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Attack shopping list

Quick question about yoghurt, which ones should I get?

I have a couple of hours this afternoon and going to stock up on essential items :)

so far I need oat bran and going to get wheat bran for cruise, I need yoghurts, which ones can I get?

Can anyone give me some tips on essential foods :)

My books should be here today but with only having a small window of shopping dont want to forget anything important :)
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Dukan Ancestor!!
Yoghurt - 0% fat or Fat free plain yoghurt. Onken is nice, 'TOTAL' greek style is too (make sure you get the 'zero' one) any own brand as long as it's unflavoured and fat free.
If you like you yoghurt sweet, get some granulated sweeteners like Canderel or splenda. Cinnamon or a drop of non-oil based vanilla flavouring is nice too.

Fruit yogurts are OFF the menu. Vanilla/Toffee ones are allowed if you really really 'need' them - but only the Muller light (max two a day) or weight watcher varieties. Others (Activia, Onken etc) contain SUGAR.

Also get some 0% Quark or Fromage Frais - they all taste a bit different and make life more interesting. FromFrias is good for makign marinades and 'creamy sauces' (stir in at the end of cooking, it curdles if heated too much)

you need to get some meat, chicken breast is most versatile, and EXTRA -LEAN (under 5% fat) beef mince os good for burgers and the like. And of course get some EGGS. And hopefully you like Fish?

that's the essentials, make sure you have enough protein in the house to get over the first few days when you might actually still feel hungry.

PS - greetings to Newcastle - I went to Uni there (long time ago now :eek:...)
This is my 'essentials' shopping list

Yogurts: Total do a yummy zero-fat greek yogurt that I can't live without. I also buy zero fat runny yogurt for marinating.

Other dairy: Skimmed milk, zero fat quark or fromage frais, zero or low fat cottage cheese.


Tinned fish: tuna in brine or spring water (if the tin has a ring pull it's useful to carry when travelling, as an emergency snack!

Fresh Seasonings: Herbs (coriander, basil, chives, parsley)/ fresh lemons and limes/ fresh garlic / fresh ginger / fresh chillis / spring onions (just a little chopped onto meat or cottage cheese as a seasoning)

Dry Seasoning: black pepper / balsamic vinegar / tandoori powder (not paste!), chilli flakes or powder / nutmeg (to grate into galettes if I'm going to make them "sweet" / mustard powder.


Also - paper towels (to wipe oil out of pan for galettes, omelette etc.

I also had to buy a new non-stick pan before I started attack!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Great - good luck and keep us posted, we're always happy to help if we can!

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