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So Excited !!!

Hi everyone,
Ok so this is my first ever blog of any kind EVER!! I must say, reading everyones contributions has been so motivating and i felt like it would be a real help if i set one up myself. I'm now on day two of lipotrim and doing fine. Day one was very hard - gagged on all the shakes and felt that not eating them and just starving was preferable!! From trawling through lipotrim blogs i found the trick of drinking the chocolate hot and made up with peppermint tea like a mint hot chocolate and i have to say it bordered on pleasurable!! I also found that drinking the strawberry with lots of ice blended and through a straw made it much more palatable. Finally the chicken soup was a bit of a relevation today - actually enjoyed it and added more water to make it last longer :)

As a doctor I was suitably sceptic about this diet but to be honest the science makes good sense and as a starting point for getting me off my food addiction mountain it seems like great idea.

My main concern revolves around doing 'on call' ie 27 hours straight in the hospital. i do this every 3/4 days and as you can imagine it seems daunting to face into this length of time with only three portions of food! if anyone has any experience with this that would be great.

At present im 13.5 stone - my goal weight is 9.5 stone which would put me at a BMI of 23 which is just perfect. Im also bridesmaid at my BF wedding at the end of november alongside three gorgeously slim girls - and im so fed up being the dumpy fat girl standing beside them!! hopefully if Ive dropped 1.5 stone by then I wont stand out quite so much!!

Anyway, sorry for such a long entry - i promise to be more economical with my words in the future. I appreciate any and all support/advice :)

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hi Medgibbons, sounds like you are doing great. It will all be worth it at the first weigh in. I am only just starting my second week and I have found this site really helpful and everyone is so support. I am so glad I found it!
Thanks Muffinprincess - its great having the forum to talk about stuff - Ive only told my boyfriend and best friend (whos done lipotrim before) about it as all my friends are slim and a horrified at the thought of this diet - im just gonna leave it as long as possible!!
Good to have you on board, Medgibbons! This site will keep you sane on your LT journey. Having such a short term goal will keep you focused. Best of luck to you.
Welcome welcomo welcome...you'll fly it and you'll look fantastic at your friends wedding. During your 27hr shifts you could split up the shakes and have half at a time, that means 6 different meal times..could work maybe??? x
Hi Medgibbons
You're going to have to plan your overnights to suit your particular "clock". IMHO, The key to this diet is never to let yourself get ravenous by skipping shakes or flapjacks. Your hunger pangs will disappear after 3 days or so, but I still get them if I skip shakes. You could do as I do, sometimes at work I have a nibble of flapjack & big glass of water, it must swell in your tummy but makes me feel full, & I keep doing this. There are loads of ways to make shakes & flapjacks last so you won't get hungry.
thanks guys - i like the idea of splitting the shakes - that will probably get me through the day :) So got up this morning (very hungry) and felt like a hot mint chocolate shake - trotted to the kitchen boiled the kettle added the sweetener to my peppermint tea and promptly emptied a sachet of CHICKEN SOUP !! into my tea - well you can imagine my reaction :) i scooped what i could out but am now downing a bowl of peppermint sweetened chicken soup as quickly as possible and rueing my hypoglycaemic approach to making food LMAO :)
thanks slaney - im lucky - ive been off work this week so i havent needed much energy :p next week hopefully ill be in fat burning mode and will have energy to burn (feel dizzy even going to the shops!)


Fighting for My Health
Welcome and good luck :) I'm sure you'll be fine with your long hours once you're into deep ketosis. Hang on in there until that point though.

As for splitting the shakes - and apologies for contradicting here - but Lipotrim don't recommend you do this at all. Obviously your choice though and of course if it's doing that or quitting the diet, then it may well be preferable.



Fighting for My Health
PS - LMAO at the chicken soup!:eek:
mmmmmm...mint chicken....lmao :)
Yay, we have a doctor in the house! Welcome and good luck, what can we call you? doc? :D
Hi Med ! First of all may I suggest you choose your friends more wisely? All of them slim? You need a couple of chubby ones to make you feel better surely? lol Welcome to the forum, once you are past the first week you will be flying. When you are working long hours you will really need to drink lots of water to stop feeling weak and hungry. Good luck :) xx
thanks guys :) - cathys the name :) will take your advice re breaking up the shakes but ill play it by ear - i wont know how ill cope until i try it! Day three nearly done phew :) starving all day shakes barely taking the edge off and all my friends are sitting around drinking tea and eating toffy pops (yum) Am resisting with very little effort and i know once the hunger goes ill be fine...got very dizzy in dundrum today - hadnt eaten in 7 hours (TOO LONG!) wont be repeating that again - anyhoo gonna mozy back over to my biscuit eating friends (grrr) tty tomorrow :)
Morning all - day 4 today feel grrreat no hunger haven't yet had a headache so so far so good - on my way to a conference this morning going to be a challenge making shakes etc in hotel room and making excuses out of two banquets and breakfast ! Have my sachets and blender and ice cold water in my bag and chose a bus with toilets :p so should be covered ! Catch ya later x
Evening y'all end of day four woohooo :) found it tough today as I was at a conference on my own in galway surrounded by people offering me huge muffins and sweets which i would normal cave in at was very very proud of myself . Also left the hotel as all the guests were deeding down for a three course meal so came back to my hotel for a chicken soup which I do quite like :) very little hunger today went eight hours without a shake and felt just slightlyhungry so i reckon the ketones must be flowing finally - roll on day 5 gonna hop out for a wee brisk walk tomorrow should do me some good when i get back to the big smoke xx
Morning :) having a lazy morning in bed watching saturday kitchen !! Just starting to feel peckish so will head down for my mint choc hot chocolate shake shortly yum! Staying positive and hopefully the ketones will look after the hunger :) x c

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