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Saw the shakes on offer today for a big tub and thought i'd read about almost every diet i'd ever heard of on this site, but i haven't actually heard alot about slimfast.

Has anyone tried it? is it even nice? would you recommend it?

Pleeeeease help me so confused don't know which direction to go into as defo cant afford cambridge, a student who eats meals worth 50p at the most so times hahaha

any help would be greatly appreciated guys and gals
x x x x x
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My sister did Slimfast for a month or so before she went to Turkey and lost just over half a stone. It does work (as with any diet, IF you stick to it) but you have to have a balanced, healthy calorie-counted meal along with the two shakes in order to see some success.

The good thing I suppose it that you only have to make an effort and calorie count for ONE meal a day - the other two are already calorie counted for you in the shakes. Anything is worth a try ... it might be the one that works for you, although it depends on how much you have to lose - I've not heard of anyone losing lots of weight over a long period with it.

Maybe it's more suitable for people who just want to lose a couple of stone or so.


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Hi Annie where was they on offer ?
I do slim fast but i really need to put more into it these days , but i read something on the net not on this site , but this woman she did it for 2 months and lost 2 and half stone , she said she did 3 shakes aday with water .
Just to point out your MUSTN'T do Slimfast like Cambridge or Lighterlife and just have the Slimfast Shakes and water.

The nutrients in Slimfast are not correctly balanced to keep you healthy while you lost weight, Slimfast themselves state that you mustn't just have the shakes as you won't be nutritionally sound.

Therefore please don't do a Cambridge/Lighterlife substiture with Slimfast as you will be doing yourself more harm than good.




Strong women stay slim
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Thanks for that info Mike ! You've done very well ... Bet you feel GREAT !
hey the tubswere on offer in pound stretcher for £3.50 and think that was for 12 or 15 shakes so last ya a good while that will.

defo not doing that where u do three shakes a day thats dangerous, i think those combined with a healthy choice meal of under 600 cals and the gym everyday i might see results

i just have to wait until after freshers week so i can take out the amount of calories il be using for that week as thats not going to be good so diet starts in two weeks properly

and im sticking to it - going to come back home at xmas a stick insect hopefully hahaha just kidding!!
Annie if you do the shakes and a low calorie meal then you will lose weight, of that there is no doubt!

Just make sure you get at least a couple of litres of water a day down with it as that will really speed up the results.



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Not got a pound stretcher here , 3:50 is good ! But yes really have to think of doing the diet that suites you . You say you are going back home , where are you now and are from , hey be good for them to see you've lost alot of weight , how long till xmas now ? 14 weeks ? well crack on girl lol . I need to crack on too . All the best with it ok , let me know how you are going
thanks for the advice and support.
i move away for university just 40 minutes down the road, but i tend not to bother going home too much so all those nasty people wont see me until christmas and i hoefully will be alot different then im so determined now cant wait to get back and start hitting the gym...theres only so much of my ministry of sound work out i can manage without getting annoyed at the woman lol i do like that one though as i do feel like iv worked really hard during it!

Missleo what diet are you doing...you have done really well loosing 18 pounds thats a great achievement...i will most definately keep you all posted on how iget on....

im soooooo glad i found this website!!!!!!!!


Strong women stay slim
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Hi Annie
Well i'm seeing my CDC today and shes got my order , so it looks like thursday i'll start with CD . The gym is good for tonning . I have some things at home i can do , and i just hope that my mood does not drop to low , cos you know how hard it will be for me to work-out , its hard at the best of times . So them nasties , who are those who live near you . Well i hope you really do well and i'll watch out for your ticker to be moving down ! Are you going todo Slimfast to the tin ?
not sure whether to do the tins or to get the ready made shakes..not sure which one will be better sure its not that important like as long as i stick to it. they have nice snack bars too apaprently so might invest in a few of them for myself haha as a treat.
yeah them nasty bastards live near me unfortunately but each comment they make only makes me even more determined to loose the weight and keep it off so when i do come back he can look but cant touch haha...hes such a loser!

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