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slimmer face - twice today


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I've had two different people comment at different times today that they can tell I'm losing weight, particularly from my face. I told my hubby and he said the same thing. Now why does it go from my face and not from my belly where i want it to go from first? LOL

Even so, it's nice that people are noticing. I've always said that I need to lose close to 2 stone before anyone notices.. seems it's right LOL
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So are we going to see some photos of your very pretty face so we can see the difference.... I have 3 photos of my face.. one from May.. one Oct and One Nov and omg what a difference... looks like someone had blown my head up in May with a foot pump :8855::8855:

So well done on your loss.. you go for it!


I ate my willpower!
I have lost loads from my face too. I cant wait for my belly and back fat to go tho!
Lol...I loose it from my face first too...thighs take the longest! :(

Its always nice to have the compliment boost though isnt it?!
I worry when I lose weight from my belly I will end up needing a tummy tuck. I hope I lose it from my boobs first though cos I hate having large chesticles :)


Reached Target. woohoo
don't hold ya breath on ya boobs goin smaller............mine aint....still a f cup.......:(
I was lucky with my dids they went from 44D to 38D, each one looks abit like a snookerball in a sock though.:8855:xxx Loobylou


Finding inspiration
Mine definitely got smaller once when I lost around 4 stone. I never got around to buying a smaller bra so I don't know what size they actually went down to, but I do know that once I was at Reading Festival and laying on the ground with my friends, and I was on my side and one of my boobs slipped across and joined the other in the same cup! :eek:
my friend has a theory that weigh leaves your body from the top down - first face, then boobs, then tummy and finally legs.

i think she might be right based on my tiny chest but still huge thighs!!

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