going to pass out!! Feel better at the moment and have managed to stay off the loo since:)

I feel bloated and overful now though:(
Eeeeek, why am I even awake at this hour...I will have to be getting up in about 5hrs!

I had a vodka and orange, as planned....but it was evil to my stomach so I had a couple of vodka and diet cokes instead, quite glad really as its about half the amount of calories:) I think I had the equivalant of two doubles and a single, so not much really.

Hopefully tomorrow is nice and easy x
Thanks Lass.

Feeling positive today, last day of week 1....yay.

I will definitely be starting some exercise next week and then the following week school is back too so I will get a bit of walking in each day then too (not much but it all helps)

I have put my notepad in the kitchen today so I can put a tick each time I drink a glass of water. It seems 8x250ml glasses are recommended per day, well I have checked and my glass holds 300ml so I need to aim for 6 glasses a day, plus I usually have a few cups of tea....I really am rubbish at drinking water though, so have to literally force myself to drink it. I actually have a soda stream and so I have been making a litre of fizzy water each day as a change, mixing some fizzy water with NAS squash is lovely too x
Hey!! Hope yr feeling better!! :) I drink lots of water when I'm at work then hardly a drop of liquid passes my lips at the weekend!!

I am going to cut out the sugar free red bull too as I'm not sure of it's benefits if any!! It certainly doesn't wake me up!!

I think I have my OH's hangover ( I was drinking water all nite lol)

Sarah xxx
I have exactly the same problem with drinking water.. I hate the taste even tho' I have a water filter on my tap. Think I need to put up reminders, and that can cause headaches and dizziness as well.

Just noticed that you casually put in one of your posts how you want to complete your degree!!?! On top of your 4 boys and housework and the OH (not necessarily in that order..lol!) that's quite a work load and to add studying towards a degree, my hat goes off to you lady...:wow:

Btw, what are you studying for?
I don't understand how anyone can like water...... Dh and ds2 LOVE it though and both drink loads of it!

Yes a lot of people call me mad.... I have 4 kids, 2 big dogs and a cat. I help out at the school two mornings a week and I am studying part time towards a lit and lang degree. I will then go onto do a full time pgce to become a secondary english teacher:)
I am hoping to be all qualified and teaching by the time my youngest is in school...she is 14mths old so I have about 4yrs until she is in full time school.

So I just dropped my tin of powder all over the kitchen floor!!! That'll teach me to go on a 50min walk after having only 4.5hrs sleep last night lol. I have just had some oatso simple instead as it says it is 189 calories, I also had a few nibbles on a smartie cookie Oooops x Dh says he will nip asda for me so I have some for tomorrow...but I have just sent ds3 for a nap so I am going to lay my weary head down for an hour!
Well I didn't manage a nap after all!!

Anyway I had a gorgeous dinner of beef, mash, broccolli, peas and gravy...it was lovely and really filling. I even had a club bar afterwards and all for 531 calories.

Total for the day 1279 :D

I know it's stupid but I am so nervous about WI in the morning!! I am really hoping I lose 'something' even half a pound would do, but I know I haven't been great all week so if I haven't lost anything it is all my own fault xxx

I am going to bed soon as I am exhausted....
Fingers crossed for tmrw Mel :) xxx

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