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slim abuse

I have a strange issue, when i was young and slim i used to get random strangers mostly teenage girls shout abuse from time to time, then i put on 50 pounds and never got anyone shouting at me.

Ive lost nearly 30 pounds, and have noticed a few girls, shouting abuse at me, its so weird, how come people only shout at me when im slimmer.

Yesterday, i was just walking across a carpark, when a group of teenage girls shouted, "hey gay boy, aww whats up, missing your mother" there was some swearing also but im not repeating what they swore.

I dont go out looking for trouble, i used to walk with my head down but now i just walk normal, anyone got any idea why i seem to get shouted at for no reason?
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sukie sue

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you know what hun , people are just plain horrid sometimes. not particularly helpfull i know , but i do think that the bigger you are the more ''invisible''you become , especially to the young and feckless. perhaps now you are loosing weight you are no longer flying below thier radar , i would just say , shrug it off ( hard i know ) put your hear high, shoulders back and throw them a withering look , no words , just look at them with derision then chuckle to yourself at thier idiocy and insecurities. you will throw them :0) teenagers en masse can be all gobby and agressive but stand up for yourself on a different plane and they have no idea what to do with it :0D


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well they sound like gobby brats...

dont take notice what anyone says like that, they are just out looking for trouble!
Been talking about this with my work friends and they. Think i should try and walk more manly and stop wearing pink t shirts, gunna give that a go, cheers for the replies
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Sod that, don't change the way you live your life because of others.
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Idiots look for an easy target and I always think I've probably escaped some abuse because the size of me (I'm large built and tall as well as being a chunk) makes people think twice that you can do them some physical harm if they approach you.

Pathetic little individuals will always find something to be horrible about no matter how you look/dress/behave. Unfortunately they aren't bright enough to grasp the irony of people as mundane and insignificant as them passing comment on others.

Some fool shouted "lesbian" at me as I walked past him with my girlfriend the other week. I was like, "no s**t mate, with such stunning dectective skills its surprising you're such an unemployed loser" :rolleyes:. I'm sure I could grow my hair long, get the fake tan and false eyelashes out to avoid idiot men passing comment on me, but I'm fabulous as I am and I'm sure you are too :D.
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I think most of the time people who pick on others are insecure about themselves. dont change just to suit others, as the other male poster said.

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