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So mad right now!!

Well, just been into the pharmacy to pick up some chicken soup sachets which I have ordered. Whilst there I asked her to double check the weight recordings on my card as I thought they were wrong.
Start weight 110kg
week 1 weight 105 kg...
The woman at the pharmacy was almost arguing with me saying that i was getting mixed up as 5kg is equal to a loss of 5lb. Argh! I know for a fact its a loss of 11lb, but she wouldnt have none of it.
Its so disheartening - especially when shes telling me im getting mixed up!
Sorry I am moaning but it has really p'd me off xx
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Next time you're in bring in a print out of kgs converted to lbs. In all fairness if she's doing that job she should take her head out of her arse and learn her weight conversions.:mad:
On a different note congratulations on your ELEVEN pound loss :happy096:
Thanks hun!!
It really wound me up, especially when she was telling me I was wrong. To top it off shes given me half a bag of bloody male shakes argggh. Silly woman!!
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Sounds like she hasnt a clue !!!!!

Take them back & wang them at her lol :D

(i am joking but in my head the vision is there )

Thats a fantastic loss though well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That woman clearly should not be in charge of any kind of weight loss programmes due to the psychological problems she would create.
How can she stand there and say that 5kg is the same as 5lbs??? They are two completely different units. What a muppet!

She couldn't argue with me, because I would seriously put her in her place and tell her she that should've paid more attention in maths class. And ontop of that, she further proved her incompetence by giving you male shakes??? *laughing my head off!* WHAT! an idiot...
S: 16st5lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st1lb(6.55%)
There is no choice now.....you have to return the shakes and give her a smack on the side of her head - might get her brain working again:D

Is it just her working in the chemists? I have moved my weigh in day because the last lady I had was telling me she goes on it to lose a half stone in weight for her hols and weddings and I was looking at her thinking what an idiot she was:p

Second lady gave me a HUGE lecture about my health and diabetes - cos it runs in the family. Then went through the bmi chart with me and really really explained everything so well. She frightened the crap out of me but I felt much better going to her as she was sooo serious about it.

Any way you can change who you see??
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
Caziedalts said:
I think this is unacceptable. Weight loss and the amount we lose is KEY to us, hence being on this flipping diet in the first place. 5lb means a he'll of a lot and she should be mote compassionate. Deffo go back and demand it be changed and speak to someone else. Silly woman, is she skinny? If not she's jealous! Well done a fab loss :) x
I agree!


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The dispenser at my pharmacy didnt have a clue... couldnt answer any of my questions, couldnt find their stock, had to ring the helpline to find out what to give me!! Thank god for this forum!
Thanks for all of your replies!
I did go back and spoke to another lady who served me originally... I asked to have a quiet word with her in the back office... I explained what had happened and she was very apologetic. I dont know what came over me, I almost started crying as I explained how I was treated the day before (my hormones are playing havoc lol). She told me to change my weigh in day, so that I can see her instead. She couldnt believe that the other woman had got my weight sooo wrong!I should have known when I went in and told her I was here for lipotrim and she said to another woman "I can do lipotrim cant I?".
I honestly could have smacked her lol...
So... will take it from here xxx
Just finished day 12 at 100% TFR yey! xx
Poor girl is probs just seriously under-educated like so many young'uns are now. The less polite expression might be, she's a bit dim! lol. If Amy Childs, say, from TOWIE, had been serving that day, she would probably have got the maths wrong, too. Then again she is a serial dieter like almost all UK women so she just might have got that one, right! Young people know only about metric - older peeps tend to still think in pounds. I know I do! But we also know about kg.


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That is so ignorant!!!! 1kg=2.2lb!!!


This diet is hard enough without people like that!!!


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