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*** Slinky Slimmer Saturday - Hour by Hour ***


Weigh in result - 2lbs. Not great but I think I'm spotting a pattern, wee loss then a whoosh the next week. I'm fine with that, although TOTM is due on Monday so :sigh:

Anyhoo, sitting here with a vanilla latte dahlings, and then off to catch the bus for placement.

Wearing my new size 14 trousers I bought myself from Internationale (ooh they cut close in there with sizes, I reckon the jeans need another 5lbs or so to sit nicely), my new size 14 pants, my new stripey orange socks, and my old size 16 tee shirt (couldn't see anything that grabbed me)

Have a great day on plan everyone!:vibes:
Drink your water:vibes:
Take your packs:vibes:
Step into a slimmer body:vibes:

Go Go Go team Cambridge :character00115::0clapper:
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likes to post
I'm just about to have my shake then i ts off to the gym for me, then food shopping

well done on the size 14 Lexie

Have a great day everyone


Loving losing
Just signing in for a good day...

Taking No.1 son into town to start his new part-time job at IKEA this morning...whoooo!! and No.2 son to spend money on rubbish in Argos!

Still not ready and it is 825am...Grrrrrr...kids.... Good job I have stopped turning to food in times of stress.:)

Right must dash...have a brilliant day all. Well done on the new troosers Lexie!



Cambridge Consultant
Hey Lexie.
2 lbs is a great loss hon.. there are weeks when I lose 2lbs and then like you say the next week lose more.. Well done you!!! and wearing your 14 trousers toooooo WOOOOOOOOOHHOOO go girl!!!

Hey sarah and Trisha hope you both have a good day..

Im off to take the boys to football soon . then probs a run around in the park.. Really struggling with clothes at the moment as havent got smaller sizes in warm things trying hard to buy a little jacket just to put over things while is chilly.
My mum and dad have been away have not seen them for about 3 weeks and saw my mum yesterday she was so shocked she keeps ringing me telling me how good I look.. but also how I cant ever get back to being fat again!!!!

Anyway better get on .................... Have a good day everyone !!!


Gold Member
Morning all, hope you have a nice day.

I've got no plans as yet. The weather looks rubbish but not raining yet.. The kids are watching Meet The Robinsons.

hi everyone, It is finally the weekend!!! No work today, just shopping.HEHE (but not for me,for the children:cry:) thats great Lexie that you are in size 14!!! I cant wait to join you.

I am offically out of the 200pounds!!! Hurray:party0011:... Lost another 3 lbs this week(which is good considering I ate dangerous food last sat.).No going back for me. I feel great!!!

woke up with laryngitis this morning. Cant talk at all. My twins were frightened of me.LOL. The only down side is I cant take a cough sweet or anything to help me, just hot drinks.:(

Good luck to anyone with WI this weekend. Keep up the good work everyone.


Slimming down the aisle
Congrats on the size 14s Lexie! Must feel good :)

Well I'm meant to be at work in an hour and have called in sick... whoops! I do actually feel a bit rough but most of all I just hate my job and today just don't have the patience or energy for it. Feel really tired today but can't seem to get back to sleep again.

Hope you all have a great day! Sure I'll be popping on and off a fair bit today.


Silver Member
Morning ladies. I've woken up feeling worse than I did yesterday, looks like it is tonsillitis. Lucky me. Just counted my packs, I've got almost enough left to get me through to next Tuesday, so I'm going to force myself to do CD until the tonsillitis clears and then when my head is clearer I'll re-evaluate how I'm feeling about it all. So if h2b nips up and picks me a few more packs up, I'll have another 11 days on CD. H2b is positive I'll have a nice big loss and feel so positive I'll stick with it. We shall see.....

Great news about the size 14s Lexie, I bet that is such a buzz. I can't wait to get there, it just might take a little longer if I switch to WW.

Well done for getting under the 200lb mark Wellandgood, excellent considering the little blip last week. Know how you feel about scaring the kids- I croaked at my youngest this morning and made her cry :cry::cry:

Hope you all have a 100% day, I'll probably be around a lot cause I've decided its PJs and duvet day for me. I'll keep you company Caroline ;)


Silver Member
Morning Skinny Minnies!!
Today is going to be a fab 100% day! My TOTM has arrived (hurray!), so I am thining that I may have been retaining a little water this week - hence me feeling even fatter than I did before I started! But have stuc to CD and am even more determined to get to goal!
Size 14, Lexie!! Get in!!! xxx


Slimming down the aisle
I think that's the best idea Lisa. If you're not very well you're going to be feeling so much worse so re-evaluating once you're feeling better is definitely the best thing to do I think. PJs and duvet day sounds great, might be with you on that one. I'll certainly be glad for the company! :)


Silver Member
Morning all,

Away to get dressed and organised soon, have to go and get something for my mums birthday, the same day as yours lisa-15th. She's coming over for her tea next Fri and I might join them by having a SS+ meal but not decided yet.

Hope you all have a good day today!

lisa and Caroline-hope you're feeling better soon.


Slimming down the aisle
What an odd craving to have! You can get through it though Lisa, just come and talk to us, we'll distract you!!


Full Member
Morning lovely ladies!

Well, it's official, I lost 2lb this week :0(

Here's to more next week!


Silver Member
Chin up Jen, look at the bigger picture. 16lbs in 2 weeks is AMAZING! You'll probably have a bigger loss next week, but it all evens out in the end. Well done, you should be happy with those 2lbs :)


Slimming down the aisle
Jen you should be so proud of 16lbs in 2 weeks! I do know what you mean though, the lower losses can be a bit disheartening at first but just have to keep going, it's better than nothing! Look at the inches too, that helped me.

Ahh see the tonsilitus does serve some purposes then!


Full Member
True, in a fortnight I've lost 3in of my waist and hips!

There, see! I'm being positive!!!



Slimming down the aisle
Positivity is the key!! :)

I'm so achey today, no idea why. It started a couple of days ago with my stomach and first thought it was my stomach but have realised it's my muscles, now by back is achey, in fact I'm just everywhere achey! I might try a bath see if it helps
Awww hugs to all you under the weather CD'ers. I am not well either. A virus. It's on my chest and has taken my throat and voice too (peace screams DH lol) DD is on the wii and I am still in jamas. I just don't have the energy......

Hope everyone is doing well!

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