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Total Solution Sharons diary

Well thought i best introduce myself!! Im sharon im 26 and starting ts 2mo! Ive done a vlcd before which was a huge shock to the system i lasted 9 days lol!! Did lose 11ibs but have gained them again! I gave up as i give up easily and got easily swayed with family tellin me it wasnt healthy etc and i quickly agreed and used as excuse to giv up!! Ive got 2 weeks packs so will start 2mo n if i can keep it up will order a bumper pack on payday in 2 weeks! I know i will be on here constant and thought it may b easier to have my own diary as then fowk can reply if they want to rather than the ts forum being filled with my posts haha!! Well heres till next 2 weeks :) x
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Good luck this time Hun :) don't listen to other people's opinions it's yours that matter and definitely don't use them as an excuse to quit! The first weeks hard as you well know but nothing feels as good as being thinner!! So update your diary regularly and let is all fill it with support :)


I will do this...
Goodluck :D many people don't fully understand VLCDs. Your doing this for you, it's hard to start with but keep going and soon when people see the results their attitudes will change. Educate the people around you, let them know its safe and that you need their support and hopefully the quick results and the support will help you stick to it.

Goodluck again, I look forward to hearing all about your losses x
Thanks everyone here is soo nice!!

Day 1: weighed in at 16.11 :(

How much water do ppl mix there shakes with? Had strawberry this morning, used half packet with 250mls water, trying to split packs as first few days il really struggle!! Found taste to b quite bland :(
I have about 500mls in my shakes. Prefer them runnier to be honest. The taste to start with is rather boring but as your taste changes you will find that you really enjoy them. I couldn't stand banana when i first started... now it's my fave shake :giggle:



Doing it exante style :)
Good luck hun.

I also use 500ml in each shake. After the first few days they do start to taste better :)
Quick question, i know we can drink coke zero but does anyone know about tesco diet cola i dont have access to computer so cant see the sticky as on my phone :( is sodium citrate citric acid???x
Well its 3.30 and i feel ok!! Had a shake split in two 10am and 2pm a bar split in 2 12noon and 3.30, will have half a shake at 5.30 and half at 8.30 then im at work for a sleepover so shud b ok till morning!! I know 2mo and wed will be hell tho so heres hoping i stay as positive!x
End of day 2 100% not looking forward to 2mo tho been craving food today, not hungry but mentally want food! Anything as long as its food!! Well roll on 2mo off to bed!!x


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Hope you slept well.......... how's it going today? :)
Head hurts today n feel bit fed up but ok hunger wise, going toget stuck into all housework ina min n keep myself busy for few hours!! Are we allowed fruit tea??x
Ohhhh im starving!! Why do you think your coping fine, then bam it hits u, im starving!! I know it will go away again but if someone offered me something nice just now think id say yes :(
Well end of day 3: had 2 shakes and ultraslim bar, also had a boiled egg as was just about eating my Bf's pizza crusts had to throw them in bin quick!! All in all feel better and hoping 2mo will be better and i can be 100% ts!!
Start of day 4:

And a sneak peak shows a 6pound loss so far!!yippee as i nearly threw the towel in lastnite but saved it by eating an egg!! So cant wait till official wi on mon :)

Happy thursday fowks :)


Doing it exante style :)
Shazzac62 said:
Well its evening again and im struggling again whats up wi me :( feel like giving up
Hiya Shaz

Cmon Hun, don't give up. I bet you'll find tomorrow the easiest day of all xx
Yeah ive watched tv and going to have my last half shake then bed!! Hoping 2mo is a turning point as i dnt think im even proper hungry i just want to eat everything in sight and dont know how long i can keep up the mental hunger!!x


Doing it exante style :)
Shazzac62 said:
Yeah ive watched tv and going to have my last half shake then bed!! Hoping 2mo is a turning point as i dnt think im even proper hungry i just want to eat everything in sight and dont know how long i can keep up the mental hunger!!x
It really does get easier. I think it's all about distracting yourself when you get these thoughts. That's easy for me to say after the couple of weeks I've just had lol xx

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