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Shakenomore Diary

Day 1
My food plan for today:

B: Porridge, hemp seeds
L: Tuna salad
D: Pancakes (well it is Pancake Tuesday)
S: fruit, nuts, oatcakes

W: aim for 2 litres, I've been struggling lately
E: 30 mins walk and 10 mins vibro plate

Starting Weight (never to be seen again on a scales!!) 14:11:mad: (will set up a ticker at a later date)
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Food looks good. Just watch both nuts and seeds as they also have high fat content. A level dessert spoon of seeds is a serving. A very small handful of nuts is a snack serving. I find it too easy to overeat nuts!! Have a great day.
IM, I know - I have a tendency to overeat them (along with everything else)! I will be good and only carry my allocated amount for that day.

I know Nutella is high in sugars but would a light scraping of it be ok on oatcakes for a snack?
Good luck, that class sounds great. You food sound v good!!
Day 2 Diary

Day 2:

First day went ok, didn't find it difficult apart from obviously the pancakes but I allowed myself them and will move on today. Did well on the water, managed just over 2 ltrs so will match that today.

B: porridge & hemp
L: tuna salad, veg soup
D: fish with quinoa and stir fry veg
S: fruit, 6 nuts (in cumin, cinnamon, paprika and turmeric)
Tea (max 4 cups)

W: 2 ltrs
E: 30 mins walk & 5 mins mini trampoline (my legs give up after this!)

Here's to a lighter, healthier me!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Looking great on the food for today.
Nutella is high on sugar so possibly not so GL friendly. However if you are having a small amount on oatcakes it can't be too bad in otherwise great food choices.
Day 3

Thanks IM. I will keep the nutella as a treat every now and again rather than make it a habit. Yesterday went well although I didn't end up on my trampoline - this evening hopefully!

Feeling tired and sluggish this morning but can't trace it back to any of the food I've eaten (it's hardly the pancakes from the day before yesterday??).

Plan today:

B: porridge & hemp
L: chicken, quinoa and veg salad - veg soup
D: chilli con carne & quinoa
S: 2 oatcakes with guacomole (homemade), fruit & a couple of nuts
Tea - max 4 cups (only had 2 yesterday so getting better)

W: 2 litres
E: 30 min walk & trampoline

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You are doing well. The sluggishness is prob due to your body adjusting to your new foods so don't worry. I found GL took a few weeks for me to feel fully at ease with it. Energy levels will improve once you get into it.
Day 4

Thanks IM. Had more energy this morning, I actually woke 1/2 an hour before my alarm went off - unheard of for me. Hopefully that continues. I know the walking also helps to give me more energy so I need to make sure to keep that up. The problem with me is I start everything highly motivated but after a week or so the motivation starts to slip and I end up slipping back to my old ways. I am actually weighing 1 1/2 stones more now than I was exactly this time last year and even then I was trying to lose weight. That weight seems a long way off but if I could shift the weight at 1.5lb a week I could realistically get there in a few months. That is my first goal and would also be 10% of bodyweight lost!

Had a pretty good day again yesterday. Stuck to the food apart from a little slip up with a sticky bun:eek:, but I did have this as one of my snacks instead of an additional one! Never mind, you have to live!

Todays plan:

B: Porridge with hemp, mandarin
L: left over chilli with brown rice
D: chicken curry (homemade) with brown rice
S: fruit, nuts, oatcakes
Tea: max 4

E: 30 mins walk, 10 mins vibro plate
W: Lots - min 2 ltrs

Weekend's here - that's usually another danger point for me!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Food looking good today though I see you have rice both at lunch and dinner. Personally I would limit the rice to one meal and remember a good tablespoonful of cooked rice is a GL portion. Try pearl barley, couscous instead. Also try a lentil curry, you don't need to have any thing with it.
If you try and think of GL as your plan for life it will feel less like a diet. Yes, in your weightloss phase it is more restrictive but once you get to maintenance you can increase portions.
You have set good goals as in 1 1/2 pounds a week and 10% of your weight. Also set some other milestones fir yourself. Like, hanging an outfit on the wardrobe door that you know will fit if you can just hang in there for four weeks. Promise yourself a little treat like a new nail polish or earrings fir when you lose each half stone.
Put a photo if yourself at your biggest, least flattering, on the fridge door, this really worked for me.
Weekends are all about routine. Up till now that has included food morning noon and night!! So do different things. When out shopping always have a healthy snack in your bag. When you stop for coffee you have your snack with it whilst others have the cake!! This really worked for me.
Go to the cinema or a park or whatever instead of the pub/ meal out until you know you are in control. Take your bottle of water and a healthy bar with you so your not tempted by the popcorn.
Once you get a few pounds off this will help motivate you too, you just need a few coping mechanisms in the meAntime.
If the losses are nor coming and you think you have been on plan then revisit your portion sizes. I know these have been an issue for me in the past.
Stat strong v

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Good weekend thanks.
Went for dinner last night and had a few glasses of wine too but I skipped dessert!!!
Hope you are doing well and starting to get into the swing of things.
Catching Up!

I haven't been on here for a while as I fell off the wagon - spectacularly over Paddy's Day and the following weekend!! I don't tend to do things by half but I am back on track now. I have made very good food choices for the last 3 days and today is looking good again. I am also back in to the exercising and drinking my water. Here's hoping I will see a loss on Monday when I weigh in (I don't like weigh in's on Monday - would prefer a Friday) but that's when my class is.

Food today:
B: Berry shake (coconut milk, low fat milk, berries, ice and whey protein)
S: Carman's Classic Muesli Bar (they're fab!)& cup of tea
L: 1 chicken skewer, salad and cup butternut squash soup
D: Low GI Chicken Curry & Small portion of brown rice and veg

Other snack will probably be yoghurt.

Will walk my 3 mile and drink at least 2 litres of water.
By the way IM, I've taken your suggestion and hung a pair of jeans on my wardrobe door. I've also taken my measurements and will check these on a weekly basis so hopefully I will see that dwindling!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Good to see you are back on track. You are sounding positive. Keep thinking of those jeans when you are tempted to break. Where do you get those carman bars, they sound nice?
Ooh I bought those carmen bars too, the say low gi on the box, they are yum! I got mine in sainsburys
I got them in Supervalu in Virginia, but I have yet to see them anywhere else. They are an Australian make and they are lovely and moist with very little sugar (from the list of ingredients). I'm sure some of the other supermarkets in the Republic must do them although I am heading to Enniskillen this weekend so will check up there too to see if I can get them. Today went well. Going out for an Italian meal on Saturday night for a Friends Birthday - any suggestions on what is the best things to eat / drink? I don't want to undo all my good work in one evening!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Enjoy the meal on Saturday. Italian food can be a bit tricky as a lot of it is pasta based and includes creamy rich sauces. You can make wise choices. A salad starter and avoid picking at the bread. Some of the tomato based saucy dishes are better. You can always leave some of the pasta on the plate. I always ask fir a large jug of water when eating out. It takes the edge off my appetite and also reduces the amount of wine I have.
You can adopt the 80/20 rule for Saturday night and enjoy it without going completely overboard. Just remember to be good for a few days afterwards to pull back any gain.
Enjoy !
Thank you IM - I will enjoy it and follow your advice! Have a nice weekend.

Today's menu
B: Scrambled egg & ham
L: cup of butternut squash soup and small chicken salad
D: brown rice, veg & chicken
S: bar, yoghurt, apple

Lots of water in advance of going out tomorrow night - I'll drink more over the next few days than normal!!
Most nice Italian restaurants will have a fish option - it might be a good choice?

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