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Scotsmists Take on Life!!!!!! And everything else :-)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Ok guys; into my third week; I know it looks like 2 weeks, but I started before my first WI.

I get weighed tomorrow; and reckoning on 2-4 lbs loss, which will take me to 10 something!

My head/heart isnt there either, but unlike Tanya and Sarah (which I wish I could do), my aim is to not binge rather than getting to a certain weight (well for now anyway)! So, I am scared, but my worry on LT is that I am in that zone now and well, my thinking is that if I start to refeed properly then stay close on here, I may get through!

Trying not to feel sorry for myself and trying to stay focussed! I have enjoyed my time on LT the past few weeks; has got my confidence back again so really dont want to lose this again.

So, I am aiming to refeed on Friday; havent even looked at menus, but I reckon I will go with what I did last time, so will have a look at my diary! My goal is not to even lose weight when on refeed but to stay healthy and not to give into this demon of mine!

I have my ED appt on 18 May, and if I can stay strong till then, I will be the happiest person alive! I may have a few blips; being realistic here but just wanted to document this for accountability more than anything.

So, guys, this is it!! Although, who knows I may even chicken out and stay on the shakes!!!!!!!!! But, the way I feel at the minute I doubt it....but so long as this isnt an excuse to think I can binge?????
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Its not an excuse to binge! unless it is?! nah only kidding. look my decision was about learning the "proper" way and being happy. yours is about tackling your ED. they are all right decisions if we believe them to be, therefore you're doing the right thing.

Its good that you have about 3 weeks until your appt. that way you can plan your menus up until a couple of days after it, so you won't fall off the wagon as soon as you've had it. I presume they will try and give you some sort of plan there but might be wrong!

good luck with refeed babe. thinking of you!



Life is not a Rehersal!
Thanks Sarah!
Change of plan...started today!!!!!! I had 75gm chicken and salad. Feel in a good place so thought best to start. Will talk to the pharmacist tomorrow.

Hopefully help is on its way re: ED! But not holding my breath, but at least I will know where I am up to come 3 weeks.

Off to coreball, swim, sauna and jacuzzi now :) Keeping occupied which is the main thing!!

Thanks again Sarah for your vote of confidence..need it sometimes!


maintaining since June'09
Hope you enjoyed you chicken ;)

There is no RIGHT way is there? We're all playing by ear really. At least we're here for each other xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Thanks Jan...yes, that is so true...kept thinking I was cheating today!! haha....but I just knew if I didnt refeed and do it sensibly I could go off the rails and I dont want that!!!

I did enjoy my chicken and salad, but was absolutely ravenous tonight at core ball....came back after a good workout and have had my soup :) My DH had lovely spaghetti dish and is now eating freshly bakes cherry pie and icecream!! ahha..and I am being good. NO point me worrying about not having it cause that is the slippery slope then.

I am on a mission for 3 weeks to get my head in gear and hopefully I can gauge exactly where I am up to for my meeting...

I know I should have put this on refeed...realised aferwards, but eh ho....just wanted to put is somewhere and get all blooming confused now with all the different subforums now!!!

So, onwards and upwards...
tomorrow I will have my shake and plan on having the rest of the chicken salad from today as I bought it frm M&S and there was enough for 2 days! Tomorrow night having seabass and salad :)


A little of everything!
There is no RIGHT way is there? We're all playing by ear really. At least we're here for each other xx
That just about sums it up.:D

Iris, you've come so far, and I know those demons are never far away. You CAN do this, I have every faith. Keep coming on here & posting how you're getting on & feeling to keep you motivated.
You all are helping keep me focused, and when I get myself sorted I'll get back on track 100%. Until then, I'll keep lurking...;):p


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Irish :)
Always lovely to hear you!!!!!!
All ok at this end - Day 2 refeed and I am at pharmacy late this morning, so will post and let you know how I did this week.

Feel relaxed and know I have done the right thing - for now!! :)


maintaining since June'09
WELL?????????? :) xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Jan
A bit disappointing, 2lbs off, but at least off and not on...was hoping for it to be a bit more, so 11 1lb :)

Wasnt too well tonight; had to go to bed when I came home as I felt very sick with a banging headache!!!

So, see what next week brings!


maintaining since June'09
Oh dear - hope you're feeling better :eek: .... hey girl 2lbs!! 2 LBS!!! Not to be sniffed at! xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Yes, you are very right Jan; I am not down about it at all actually - just would have liked to have said 10 stone something :) but not the end of the world and it is a time thing, like Tanya and sarahlou.......not in a great hurry any longer, just want to continue on the road I am on....blips as well no doubt!



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Hi Scotsmist, well done for your loss thats brilliant!

You will do well, look what we have all managed in the last few months, if we can do that anything is possible lol!

Keeping busy is the best way forward, detract from boardem and the desire to eat!

Good luck for next week!:)


maintaining since June'09
Yoo Hoo Iiiiiiriiiiiiiiiis!!!!

Turkey in 2 weeks time (17th May) ...... shorts & skimpy tops? Light jacket in the evening??? Would that be about right?? xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
oh, lucky you!!!!! It gets cooler in the evenings, esp with it just being May! I would take a heavy cardi as well, just incase. Not unheard of to rain either!!! But, should be fairly nice then and certainly not cold like here!

You lucky thing; wish it were me going.....could do with some nice hot sunshine. Have fun..you can tell me all about it soon!!


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So it WILL be sunbathing type weather then? Just not sure what to take. xx


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Oh Jan, you have to rub it in don't you!!! :( lol

Iris! Just found this thread, where have i been for the past 2 days!!??? :giggle:

Hope your doing ok and you get through the weekend :) xxx


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we been a couple times in May Jan and it's generally warm enough to sunbathe but gets a little cool at night, generally I have got away with a light cardigan, it can rain occasionally but not for long, when we have been there it's been in the late evening so not spoilt things at all.


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Thanks Joy - looking forward to it, it'll make a change for us from Greece! xx


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Awwwwwwwwwww Jan....... take me with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


maintaining since June'09
Ok Tan ... hop in the suitcase ;) xx