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September Exercise Challenge

Ok guys we have a September Weight Loss Challenge, so let's have an exercise challenge to run alongside!! Hand in hand it will it will make us lighter!! :)

The aim is to do some exercise everyday in September starting tmrw 1st of September!!

Any exercise counts!! If you walk/jog you may want to log miles to see just how far you've covered in a month!!

Exercise dvd's, walking, jogging, cycling, gym, exercise classes, dancing, and of course get yr partners involved!! I'm sure they'll be up for some daily exercise!!

So, if yr up to the challenge, list your name then update with your exercise log!!

Let's make this fun!! If you would like some new ideas shout out and we can all help!!


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Ooooh I am so up for this:D

My plan is...
EA Active, mon, tues, thurs, fri.
LONG walk, wed, sat, sun.

I will also be trying to fit a walk in on my ea active days, but can't garauntee it. I do have the 30 day shred dvd too, but last time I tried it I nearly died, so I think I need to shift some pounds and get a little fitter before attempting it again lol
My plan is to jog or walk every weekday lunchtime. Do zumba or 30 day shred DVD after work on weekdays. Weekends will be a mixture of jogging and walking!!

We can so this if we push ourselves!! 30 day shred is a killer!!


Count me in please! :)
Great idea Greedyguts, this will give me the motivation to get off my butt lol.

I have just bought a mountain bike so thats what I plan to do most days. However on days of rain I will be heading to the gym.

Lets see how it goes :)
Siobhmrk4 hello :) gonna get my ass out of bed and get weighed!! xxx

Walk to gym & back to work - 20 mins
Walk along beach - 60 mins
Vibroplate - 20 mins

Total - 100 mins
Exercise done for today..

Ea active 20 minutes
Skipping 7 minutes
Crunches 40.

I am also going to add pelvic floor exercises into my daily exercise as mine are well and truly fooked after 4 biggish babies.

I found Ea active pretty easy today?!
I do have the 30 day shred dvd too, but last time I tried it I nearly died, so I think I need to shift some pounds and get a little fitter before attempting it again lol
I've tried that too, same thing, it nearly killed me! Can you imagine what it would be like to be on the Biggest Loser with her where you don't have the option to press pause hahaha
LOL fbb... I am looking at your siggy and hoping you are taking things easy;)
I used to do those when standing at the bus stop lol!!! I haven't got any children so no excuse for me lol xxx
Level 1 is fine on 30 day shred!! I haven't made it onto level 2 for fear of burpees!! Lol. Ooh cycling is good :) xxx
LOL fbb... I am looking at your siggy and hoping you are taking things easy;)
Aye, I'm just adding Slim Fast shakes into a healthy diet, not doing the proper 321 until I've had baby and finished breastfeeding.

When I mentioned I'd done the 30 day shred (or should I say attempted it) it was before I was pregnant. And all I plan on doing at the gym is walking on the treadmils and riding the bikes... all gentle ;)

Thanks for your concern xx

20 mins walk to and from gym induction (he just showed me round the gym, programme & 1st workout on Monday)

2.8 mile jog/walk (35 mins). 421 cals burnt!!
Well done on the jogging:) I like going to the gym, I just haven't got the time or money to anymore:( Maybe one day *ahem* maybe!

So today I have...

Very, very, fast dog walking 15minutes - 119 calories Although it probably works out more than that really because I am also pushing 3.5 stone in toddlers along with me!!!!

EA sports 26 minutes - 121 calories

I won't get a chance to exercise tomorrow as I am pretty jam packed busy all day, but rushing around all day will probably be exercise enough?
Oh would love to be able to jog! Its so hard though and I always give up at around ten mins! Any tips greedyguts? Yeah just got my bike two wks ago and I love it. It takes twice the effort to get around on a MB than a normal bike so its all good! Today I didnt get any exercise in! Had a job interview and the family dog had to be pts this evening! I intend to make up for it tomor though x
Redmel have you got a pedometer? It will show you what yr running around equates to :) you'd be surprised!!

Siobmrk - hope the interview went well. Hope you and yr family are ok. Dogs are just as much part of the family like humans. My OH's dog was pts this yr and we were all devastated.

As for jogging, I highly recommend the couch 2 5k app. When I started I was useless. It's interval training and really does work. It takes 30-35 mins 3 x a week.

Do yr stretches to avoid shin splints as that very nearly stopped me moving onto week 2 of the 9 week programme. Point feet inwards with toes together and raise 10 times. Point heels together toes outwards and raise 10 times. Repeat this a couple of times. Also dont run too fast it's not a race. You need to build ye stamina up 1st and you will gradually get faster!!

Give it a go to alternate with yr cycling xxx
Will know about interview in two weeks. Sad times, but it was kindest to pts. Thanks for the tips, they sound great. Will def try that app. Would love to build up my jogging like that :)
Well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Poor Sox kept having fits and it was wrong to let him suffer. It was like losing a close friend.

Download it today and get cracking!! No good putting off!! I'm waiting on the rain clearing before I go for my jog!!


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10 mins vibrostep (? Cals)
60 mins walking (311 cals)

Was fancying a jog but it has literally rained all day. Didn't get any blackberries picked either. Went for a walk at 7ish when the rain had cleared.

Day off the diet today!! Back on it tmrw!! xxx

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