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I'm in a winter wonderland here today after complaining yesterday that we never get any snow where I live (Cheshire)!

I took my dog for a walk this morning. First one to make footprints on the pavements. Strangely satisfying and lovely to hear it crunching under my feet.

Only thing is, I work from home. So while everyone else gets a snow day, I have to work (although I might have to make a snowman in a bit!)

Hope you're all keeping cosy wherever you are xx
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We have no snow here. Yet. We missed out on the last lot but it is forecast this time.

I've just spent 30 minutes filling the bird feeders up. We have so many hundreds of birds and I hate letting them down. It's -4 out there and I discovered the bird water bowls have cracked and so I was in a bit of a panic. There is a stream at the bottom of the village but they have to use so much energy to get there, it defeats the object really. Anyway BINGO! I've just been into the garage and found some roller paint trays. Plastic, flexable, a nice quantity of water and even a slope for the little ones!! I'm smug now.


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OMG!!! I wish I could say that we haven't got any snow in Leeds!!!!! I nearlt crashed twice on my way to work and I am contemplating leaving my car at work and walking home. I work for a delivery company an we have suspended all our deliveries today. We have a depot at Trafford Park in Manchester and they have completely closed it down.

I hate snow. It's the worst weather to drive in. Mind it'll be even worse tonight when it freezes again.

It's like hell!!!


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Sitting here on my last official day of leave waiting for it to hit us as all the weather forecasters are predicting!! If it snows heavily there is no way I will be going into work tomorrow... What does irritate me is we live in the highest point in London, lots of hills, etc and yet again like the last few times we have had snow, they have failed to grit anything!!!! Lol perhaps shouldn't complain if there is no grit there is no way I can drive to get to work!!! Hehehehe, I sense some snowman building coming on!!

Have fun wherever you are!

its only a bit where i live, but deep where i work, so i have come home to work this afternoon.
fingers crossed its bad all week so i can stay at home!
daisy x


Gone fishing
We haven't had snow in bournemouth yet this winter, but it was minus 10! earlier. Hopefully if it warms up a bit we'll get some :D

Think it's all iced up in the sky in the mo :D
Weve got it quite bad here, alot of the schools are closed, no roads have been gritted, the main road thru town is a mess, this morning, we was sliding towards a crossroad with traffic coming... :eek:

But it is nice to see, and i love taking the kids and dogs out in it!


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It's wiered this snow stuff. You say that there's been no snow in Bournemouth this year KD, well there's not been any north of Wimborne either BUT my sons friends were tobogganing on their bodyboards in Kings Park in the last lot and New Milton had some right on the coast too.

Go figure!!!!

And you're right, the sky is turning!! OH has just gone up to Salisbury, I hope he's back in time.


Gone fishing
BUT my sons friends were tobogganing on their bodyboards in Kings Park in the last lot
Wow. Fancy that. Not too far away either. I noticed in the last 10 minutes that in a corner on my garden, there's a suspicious white patch :confused: Could be we had a light flurry last night that soon disappeared, but sure it's heavy frost which seems to be around.

So, I have put my order in for heaps of snow, except for the times when my clients are due :D :D....then it can disappear please :D
no snow here either yet on the dorset/somerset border and the sun actually came out at lunchtime ...if it does snow i hope it makes a good job of it and my boss cant come and collect me from home to take me into work tomorrow! lol

h x


Is back in the saddle!
OH just came back from Salisbury and said that there is snow in Swindon!!! Reham said it would be here later today on the news last night. We could actually wake up to it!!!!! :D It's certainly getting darker out there and mildly moist.
Just been out and made a snowman and he's bigger than I am! So much fun in the snow. Think it's due in the south overnight. Drive safe or just stay at home if you can!


Playing the Angel
Still nothing in London, after a brief patch of sunshine for about 30 minutes at about 1pm its been dark, dull and very cloudy since. Still holding thumbs for snow.

it'll be there soon I'm sure! Still snowing hard here but working it's way down the country apparently so keep those fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow!
yay! its arrived here!!!!
looks absolutely gorgeous outside - really magical, massive white flakes.
my kids are going mad for it
daisy x
hooray! It's coming down in huge flakes here. Just let the dog out and it almost covered him. I'm not joking...and he's a golden retriever so he's not exaclty a small dog! It was up to his neck! This is PROPER snow. Can't ever remember it being like this.

My snowman has almost disappeared under all the snow that's fallen since I built it at lunch time (benefit of working from home!)

Stay safe everyone and remember not to drive unless it's absolutely necessary. Roads are dead here...which means they're still lovely and white. Just magical.

I may have to get my sledge out tomorrow!!


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It is just hit us just north of London...... but it seems to have stopped after about 30 minutes and it has not even covered the grass. I guess I will be going to work tomorrow.