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ProPoints Rosie Lee's food diary over half way there


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i've been at it a while now but thought it's time to start a food diary.

most of the time my food is excellent but when bad things happen in my life i tend to go on a binge (stress eater) and believe me things in my life have been bad for a while.

have a few medical problems and last late september i had a major op and was put on HRT.
i managed to put on a massive 2 stone, everything i had took off the year before on discover.

so i started back at WW on 15th march and have been getting on with it quite nicely if not a little slower than i thought it should, until my weight stayed static for 2 weeks and it shouldn't of done. i came off HRT last week and lost 2lb, going to see if it was a flook.

i've built up my exercise slowly over the last 10 weeks and i'm feeling good.
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had my daily concoction of tablets to replace my HRT ones, some tablets called menopause food supplement, evening primrose oil, gingko bilboa and korean ginseng.
boy that ginseng makes me feel good :D

for brekkie i had

quaker oat crisp cereal - 4pp
milk for day - 3pp

lunch was

a meat free brekkie at morrisons with the hash browns removed and replaced with a piece of bacon. i know a meat free with bacon lol about 11pp
4 crackers (dry) 2pp
pink lady apple

dinner was

chicken breast 4pp
cabbage 0pp
roasted carrots 0pp
gravy 1pp

scoop of ben and jerry's strawberry yoghurt ice cream 3pp
askeys cone 1pp

and for supper another apple

it's weigh in day tomorrow, i've had my days allowance everyday and 45 of my weeklies. i'm not going to have the last 4 as i've been out for meals a couple of times and had to guestimate.
Hi lovely :) here to follow ur diary xx


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hi hun

lovely to have you here with me, i hadn't been in the diary section until last night and had a quick look through.
i'll be following you also :wavey:
:) xx


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well weigh in looms but i feel optimistic about it.

off to aqua aerobics shortly, that should wake me up, going to be a busy day today.
going into town later with daughter having a little shop and taking her to the dentist.

have this neat little plastic container thingy that you put in microwave it's good cos it seals and you don't get exploding eggs all over the microwave

for brekkie had 3 poached egg whites with a slice of bacon and mushrooms.
Enjoy aqua... Is WI today? Good luck! X


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thanks :) it was great.

yes weigh in is tonight, i'm looking forward to going for a change lol

for dinner i'm having
homemade tomato soup 0pp
salad veg 0pp
30g of cathedral light 2pp
100g of tuna 2pp
morrisons light mayo 0pp
Sounds yummy! Good luck for WI x
How much are u hoping for?,,


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was hoping for 1.5 to take me into the 12's,

but i'm happy ,i lost 1lb and got my 2nd silver 7 :D

for tea i've had

chicken and branston sandwiches 10 pp
ww crisps and choc bar at meeting 5pp
sweets :eek: estimated at about 15 pp

oh eck! why did i do that, i knew i had the taybarn meal coming up, i will just have to work extra hard this week. at least i stopped short of the full bag of sweets.

clocked up 4.2 mile on my pedometer
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tay barns......! OMG i love it there....all the salad u can eat! LOL...yeah rite! ....i had 4 puddings once!.......they do a fruit salad, and a carvery so I suppose it can be done!....not been since ww, darnt!...well done on your loss..xx
Well done petal!! Hope u enjoyed ur sweets :) x


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thank you both :)

i know taybarns is daunting, it'l be my first time too since starting weightwatchers.

it's the deserts, the carrot cake and the apple crumble for me and the pizza bar , will have to see how i get on.


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been to docs today, he agreed with coming off the HRT because i've found lumps in my breast, so a breast scan it is.

been put on new tablets because of my hysterectomy and have to have a bone scan and density test. he said i'm 60% less likely to develop breast cancer with the tablets, i'll have to see how i get on with them.

walked just under 6 miles today.

todays grub

quakers oat crisp 4pp
milk for day 3pp

ham sandwich with branston 7pp
WW orange bar 3pp
2 crackers 1pp
2 pieces of a bliss bar 2pp

turkey stir fry 6pp
apple 0pp

a few vegetable crisps off OH 1pp
apple 0pp

not sure what i'm having with the other two points yet, maybe some chicken.


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Hi Rosie and welcome.Well done on your weight loss this week, keep up the good work. Sorry to hear about the lump you found and hopefully they won't be anything serious.Keeping everything crossed for you. x


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thanks hun :) x

i'm an eternal optimist fortunately, so i'll just carry on as normal for now.


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Gosh thats great I'm the opposite a born worrier have myself dead n buried sometimes lol I really must try to be more positive . take care x
Good luck with tests! And plan ur food before u go makes it easier :) x

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