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seriously cant do this

so Ive got about 17 weeks till my final dress fitting for my wedding dress and loads of events before hand which I had planned to be so much slimmer than I am now.... I just cant seem to get myself into check enough to do it ... I lose a few gain a lot and I cant get below 17 stone... grrrrr at my self but seriously ahhhhhhhhhhh:mad:
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Hey hunny.. how exciting for your dress fitting!

Listen, it sounds like you really need to sit down and have a good ol talk with yourself. Because if you do get yourself into it, and then start feeling like you can't again, you'l have more trouble once your dress is fitted for a slimmer you.

You must want to lose otherwise you'd never have started sw in the first place.. and i appriciate that it can be difficult when you have up-coming events that seem un-avoidable disaster, but it never is. The trick is planning ahead. if you set yourself up to think your never gunna make it thru the eve without falling off the wagon, you will..
You wedding is somthing absoloutly fantastic to look forward to. . and those pictures will be on your wall forever, and you don't wanna look back at them and dislike how you looked or felt towards your size. . no matter what you'l be a beautiful bride, but its how you feel inside that matters. you need to dig deep and find that motivation, you need to get excited!! Somtimes starting new things in a time when things are all ready hectic can be daunting, but if we put it off eveyrtime somthing distracting or difficult came along, no one would ever loose weight. Dieting is difficult, but you have to think of it as a plan, a healthy plan to make you feel better inside and out, healthier for your future and more comfortable in your own skin for your special day, and the rest of your life. Its a life changing thing.

Everyone gets times when you get discorouged, bored.. lost and even disapointed.. but stick it out and youl reep the benifits in so many different ways. I think deep down you know all this, and maybe this is just your moment for feeling like it..

But do some thinking, and try and pull that motivation out from within you, get stuck in to cooking and planning ahead, focus on what matters and tell yourself. no matter what.. you'l make this work for you, and if you do have the odd night out when the planning ahead doesnt go to plan, dont beat yourself up about it.. nothing worse than feeling guilty, it wont shift any weight or change anything, and theres nothing worse than enjoying those calories only tarnish your good time with negative thoughts. Enjoy and relax..

Look forward to your big day, and dont fret. It will work for you.. and you'l get there. *hugs* x
thanks for the motivation. x I am going to try just wish I hadnt just had 4 days of major rubbish eating


Starting Again!
Ok hun, take a deep breath, and relax. I know sometimes it can seem like an impossible mountain to climb, but you will get there eventually. Which plan are you doing? How many syns do you have? Have you got a food diary? I will try and help best I can :)

Natt xxx
thanks for the motivation. x I am going to try just wish I hadnt just had 4 days of major rubbish eating

LOL, thats not the best start no, but its not the end of the world, as squiddie has said.. take a deep breath, and relax! It might seem like a mountain to climb, but once you get into the swing of things, it can be a walk in the park, and even an enjoyable one!

*hugs* Sending you my positive thoughts and extra support and love.

Your gunna do fab, just gotta believe it yourself!!

I think I may just have to draw a line over what I have done and start again. last 4 days I have eaten like a person who doesnt care about loosing weight. really scared about going back to class on tuesday but I bought a count down so I know I have to go back. Ive been trying to do extra easy but it feels like Im not doing anything to try and lose weight really. I used to do green days all the time. not sure on the whole syn thing as so far i either have good days where i dont have syns or binge days where I eat so many syns I give up and seem to mess it all up.... Ive just turned into a really bad eater and even when I dont want to eat im thinking about eating.... I think coz im at home all day and not working anymore as my job came to an end. Mon and tue were good days coz I had breakfast (weetabix and milk) went to the gym did some classes had a swim and then went to gym cafe for jacket potatoe and beans then went to pick up kids from school did some housewrok and made healthy teas. Its the days Im at home that go all wrong


Starting Again!
You need to untilize all three parts of the plan, free foods - fill up, hex's - 2 or 4 please eat them and syns - 5-15 the higher the better to start with and please have atleast 5 a day and try really hard not to go over.

You've got a good plan, draw a line under what's happened, focus and be detirmined, you can't go back in time, but you can control your future!

Good luck hun!

Natt xxx
Oh dear!

Fern's advice to you is really, really good. And so is Natt's about the plan.

The thing I find is, there's a massive difference between wanting to lose weight...and actually doing it. It's happened to 99.9% of people here I'd say. We want to lose, for whatever reason, be it just generally or for a specific thing like your fab wedding...but our weight issue is making us unhappy and we desperately want to lose weight. We try a variety of methods but we lose a bit, gain a bit, lose a bit...yoyo.

Then something clicks. Dunno what it is, but there's that point where it just works. It all comes together. You stick to the plan, you've found out what works for you, you start seeing results, you get motivated by this, you wonder why you've not been doing it all along...and before you know it, that long journey with massive mountains along the route, has become a stroll in the park with a few small hills :)

I really do believe you have to get your head in The Zone before you can lose weight and keep it off. So do some things to help you get in that zone. Print out pictures of your dream wedding dress and stick them everywhere. Find the worst fat photo of yourself and keep it on you at all times, to look at if you're feeling like giving up. Write yourself little motivational sticky notes. Think up some exciting meals and some activities that will get you burning calories but having fun. Come on hear and moan/plead for ideas/research recipes etc. We will support you.

You've got 4 weeks of your countdown left. Let's aim high. Let's go for half a stone off for you in that 4 weeks. That will make SO much difference! It doesn't even matter if you don't hit that actual 7lbs, because you will be so much closer than if you hadn't tried ;)

Come on chuckie, we are with you.
I know how difficult it is being stuck at home, when i was training i hardly got breaks and was stuck on my feet all day long so it was easy, because id not have time to think about food and would have to plan ahead, and would have amassive evening meal waiting for em when i got home.. but now im out of a job, and at home all day, im sooo bored and finding a job is difficult im just eating all day long!

I think youv proven that you CAN do it, because that day you went to gym etc is really good and you kept yourself busy, BUT now its putting it into practise for those otherdays, i think its just a lack of planning and motivation hun, cause you CAN do it, and you will. you just need to wait for it to 'click' like helliecopter said.

When i first joined i couldnt get my head round it, and new within a few weeks id be back at home on the sofa munching out with another failed attempt, but when it clicks and you get it,a nd you suddemnly realise YOU have control. youl soon throw everything you have into the plan because youl genuinly want it work properly.. wanting and doing really is two different things!! lol

we'v all been here, Just aslong as you have faith that youl get through it, you will


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