Slendertone Flexi or ipod ??? (OMG UPDATE!)


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If you had the choice of one or the other what would you choose :D ??

Am torn, can only have one or the other but cant decide which I am going to get the most use out of!! :rolleyes:

Its such a tough choice!!

Hubby wants me to have the ipod so he can 'borrow it' and he said I can exercise to music then!! So he votes ipod. :D . Cant see him borrowing a slendertone belt somehow!! LOL

What would you do ?????????????????????????????? :)
slendertone....eyes on the prize remember.....;)
personally I'd go for the ipod, it really does help motivate you to go out and even just have a walk if you have something to listen to, plus you can use it any time not just for exercising. I love having mine on when I'm doing the housework so whichever room I'm in the musics there with me instead of missing half a song when you have to change rooms lol.

Many many uses for ipods lol (oh mine even has games on if i get sick of music)

Will you really, truly, honestly use the Slendertone? You can get the same effect by putting on your headphones, switching on your Ipod and doing some crunches ;)
I'd go for the IPOD but is it one of those presents a man buys you that they want themselves. Like the powerdrill!?

I wouldn't want to pay a lot for slendertone, I am going to try traditional exercise first but am thinking of checking out ebay for a slendertone unwanted gift or one someone has tired of. Bet there will be a few out there soon.

I've an idea ask him for a pink ipod. That way it is definitely yours!

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Well that's a toughie. Obviously the Slendertone is great for toning you up, but only if you use it!! I've got more equipment lying around the house, not used, than you can imagine, I've got a cheaper version of a slendertone belt that is also gathering dust - I'd let you have it Deb, but you may find it a bit "icky" having a pre-used one:p But you're more than welcome, that is if I can even find it!! But it depends on you, and what you're like with these things. I tell you what, when I finally get rid of Kev's two car projects that are filling the garage and get all my equipment set up in there, I'll start a CDC gym & you can have free membership:D

Just to be even more unhelpful, I absolutely love my iPod & use it all the time, especially on long walks with little pooch (that's my dog, not my belly). It all depends on what you think you'll get more use out of - not hubby! ;)

Stick on your fav tunes and go for a brisk walk :)
Get the IPOD Now, and the Slendertone from ebay in a months time when those that have bought one have them up for sale!

Get both! Then you can use them both together! You are worth it!
OOh thanks everyone for adding your thoughts... it is so difficult to choose!! My tummy is SO flabby I would love to start trying to tone it up now and have been reading about the wonderful results that some of the forum members have had with one!!

BUT I guess it could be one of those items that I would have and after a while not bother with it!! so it would be a waste of money!! :eek:

On the otherhand the ipod would be used more!! For walkies and if/when my bike gets fixed I could use it then.!! The one downside to an ipod is I can see hubby borrowing and its going to disappear!! if you get what I mean. :D :D

MadamDotty ..many thanks for the offer of a loan of the one you have. I do actually have one of the cheaper ones myself.... thats why I was thinking of upgrading to slendertone. I found it lurking in the bottom of a draw, it was bought many years ago and had forgotten all about it!! LOL. It still works, and I have been zapping my jelly belly with it while on the stepper each night.!! :D :D :D :D.

OOh wouldnt it be wonderful if you could get all your gym stuff set up in garage!! Get weighed & checked and then have a workout too!! :)

Think what I will do is to look out for a belt on ebay at the 'right' price and get the ipod.!!!

Off shopping tonight then!!! yeah!!!

Thanks again for advice everyone. xx
Get the IPOD Now, and the Slendertone from ebay in a months time when those that have bought one have them up for sale!

Get both! Then you can use them both together! You are worth it!

:D :D :D :D you just beat me to it Angela.!! thats what have decided to do.!! xx :)
OMG!! :eek:

The company is going to BUY me an ipod as a 25 years service gift.!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) .

Definitely off to get one tonight now!!

I have been angling after a laptop but thats a bit too cheeky & too much money !! :p :p :p

WOW! I am kind of shocked my boss agreed. I was only joking when I mentioned it earlier!!! BUT HE AGREED!!!

Best get it now before he changes his mind!! :D

That's fantastic, how brilliant - so now you can get both. Way to go!!!!!
I think I am still in a state of shock about him agreeing. :D :D :D .

May go lunchtime and get one now....the sooner the better in case he does have a change of heart!! Strike while the iron is hot!!

Going to hide it from hubby...hes not getting his mitts on it now!! LOL

I still cant believe it!! Hope they have got one at Currys now!! :)
Doing the happy dance for ya :D


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Excellent, can I come and work for your boss?

Enjoy them both. Let us know how you get on with the Slendertone. I don't know of anyone who has tried it and would love to know the results that it would give.
GOT IT!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Busy playing with it now and working it all out!! So far think its brilliant. !! :D :D :D :D

Looks like my CDs which havent seen the light of day for ages are going to get dusty off and loaded in.!!

Think made the right choice.!! LOL

Will look out for one of the belts going cheap on ebay! sure there will be some in a wee while when the novelty has worn off.

Guess what hubbys wants now ???? :D