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Slim for Summer Diary!!!


ok...ive been reading all your fabulous diaries and thought i would start one up so I can (hopefully!!) look back and see how I have been doing in the hope it will remind me to stick at it and not fall at the first hurdle!

Joined slimming world group at the end of Jan and so far all is great. Feeling a little pressured to lose it all at once, i want results now but realise that slow and steady wins the race! Was shocked at how much I weighed on my first week which was a whole half a stone heavier than my scales at home but things can only getter better i hope! :eek:

Soooo today is the 11th Feb I really hope I can lose my target 2 stone 1 pound by the end of May, though this may be a little too hard to achieve! We shall see! So far so good, have lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks without really struggling though im not really using my sins. I wonder if i ought to be as ive read quite a lot of entries on here saying that you must use your sins and healthy extra's otherwise wont lose weight. The thought of allowing myself to eat crisps fills me with worry - which may sound dramatic but im worried i will blow it and end up having a fat and miserable summer!

Any tips and motivation welcome


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Hey Sarah

I understand where you're coming from when it comes to eating things you class as anaughty, like crisps, but your syns don't have to qbe something that makes you feel bad! Why not try something like cooking the odd thing in olive oil? Just try to blend them in with your normal day to day menu and you won't feel so bad (hopefully :))!

Your healthy extras are important though so you should be having these!

Good luck with your journey! I'm looking foreward to seeing how you're getting on. xx
Hi Sassy,

Hmmmm just cant seem to get my head around being 'allowed' to eat bad food. I see other people's food diaries and everyone seems to enjoy little treats and still lose lots! Do you think maybe i should loosen up a bit and have the full 10 a day im allowed to have!? Do you have your full syns every day?:eek:
I have up to 15 syns a day, everyday! I may not lose as fast as some people who have less but it feel less like a diet this way and i'm more likely to stick to it and not go on a huge binge!

Why not wtry a week having your full allowance and see how it goes?
Slim for Summer

Hi Sarah I sound quite like you - trying to get to same target wait and I am losing at roughly the same speed.

Been on SW for just over a month but hit a plateau this week

I def do better when I am eating really regularly and also snack on fruit? If I eat a snack every 3-4 hours it helps plus meals.

Always looking for new snacks dont like the mullerlite yoghurts though! Any ideas for filling snacks? Having a difficult day today!
hmmm im not really having many snacks to be fair, just having filling meals and then like you a lot of fruit in between. Love a mix up of grapes/apple/strawberry to nibble at! Also save up my cheese spreads from healthy extra A and spread on apple - yum! Worryingly into jelly at the moment though lol - cant get enough of it, which is fine as dead low in syns and a great alternative to yoghurt! Also the hifi bars they sell in class are really tasty but guess not too filling!

Im concerned im going to hit a plateau this week also, been eating really well and 100% on plan but just dont feel like i lost any! So tempting to jump on the scales all the time, but i actually resist and only get weighed at the actual class. I mean its clearly working as I lost 8 pounds so far but it almost seems a little too good to be true lol - i mean i never did a diet where i had a bacon and egg sandwich for my breakfast before lol!

Your doing fab so far, 12 and a half pounds in a month is what im striving for! Let me know how your doing :)

Weigh in day today! Feel ridiculously nervous - not sure why but thought of being weighed always makes me feel sick! Dont feel like i lost any this week though have stuck to the plan 100%. Worried will be disheartened if i stop losing weight already.....
Hi Sarah how did you do! I have had a "grrr " day as stayed the same but to be fair have been really naughty with a couple of socials last week and too many wines!! Evil wine! Didnt think of saving cheese triangles to spread on apple will try that. Just eaten homemade left over sweet and sour chicken for lunch with a bit of salad and a few drops of balsamic. Think I need to eat more veg this week so going to try and have a side salad or mini plate steamed veg before my main meals! Good luck today!
completely gutted! put on half a pound this week, have no idea why as I ate completely to plan and had no treats, was quite upset but my consultant said we cant expect to lose every week and natural fluctuations happen. Will just do loads of excercise this week and just stick to the plan again, walked to work this morning so thats 3 miles done!

