Sainsburys instand cheese sauce mix


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Sainsbury's Instant Cheese Sauce Mix

Made up as directed, dried. Per 100ml 4.0 syns

Hope that helps :)


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most packets even instant with water are usually bout 10 syns as flour or cornflour in them


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sorry for being thick but never understand when it says dried then made up as directed,does it mean if i measure out 100g dry then pour the water into that it will be 4 syns??????
please help explain someone please as i really want tis sauce for tea as im having a lasagne ,excuse my dumbness

Dried is the product description and the syns are for the made up as directed product

sorry ,just havving a brain wave the packet makes 300ml so is it 4 syns for 1/3rd of the packet?

Yep, 4 syns for 100mls made up sauce :)

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too many syns for me


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Colmans cheese sauce is around 7 syns for whole packet.