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Scales finally moving!!!


Restart 3/9/2013

They didnt move last week hardly at all, and only lost a lb.

Anyway this week the scales have come right down, and I seem to be dropping down about a lb a day!!!!

So please...keep you fingers crossed for me for my weigh in tomorrow evening :D Hoping for 7lb this week, but would be happy with 4-5lb. My scales show 8lb loss, but they seem to be completely different to CDC's scales!
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woohoo! Glad they're moving for you :D

I'm hoping for 7lbs this week too - my scales show 12lbs :eek: but the children flooded the bathroom during the week & the scales got soaked :rolleyes: I've dried them out but have no idea whether they're accurate now or not lol. God i'll have egg on my face if i've only lost one or two lol :eek:
Your doing really well, and the best of luck for ur next weigh in!
good luck hun , my scales are completly diff to my cdc's too x


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Best of luck tomorrow....fingers crossed for you.x


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good luck at WI, im sure you have done fabby.xx
Well done :D and good luck for this evening! :)

I think my scales show me as about 0.5lb heavier than my CDCs, so I get a nice surprise at my fortnightly WI :)
well done and good luck for you weigh in xx


Restart 3/9/2013
Thanks all. Had a fab weigh in! I lost 6lb this week - taking my total weight loss to 3 stone - in 5 1/2 weeks!!!!!! I LOVE THIS DIET
wow that is amazing, that is what is so great about this diet, u actually lose weight!


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Thats brilliant.

Does anyone else find that breaking through to a new stone barrier really motivating? I have 4lbs to go to breakthrough!


Well done Bish Bosh - what an amazing loss so far.

Fizzy - breaking into a new stone is a big deal for me.....I started at 13.13 and getting to 12 something was great. Keep looking at chart to see when I might break into 'legs eleven'!


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Thats brilliant.

Does anyone else find that breaking through to a new stone barrier really motivating? I have 4lbs to go to breakthrough!
I'm stunned with myself, I usually love to break down thru the stone barrier, but when i smashed out of the 15's back down to the 14's I didn't even let out a murmur...I think I was in denial about being up in the 15's (so bloody far up, it wasn't funny), hopefully when I get back down into the 13's I'll be way happier...:confused:


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i only have 3lbs to go to break through a stone barrier... and 4 days bfore wiegh in so hopefully.... fingers crossed. then i will be so extatic and carry on :)



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My scales are saying 2lbs to go to break the barrier but my CDC's scales weigh more than mine. Still I have till Friday till WI so if I can lose 4lbs by then I will break it on her scales too.


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luckily me CDC and me have the exact same scales...no doubt, being sods law and all, that they will weigh differently lol

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