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Scales Freak :) weighing every day

heyy i know i shouldnt but i cant help weighing every morning

random question.. i always weigh in the same clothes.. why some days the scales stay the same the after a couple of days they drop by 2 lb then stop again for a few days then drop..

this really is just s random one aint it :D been bugging me though!!
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I've been weighing myself every day too... for years I bought into the idea that you shouldnt, that you should go on how you feel, rather than what you weigh.. and during those years the lbs crept on, till they were stones... I had no idea what I weighed, but if I had guessed I would have under-estimated by a couple of stones! when I did weigh myself for the first time in years, last summer, and I realised what I weighed, it was a shock!

Since I've been losing weight, I have kept an eye on my weight most days, and find it a really useful gauge - I have lost just over 3 stone, but I don't really feel that different, although people tell me I look a lot slimmer. However, I find it harder to judge in the mirror than the scales do!

I dont know about the plateau for a few days followed by a drop - whether it is the pattern of your weight loss, or maybe less than accurate scales!?
i had been putting on weight for a while but i was in denial about how much! tbh i actually felt sick when i saw it!!

its nt the scales they are really good digital ones plus its the same on the gps walk in scales :/ must just be me haha im abit weird i suppose :D

well done on your weight loss by the way! thats ace!!


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my weight is heavier if ive been drinking lots of water throughout the day, but the next day all the water weight just goes :)
i dont weigh myself at home now, i use the sales in boots, they will make me heavier cos i weigh myself with my trainers on


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I don't weight everyday, but I weight about twice a week. Our bodies aren't machines, so our weight can fluctuate until 5 pounds under or over our real weight (fluid retention, period, water/food eaten, etc etc). I think the ideal is to choose a WI day (e.g. Sunday). You can weight everyday if you think that's helpfull, but pay attention only to the number of the WI weekly day;)


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I don't even weigh weekly... Once a month is fine... I get too obsessive....unless I have to of course ! X
This is why I don't weight everyday, I also start obsessing. I aim to weight once a week, but I often weight 2 or 3 times a week, sigh..:p
i need to do it to get me through the day lol other wise i lie to myself and bang the weight on


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I also weigh myself everyday - but only try and pay attention to it on fridays although last monday I took attention as I had a loss. I also have the same problem with boots scales - I always weight 3 or 4 pounds more! I put it down to the clothes I have on


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I should weight myself on other scale besides mine. I'm getting curious if I weight the same using other scale.
I think whether to weigh daily/weekly is very much in individual thing...I don't think my body image is very accurate - whilst I knoew I was overweight, of course, and didn't like my appearance much, I've never thought of myself as really fat... but the scales told me otherwise!

I find weighing myself daily/most days is helpful, as it makes me more mindful of my weight - I am not the sort of person to become obsessive over it, more likely to be in denial/blissful ignorance and ignore any weight gain.
By weighing myself often I can keep an eye on my weight, hopefully keep it going in nthe right direction (down!) and avoid those sneaky unexpected half stones that sometimes creep on before you know it!

Thanks leanne, I am pleased so far, and feeling better about how I look!
If I weighed daily the slightest gain would send me so low I would probably binge because I would be angry... For example if I weigh tomorrow and have gained I'm ok with that because had a lovely day yesterday which included lots of food... But I expect to gain slightly so I'm not stressed... However if I weighed and gained having been good I would freak... Hence why I don't weigh too often .. X
I weigh in every day too. But I only really count up on Wednesday's. I do obsess about it and I can stand at different angles to try and get them to read in my favour. Although it always reads properly if I just stay still. X
I weigh everyday too
I made myself a spreadsheet with my daily weight in and what I'm aiming for each week, I don't mind if I've gone up or down in the week as long as the trend is a loss, I hope that makes sense
It helps me having it all written down then I can easily see if I've put on for a few days or only one
I say pop the scales in a cupboard and get them out on a Sunday. If you want updates, MEASURE yourself. You can lose inches without losing weight due to exercise, and seeing weight gain/weight staying the same due to muscles building up can be unduely depressing and make you think your dieting isn't working when it is!
i have never measured my self :/ iv only just realised haha

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