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  1. goldgranny

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    :eek: Help please, weighed myself this morning and it's just the same as last week. I thought the weight lose would slow right down to maybe 2or3 lbs a week but to just stop has surprised and disappointed me,:mad: didn't think this would/could happen on the lipotrim program. Don't understand how. It used to happen all the time with ww. Maybe there is some scientific reason!
    HHmmm, anyone else had this happen ? or with any thoughts on this, I would love to hear from you.
    'Official' weigh in at the dr's tomorrow evening.
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  3. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Don't panic!

    Nobody loses weight perfectly uniformly on the diet and you will naturally retain and lose water along the way which masks your fat weight loss.

    Therefore just keep glugging the water and hang in there and the scales must stop. It is impossible to maintain weight on 450 calories a day and hence as long as you aren't eating then you will lose weight.

  4. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    Don't panic, I put on 1lb last week despite sticking to the diet with no slips at all.

    The only other stuff that I digested apart from the required food packs was water so all that happened was that I retained more water than usual last week.

    Whilst this really peed me off I know that I am losing fat even on the weeks where I retain water but scales will not show this ;)
  5. Marylyn

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    Cambridge Diet
    How do you look? The scales can be a nightmare at times.

    Hi Anne-Marie

    I have a love-hate relationship with the scales. I love them when they show a loss, and :eek: when they tell me lies. Because that is what the scales are at times.

    I can't help being a bit obsessive about weighing myself and one week I was overdoing the exercise at the gym, got to stop that, and the scales showed a loss of 3/4 lb for all this working out. I was very demoralised. So the next week I took things easier and just stuck with the plan and when I went to my weigh in at the hospital I had lost 3 lbs in the 2 weeks.

    I knew I was getting thinner, because I was fitting into a very small 14 pedal pusher which would not even close when I had bought them.

    This is a good guide, buy something which is not quite fitting and see how week by week it gets to look better and better.

    Did you stick with the plan 100% or did you have anything which could have put some glycogen into your stores along with accompanying water? If you did, you can put it right again, by sticking with the sole-sourcing and drinking plenty of water.

    Don't worry!
    Marylyn x
  6. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    Don't worry you are in a plateau.

    The body still breaks down the fat but retains it as a fluid this can go on for one or two days or for longer. I had one customer who stayed in a plateau for nearly two weeks then she had a massive loss the next week.

    Just remember if you are sticking to your plan whichever VLCD you are on you cannot fail to lose the fat it does not always show on the scales, get out your tape measure.

  7. goldgranny

    goldgranny Member

    :confused: Thank you all for your replies. Even reading them I am still feeling disappointed. Back to work today, then weigh in, I'll post tonight, maybe the dr's scales will be kinder to me!

  8. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    The scales will move I promise you!

    I had a client last night who lost nothing last week (0.2lb) and this week lost 6.2lbs so never think you won't lose in the long run as you will.

  9. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    Just to update, after my GAIN :eek: of 1lb I lost 6 lbs this week to make up for it. Once the scales move again they will go dramatically so do do anything that will spoil your chances of that satisfaction ;)
  10. Mini

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    When the scales don't move it is very frustrating as you feel you must be doing something wrong and the thing to remember is that it will come off, just like chicken has had a good week this week to make up for it:)

    Now I want a good week as well:rolleyes:

    Love Mini xxx
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