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Serial weighers anonymous!!


Padlocking the cookie jar
I know that some of us on here have very unhealthy relashionships with the scales. I, for one am obsessive in my daily weigh in and my whole day is totally coloured by whether I have gone, up, down, stayed the same...and there have been pleanty of times that I have fallen off the waggon as a result either by thinking 'oh well what's the point I haven't lost anything 'or 'oh I am doing so well I deserve a little (read huge) treat!'.

Anyway, I am determined to break the strangle hold those scales have over me once and for all!

The honking has been such an amazing motivation for being 100%, so I think that I am gonna HOOT if I manage to avoid getting on those scales other than on official weigh in day.

Feel free to join if it would help, or ignore, ridicule or pity me!!!!!
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I'm with you Cookie, I definitely have an 'at least daily' relationship with the scales, which isn't great. I had a wake up call this morning when my 15 month old came into my room while I was brushing my teeth and went and stood on the scales (as presumably she's seen me doing). One of my motivations for trying to get my weight sorted is that I really don't want to pass on my unhealthy obsession with food / weighing etc and overweight /obeseness to my beautiful daughter. I could have cried when I saw her standing on the scales. I think I need to put them in the cupboard and just get them out once a week for my weigh-in.... but it's going to be really hard. I'm used to jumping on them morning and night, just to keep an eye on it - as you say, this is an unhealthy obsession.
I like your idea of hooting for days when we've not stood on the scales.... now I just need to see if I can achieve that tomorrow.

I also need to change how I've been recording my weight. I've been logging it every morning in a spreadsheet, so that I can see it changing. I think I need to change it so that it only has boxes for Saturdays, and then I won't have anything to fill in for the rest of the week.

Thank you for your post. Combined with my daughter this morning, this is a real kick up the bum for me to try and create a healthier approach to my weight and the scales.

Here we go... HOOT HOOT in January 2011 :)
Hiya, I'm starting on the 3rd and also become obsessive with the scales so may join you in the hooting! I would like to go more by how my clothes feel (currently very tight if fitting at all!!!) and perhaps my measurements. Think this is part of the advantage of not having a CDC weighing me each week and getting rid of that awful weekly weigh in ESP of reward or failure eating. This plan has got to be for life for me and keeping the weight off once and for all!! Xxx
I dumped the scales a while back for this very reason and that's why my statistics never change on the forum............because I just don't know what I weigh now. I use my clothes as a guideline. I got rid of all of my big clothes so I have no security blanket with them and when and if my present clothes start to get tight I will know it's time to do something about it. So it looks like I will be HOOTING everyday xxxx


I will never give up
Well i cant hoot today as i confess i jumped on but will definately hoot tomorrow. Great thread hun.
Well much as I would love to join you I know its a physical impossibility for me not to weigh although I will be able to hoot on Sunday. (Only because I wont be home to weigh myself but we wont mention that part, lol)


I will never give up
yep i wanted to hoot today but really wanted to see if that little bit of leftovers had done any damage. thankfully i still lost 1lb since yesterday.
Waiting til Monday to weigh as changing over from chemist scales to my own, about 5lb difference, so hooting for thursday-Sunday lol xx
I used to have a good CD, it will prob make you all laugh but it really worked.

It was Paul McKenna's 'I can make you thin' :eek:

It didn't seem to do much but I noticed I didn't feel the same urge to scale hop or to snack.

I must see if I can hunt it down. Anything to help!


Padlocking the cookie jar
Hey all,
glad to see so many fellow hooters!! (somehow sounds dodgy)

Anyway-Thursday is my official weigh in day, but tom will deffo be a hoot!
I think I'm gonna put the scales up in the loft - that should make them that little bit less accessible first thing in the morn!

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