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Sarah's Juddd ing along diary


Mad as a Hatter
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welcome again Sarah Lou

What day are you on today then - is it an UD ? judging on your first entry ??

Welcome to the forums and good luck on your JUDDD journey

S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Glad you started your diary Sarah Lou, yes they certainly help keep you on track! Hope you're first day back at work is going well, enjoy your up day and good luck for the rest of the week hun x
Hi Stirky, I'm not back at work yet, due back the 28th, so I am pretending I am on holiday ;)

well the flat blitz continues and I have finished the bedroom and i'm really pleased with it :)

I told my friend today about Juddd and she kindly brought round a supply of shakes to see me through to pay day.. she said I looked well and she was really amazed at how much work I had done at home, she really has seen me when i have been quite bad..

So today was day four and an up day.. i decided I was going to have egg and soldiers :p for brekkie.. but I just wasn't hungry enough.. still amazed by this.. :eek: so had tea tonight and again did not overeat.. I know I keep banging on about it but I can't remember the last time I felt so normal around food.

I hope it lasts and I hope I manage ok when I go back into the office. I should be fine as I will be organised!

I will weigh on Monday morning and she how I've done.. whatever happens I shall carry on and give my body a chance to adjust .. :)
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Doing great Sarah, good luck for your weigh in on Monday :D

That was lovely of your friend to come round with shakes for you :) Sounds like you are feeling so much better and getting on top of evrything, you must be so chuffed!
I know its early day's but I have been stuck at home for five months dealing with this god awful illness, so to suddenly feel well and have energy and an interest in my home again is such an amazing feeling.. this time last week I had cried and cried as the specialist was talking like my life was doomed..

From somewhere I seem to of found my fighting spirit.. :) my friend who brought round the shakes was so encouraging as she knows how I battled to loose on cd.. I suppose because I had such small losses on cd with my meds, whatever I loose weekly on Juddd is fine.

Off shopping again tomo need to prepare more for dd and I know not to have to much in so i can't be tempted.

thanks for the encouragement girls x :)
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Wow Sarah, good on you for turning it around so quickly, that's an amazing feat in itself hun, you should be so proud. I'm glad you've found something you can really get into and that is giving you energy. I've suffered with depression in the past so I know how hard it is to get out of a rut once you get yourself into one. It must've been awful for you to be stuck at home for 5 months, but it sounds like you have a great friend which always helps :D
Thanks Stirky for your kind words.. my friend and I met at LL last Sept, after having a quick chat we realised that the back of her house was at the end of my garden :eek: its a small world.. we also both left LL as the groups were poorly run, she has since carried on and lost five stone..

A few weeks ago she got married and way back in Feb we went to a wedding fair, I picked up a dress, she tried it on and job done, she cried, I cried.. ha ha.. it was the one and she looked stunning and worked so hard to get into it.. she is a good friend and helped me alot. :)
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yes you really are lucky to have a good friend like that :)
:wave_cry: Today hasn't really been my day! I don't know if I've over done it due to my new energy release.. but.. at 4.00am today I woke up with a terrible stitch like pain in my side.. I went into the bathroom and felt very weird.. I went all clamy and thought oh.. I'm gonna faint.. well living alone I've always worried what I would do if I was ill.. i tried to make it back to the bedroom but didn't make it.

Twenty mins later I woke up and I was laying on the lounge floor.. :eek: it felt like my blood pressure had gone through my boots.. I've had this before but its happened when I've been with someone..and it hasn't happened for over a year.

Well today I felt wiped out and did not go on my shopping trip.. I changed today to an up day as I felt very shaky and dizzy all day.. well apart from feeling sleepy I'm ok, so I will see what tomorrow brings :)

My book arrived today so I'm going to bed early and have a read.. I've maybe nibbled more than I should of but I'm not stressing about it.. well maybe a bit ;)
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Hugs Sarah! Oh that doesn't sound very nice at all hun, be careflu and don't push yourself if you're not feeling right. Hope you are feeling better real soon, I'm worried about you now x
Thanks Stirky.. don't worry hon I will be ok I'm just being sensible.. I may of pushed myself a wee bit to much this week with all the excitement of feeling so much better !

I just don't know.. off to bed now so catch up tomorrow xx :) xx

Good luck with your weigh in xx :D
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Hi Sarah, great to see you have started a diary too. Poor you, I hope you feel better now, it sounds scary. :( Im not sure how many calories you are having on a DD but I would make sure you had your full 500 incase you do have low blood sugar levels.
Its fantastic you have found your fighting spirit, you sould be proud of yourself. Your friend sounds great. I have a best mate like that too, she introduced me to CD and since then I feel so much better.

Some friends are irreplaceable and she sound like one :D
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Hope you're feeling better now hun, take good care of yourself and like jelly says make sure you have all your cals on your down day. If your blood sugar drops too low you will feel dizzy. I went through a phase about 7/8 years ago of suffering with low blood sugar, didn't know what caused it but I wasn't dieting then and used to eat quite well. The doctor wasn't bothered, they told me they don't worry about low blood sugar, just high blood sugar is a problem!!! I used to have to make sure I ate regulary and if I felt really bad, with shakes and started to feel faint, I'd have a mars bar! Not great for us now being as we are trying to lose weight tho, it seemed to clear up itself, our bodies are certainly funny things!
Thanks Jelly and Stirky.. that reminds me I need to make a jelly to get me through later tonight.:D

I feel better today and I am on a dd so I have made sure I eat little and often, I'm have also decided to write everything down that I eat so I don't forget a nibble her and there.

Trying not to be quite so energetic today as I think with all the changes this week my body must of thought what the heck is going on.. Iv'e been poorly for five months now she's washing windows :eek: :D

Started my book last night and it certainly all makes sense.. I remembered last night something my sister mentioned on holiday.. her husband is super slim but eats a few naughties :) but I noticed on holiday one day he would eat fruit, yog, nuts and seeds and have a light evening meal.. then on another day he would have a full breakfast and eat and drink with the rest of us.

my sister said he often had lighter days and found it a good way of maintaining his weight.. I remember thinking I wish I could do that but I don't think I could.. little did I know what was around the corner!! JUDDD :D
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yes I do think it's a sensible way of eating. I mean at the moment we are taking it to the extreme as we are all losing weight, but once we get near/on target our calories will increase on down days, making the diet less extreme as time goes on, and becoming just a healthy way of life that we can carry on and on. Like your BIL in will become second nature to us, and we'll probably find we eat less on up days too the more we get used to them.

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