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Ruthys CD diary


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Hi all, it's day 1 and I'm feeling pretty positive - the excitement will wear off soon I know. Surprised how I managed to drink a good amount of water already, hate the stuff. Surprising how any thing will do when u have nothing lol!!

Really hope this diet will work, so sick of starting new diets but this is a new one for me. Neva dared this one before but desperate times = desperate measures and all that!!!

Hope your all having a great day x
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Hi! Day 2 and I'm doing ok. Very pleased I managed to get through first day, if I can do it 1 day I can do it 2!!

Roll on next wed - weigh day!!


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Well done on getting through day one! Once you're done with the first week time will fly by and you'll be at goal before you know it :)


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I'm so hungry!! X


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Thanks love I really hope so. I'm feeling so hungry at the moment. Determined not to give in tho. Is it true that when ur in ketosis u won't feel as hungry? Hope your day is going well x


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Thanks love I really hope so. I'm feeling so hungry at the moment. Determined not to give in tho. Is it true that when ur in ketosis u won't feel as hungry? Hope your day is going well x
Hi mate, lol I just had a little giggle at this post cos thats exactly how you feel in the first day...its like u want someone to promise you it will all be ok on day three :) Well you will feel so much better, and the hunger thing will pass....you can do it xxx


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That's great to hear cause I honesty believe my body is eating itself!! Pleased i'm not giving in tho - but do want it to get better soon! Didn't realise how much I ate without realising keep picking up stuff and having to put it back, even caught myself nearly eating baby food lol how bad is that!! x

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It will get easier I started CD (VLCD) for the first time 9 weeks ago. I was sceptical that it wouldn't work or I couldn't stick to a restricted diet and I would be hungry. Well 9 weeks in and when I weigh tom I will have reached 4 stone lost. I didn't get the headaches at day 4-5 but at day 6-8 I was feeling like I wanted food not hungry as such but wanting to give in to my carb craving. What spurred me on were people saying I wasn't going to do it (red rag to a bull)! So I persevered and here I am. Family and friends telling me to stop but I have a lot more I want to lose. My aim is at least 7 stone until I switch to SW. I have introduced a few SS+ days this week as more active. Have a planned pause in June which would be my add a meal (AAM) week. Then another end of July graduation/birthday and another in August. Then reassess then. Good luck :D Jayne x


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Hi Jayne, your losses are great you've done so well. I hope I can stick to it as well. It helps to hear from people that have/are doing it - makes me believe I can to. I'm guilty of getting through day 1 because I was told I couldn't too! Just makes me more determined. Thanks for your reply, keep up the good work x
Thanks. Day 3 and I've seen purple on my ketosis stick so very pleased with that. Still hungry tho, suppose to be meeting my mate for lunch today had to ring her and suggest a coffee instead lol. Trying to keep busy to keep my mind off food but I'm so tired everything is such an effort.

Hope everyones having a good day x
End of day 4!! Found it hard today felt so hungry but was determined not to give in. Pleased I didn't, kept thinking about all the people who don't believe for one minute I can do this and it kept me going.

Was thinking about this hunger thing and realised don't think I really am hungry I just wanna eat, keep drooling when I think of food!!

Hope everyones had a good day x
Day 6 and WI tomorrow whoop whoop! According to my scales I've only lost 5 pounds not a massive loss for my first week but hoping my scales are wrong lol. 5 off is better than 5 on tho so I'm not complaining have to wait til tomorrow to find out for sure.

Today I struggled a bit cause was on training and there was the nicest looking buffet I have eva seen, still drooling ova it. But didn't touch any of it so did well. Hope everyone has had a good day today x
Well had my wi yest and lost 6lbs, very pleased. Everyday I get on the scales and I've lost a pound. Such a nice feeling knowing when u wake up u will be a pound lighter let's hope it lasts!!

Certainly motivated to do another week and got some new products to try this week so that's nice. Had a porridge last night and think it filled me up more than than the other things so evening porridge is the way forward.

Hope everyone has a good day here's to day 8 xx
well done 6lbs is brilliant keep it up and you will be at goal in no time good luck hun :)xx
thanks hun, your losses are amazing. Have you been on ss the whole time? x
hi yes i have im in week 13 so i have to do 810 this week but back on ss next week.i was so scared of eating but its actually not that bad.
hope you have a good weekend :)xx
Well done for doing so well. Hope u have a good weekend too.

Day 9 today and I've had a massive boost of energy today which was nice cause got all the things done I've been putting off for the last 9 days cause I've been so tired. Finding it all ok although I did pinch a bit of tuna when making tea tonight only a pinch but feel real bad and wish I hadn't.

Hope everyone is ok x
Hi all, not looking forward to tonight def gonna be tested. My brother and his family are coming ova with pizzas etc. Can't really say no as he lives miles away and just happens to be in the area. Told them I'm not eating but they just laughed and said u gotta eat something!!

Wish me luck x
Well survived the pizza evening with my soup. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Bother and wife where more accepting than I thought so didn't have to defend myself. And the pizza smelled great but didn't kill me not eating it and so pleased I didn't.

Here's to day 11 x

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