Wondering if its the way i randomly choose red/green or extra easy. Think I will alternate between red and green this week and see how that goes without the extra easy days..
weeked here we go again

Oh dear me here we go again! Got the Friday afternoon munchies feeling! Had SW cottage pie for lunch but not ,much mashed potatoe in it so HUNGRY am thinking of making couscous cake so got something healthy to snack on this weekend. Weekends are so00 hard for me as I always want to treat myself. Like to go out and always used to have t.away or meal out on Friday ngihts -- HElLP! What shall I have to avoid this temptation! Fancy something sweet. Already used HEB on porridge this morning
My advise have a fizzy diet drink, always does the trick for me, nice and sweet and fills me right up! Or Jelly, know I have said this before but yummmmm...

I know what you mean about weekends but I guess I would rather enjoy the monday morning of feeling proud as I didnt binge! I also miss take-away - after my bad weigh in was ready to say forget it lets order a massive chinese and munch the lot. Luckily i came to my senses with the help of my great boyfriend who knew i would regret it! Really hope I stay on track this weekend but quite motivated so apart from a glass of wine i shall be strong!
Hi all,
I am new to this, I joined slimming world last Monday, (wished i'd joined sooner when I got on the scales!) so my first weigh in is in a couple of days I have been pretty good so far but out tonight for dinner at a friends, I am going to drive to reduce the urge to have a drink.. :cry:
I don't feel any different yet, I know its early days but will be gutted if I haven't lost anything.. fingers crossed.
All tips welcomed xxx
really hoping i have a loss tomorrow at weigh in, have been saintly - no chocalate/crisps for 4 weeks now! I deserve a loss lol - i realise im biased but i sat and watched my boyfriend eat pizza and completely resisted everything - including the doritos he had later - i love love love doritos so am proud indeed. Just want to get into the 11's, 2 pound loss needed!
Been really good this week, first week is always the easiest though isn't it as you are still really motivated, but 3.5 lbs off so really pleased with that:). Just got to keep it going.
Ohhh im dying to know how you have got on....? Im thinking of joining SW next week and need all the motivation i can get! Although - its all confusing me slightly, im hoping it would get less mind boggling! Good luck for today - i hope you lost xxxx
Thanks very much :)

I lost two pounds - very pleased - now into the 11's! High 11's but 11's none the less

Week 1 = - 5 pounds :)
Week 2 = - 3 pounds :)
Week 3 = + 0.5 pounds :(
Week 4 = - 2 pounds :) :)

I think you should definitely join! Really motivational when they go around saying how much everyone has lost and all with eating so much scrummy food! My sister joined with me last week and on her first weigh in tonight she lost 6.5 pounds! I look forward to seeing how your doing :)

Arghhh feeling a little weak tonight, you know when you feel miserable about all the things you cant have! I want chinese soooo bad, just trying to remind myself i only ever feel sick and bloated after it! Salmon and veg it is, just feel like this eating plan is taking a little joy out of my weekends or something! Will get over it.....
I survived the weekend! Thats 5 weekends of being too good for words! I have made a promise to myself that when i lose my first stone I can have a chinese! I will call it a flexi syn day and try not to go too mad! Day dreaming about food = bad news!

Weigh in tomorrow, hope have done ok, work trousers now loose and face is definately thinner but i have no idea how well i have done until i get on the horrid scales - grrr makes me feel sick lol
Hey all - I'm new at this too. Joined Slimming World on 1/18 @ 285 lbs. Since then, there have been 5 weigh ins & I'm down 21 lbs. That is well more than I expected, but I know that when you have a lot to lose (and I do), it's often easier to take off the first pounds. While I am thrilled with my results thus far, if I can get to a point where I can lose 2 lbs a week regularly, I will be quite happy with that. I have weigh in #6 tonight!

Hope I'm not stepping on someone else's toes by posting my stuff in this thread, but to be honest, this forum confuses me! To many sub forums & threads within those forums.

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