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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning ...very happy..just weighed and I am another 4.5lbs lighter.:D:D

Great motivation for me I am ready to tackle week 3... I really want that 3 stone by Christmas,

NOt working today so off to have my nails done as a treat to me.:)

Goodluck everyone with WI's today...catch you later.:)
Off now to guzzle some water.:tear_drop::tear_drop:
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Hey Maggie, wow, nice treat eh??

Do you have falsies?? lol, I do mean false nails. Or are you good and have your own?? I am a nail biter, sorry if anyone is eating their breaky whilst reading this :eek: BUT (and like I always say, "mine's a big butt)lol I have stopped biting my nails...I've done it before I must admit but not when I've had to concentrate on a diet too!!:eek: My own nails are looking fabby, I started growing them a couple of weeks ago. I've had acrylics done many, many times and I do like them but I actually prefer my own. When I'm nearing goal I'm off to get a manicure and a pedicure too. And hopefully those body wraps... waiting for Nicola to let us know how she gets on today with her first wrap.

...And my hands are looking younger...I have dry skin and with all the washing of hands my skin sometimes cracks..OUCH, really sore. Well now they are as smooth as a babys bum. I've been using hand scrubs with oil in and bio oil on them, and also I have 2 fave hand creams...L'OCCITAINE and THE BODY SHOP HENNA hand cream is fab too, I recommend both. My hands look 10 years younger...yey!!:D

Sorry for the long post.....

I'm off to go and get ready, I want to get some haddock in for my next two aam...I have 3 aam's left. Then soul source here i come.....
Maggie...so sorry sweetie...meant so say WAY TO GO WITH THE WEIGHT LOSS, :eek: I forget myself sometimes. sorry hun.

YOU ARE DOING FAB!!!:party0019: XX SJ XX


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Unfortunately they are not my own....I have Gel nails and then have then painted with the white tips. They look really good. I think also because of all the water we are drinking my skin is soooo much clearer and softer, I must have been really dehidrated before.

Enjoy your haddock for you aam, Love fishn especially if it's smoked.

Have a good day.
:wavey:Good morning girls & boys,
:wavey:Good morning maggie, well done on ur weight loss.

We have a birthday party to go to this aftrnoon so more temptation will be put my way!! but i WILL NOT give in to the temptation all the nice food will still be around when my weight loss journey comes to an end, so i be there glugging away on my water as thats my best friend right now!!!

Good luck to all get weighed today.

Mrs Roch

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Morning guys...

Well done Maggie on your fab Weightloss... good way to start the weekend - will keep you motivated during difficult times...

SJ - glad you're enjoying AAM - I'm not... :( I daren't check to see if the K fairy is still with me because I would say she most definitely isn't... all my own fault..:( I've resisted so much this week but haven't stuck strictly to AAM either...

Got my BBQ today so am already busy doing housework etc before starting any of the cooking - I'm planning on having a nice day today and start SS tomorrow (couple of days early) but I've got to get back on it otherwise this is going to get out of control... expecting a couple of rough days ahead but I'm determined to be 12st on 12th October at my launch...

Probably won't be posting much today as up to my neck in preparations so wishing you all an excellent day. I'm looking forward to seeing all my old work colleagues and catching up. The kids should be entertained with the bouncy castle...

Will try and post before bed....

H xxx
Morning sj,
Ment to ask u last night, how u gettin on with the bio oil huni?, i got some to have been useing it a wk now dunno if it made a diffrece on me strech marks yet but my skin is feeling lovely
Good Morning Saff, I'm the same as you sweetie, can't really see any difference but my skin feels smoother.

I've been using stuff from Lush too though, but the bio oil will stay on my shopping list from now on. I got the biggest bottle and I've used a third of it at least, so I wreckon it'll only last me 6 weeks max.

I've been using it on my face too...mainly at bed time and a little in the morning. You can use it on pretty much anything. :D
Have a great day Hannah.

Ive been so annoyed about ketosis, especially after sticking to cd 100% but...I'm over it now....

I hope you have a great day with your buddies... and good luck with ss tomorrow...YOU CAN DO IT :party0019: xxxxx


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Day 4

Morning girls and boys!

Well done on everyone whos lost weight.

