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I will be skinny again!!!
Ok so I was advised against getting brown rice... and in the refeed programme it said we can have rice...

So i bought white rice but just looked at the packet and its like 365 calories and 57g of carbs per 75g serving????

Why are we allowed it then???
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Would it have something to do with easing your digestion and bowel back to food? Brown rice (I thought) was not harder to digest but stronger on the bowel?


I will be skinny again!!!
They didnt say I couldnt have it... Just that it tasted like grit lol


I will be skinny again!!!
I might do!

I bought a 1kg bag of white though and hate wasting things but really worried about eating it now!!!
Here is some rice info for you.
I dont know if you are following a low GI diet or not.

Rice is an excellent food source, low in fat and high in starchy carbohydrate
Rice is packed full of vitamins and minerals and provides an excellent source
of vitamin E, B vitamins (thiamin, niacin) and potassium

Brown rice and basmati rice have medium or low GI values, and are not
associated with increasing risk factors for weight gain and diabetes.
Other white rice is categorised as a high GI food. However, since rice is normally eaten in combination with other foods, the overall GI value of a meal that includes white rice is normally lower.



I will be skinny again!!!
Thank you... But i dont understand what that means??
Thanks for that information Chumba Lover.

What is a low gi diet? I am not on re-feed/maintenance yet, but will be next week or the week after, so I would love to get my rice sorted out lol
Basically brown basmati rice is your best bet....
But because you have rice with other food, then overall the carb count is generally quite low

Its just if you eat brown basmati rice the carb count will be lower still.

Brown basmati rice is gorgeous steamed, it is really light and fluffy.

Happy eating xxx
Brown basmati for me all the way when I am maintenance then, I love brown rice and pasta anyway, so its great for me.

Thanks for your help.


I will be skinny again!!!

Can you buy like smaller taster pots??

Is brown rice what you get in fried rice?
Hi Kered,
On a low G I diet you follow foods from the Glycemic Index.
The foods are classed as high, med and low.
On the diet you try to eat from the low GI and the med GI as much as possible.
The glycemic index range is as follows:

Low GI = 55 or less
Med GI = 56 - 69
High GI = 70 or more

There is tons of info on the internet about the diet and lots of lovely recipes to follow.

When you are eating low GI foods your body digests these foods slowly, leaving you feeling fuller for longer periods of time.
Sorry im terrible at tryng to explain stuff lol, hope you understand my gibberish xxx
I dont know how small the bags come in, maybe a 1lb bag.
Asda do the brown basmati rice quite cheap and its nice.

I am sure that the rice in fried rice is white rice that has turned brown through frying


I will be skinny again!!!
aaah right ok! Might go to asda tomorrow then and try it!!

Would it be nice with sweet and sour?
That is very understandable, I knew a little about it, but could never have put it into words like you did. Thanks again.

Chelly, normally fried rice from the chinese is made with white rice, but just looks darker because its fried with the eggs. I dont think you can buy taster pots, but you should be able to buy a small bag fairly cheap at the Supermarket and not too much to lose if you cant stand it. I dont really find much difference in the taste, but I have been eating brown rice and pasta for a few years.
Yes it would be nice with sweet and sour, now our palate has been cleansed after lipotrim its the time to put in the healthy options into our diets and its surprising how much the taste buds have changed. When I was on re-feed I didnt need to add salt to anything, where as before I always added salt even before tasting.

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