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SIT UPS, is it cheating if...


The mother flippin'
No, that's fine. Just remember you don't need to go all the way up (in fact it doesn't do much).. Just raise up off the floor a little bit, tense your stomach muscles, hold it for a couple of seconds and then back down.


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Thank you, I didn't want to cheat at it lol..


The mother flippin'
You always see people holding their partner's feet :p Same thing really! At school you'd get athletes come in for sports things. I've had atheletes hold my feet! :p Like Kriss Akabusi.
i've got one of those ab rollers that you kind of lie under and it rocks you up, always think thats cheating but it does work-maybe i should start using it again !!


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Its definitely NOT cheating its the core muscles you use -just remember to pull those core muscles tight before each one - and do them really slowly and controlled - rather than fast - because it makes those muscles work that little bit harder
Do you think it is cheating if you do sit ups on your bed. I have been doing this because doing them on the floor really hurts my back.
Ooh i might have to try some sit ups tonite, i never think of doing stuff without the guidance of maya :S


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Yay thanks girls, I'll get myself a sit up ticker now like Joanne. Xx
There are loads of different ways to do abs exercises and I guess its finding the ones that work best for you - and that exercise the upper, lower and oblique muscles.

For crunches, its absolutely fine to put your feet under the sofa, but as Jess says, as you are not coming all the way up - you shouldn't have to. Best to vary the tempo - all should be controlled though. Vary between straight up and down, then up for the count of two (half way, then all the way) then down for count of two.

There should always be a gap between your chin and your chest - imagine there is a grapefruit sitting in there!

Best to do them on a solid surface to support your back- but with a yoga mat or something under you- a folded up towel or carpet should also be fine.

The plank works the abs a treat but its quite hard. Go into the position of a press-up but keep your body relatively flat - then hold the position for about 30secs using your abdominals to keep your body off the floor - this one doesn't hurt you back and neck as much.

Happy exercising....


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Wicked thanks rosie, I did 20 jack knife thingys earlier, can't to the plank to save my life lol...
Joanne's really started us all off with the sit ups. They'll be lots of flat tummys within the minis soon (please, please)!! xx


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He he twiggs, trust you!
Hopefully Karen I'd love a slightly firmer tummy it doesn't have to be flat!

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