Day 4 for me and I'm feeling pretty good- slept well which helps I'm sure.

Yesterday was crappy with headaches.

Glugging the water and peppermint tea - London Tea company do a really nice one.

Anyone ever tried oolong tea?

Arrived at work no patients yet!

Made a butterscotch muffin last night that was yummy!
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Morning all

Well done Maggie on your weight loss - Fabby!! So inspiring for the week ahead as well.

I've got the bio oil I have been trying to use it in the evenings and then Palmers Cocoa butter in the morning but ashamed to say sometimes just too lazy to get round to it. I have been using it on my face every day though as I have a couple of red marks, think they were from spots years ago that marked my skin so hoping over time they may improve.

Well done on getting to Day 4 Luke and glad you are starting to feel a little better. I got headaches in the first few days and am generally quite a headachey person but strangely since then I have had none which is an improvement from before I started CD. Also my sleep has improved I am usually out like a light now at bedtime, no doubt all those nutrients I am getting.

Hope you all have great days, I'm having a lazy weekend I think.

S: 20st13lb
Morning everyone

Thank god yesterday is ove, it was horrible.

But am on day five and have lost another pound so that makes half a stone since tuesday.

I'm going to get showered in a min and then heading up town for lots of birthday cards and a tape measure, going to write it all down later so i can keep track.

My CDC is set to callme this morning to se how its going so that should be good. Nothing really planned for the rest of the day which is fine with me its been a long week
Hey guys

Glad everyone is going strong. I'm starting back on it today again after a SW attempt. Got 3 weeks worth of stuff left and been in touch with a new counsellor. Want to shift 2 stone to begin with. I'll be on here today and tomorrow to keep me on track over the weekend.
Morning all!
Well done Maggiegray!!
Have been to the gym, and I am feeling the burn!! :eek: Have upped it to an hour of cardio now, need to get in trim! shift my saggy tum and saggy bum!!!
Done almost 2 litres, just having a coffee. Am getting a headache so need to glug glug glug!!
Morning lovelies

Glad to hear everyone is okay.

Maggie - CONGRATULATIONS - you are doing so well - keep up the good work!:D:D

SJ - thanks for the tips on the handcreams - your hands sound gorgeous! Hope you have a good day and enjoy the rest of your aam week. How have you found it? Are you looking forward to going back on ss?

Hannah - glad to hear you are still going strong. Are you sure you should finish AAM week early? I'm no expert but I think you need the full week so that your body doesnt get too used to just having sole source. I believe aam week revs up the ol' metabolism as well. Are you finding its triggering off cravings for you?

Where is your launch going to be? My husband owns a bar/niteclub in Eastbourne so i'd be interested to hear how it all goes.

Tara - Enjoy the party! I have a party this afternoon too. Its my best friend's little boy's first birthday so there is bound to be loads of gorgeous party food! I will resist though! I will take a tetra with me incase of temptation but I am sure I will be fine.[/

Luke - oolong tea? never heard of that one. I've been having earl grey and sometimes peppermint which is nice for a change. I've really got into having a black coffee when I get up now as well which I dont think is really that healthy but hey ho.

Georgie - have a lovely relaxing day sweetie- a lazy weekend? beautiful:sigh:

Well, a nice day for me. My cousin has just been round with her new baby - - awwww he was so sweet. Made me all broody. Off to a kiddies birthday party - an hours drive away so could be abit stressful in the car (my 2 yr old hates being the car for more than 10 minutes!)

Then back home for a nice relaxing evening I hope! I hear the X Factor is starting tonight - yes my Saturday evenings are quite sad nowadays! lol

Chat later guys
Nicky - you are doing so well. I really admire your get up and go! I need to get up off my a**e and start exercising too. I shall make some enquiries today - thanks for the inspiration xxx
Jodie - if you want to join a gym then have a ring round. Most places at this time of year offer discounted membership because its quiet. I got mine at less than half price, unlimited membership and all classes (If I want them) for £30 a month!
Of course you could just get a dvd!!;):D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Late afternoon and just home from having my nails done....:)
Having my 2nd shake of the day, need to drink more water as didn't want to have run to the loo whilst having nails painted, didn't drink much before I went. :rolleyes:

Hope everyones day is going ok.

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