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Sole Source Plus Option 2


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I think (correct me if I'm wrong people) you should only be cutting down to 2 packs a day once you hit the 1000cal plan hun (that's what I was told when I worked up through the plans before going on holiday)!
Never heard of SS+ option 2 before either! I really think you need to check your books hun and go by what they say. If you need food then do go with one of the higher plans but you need to have your 3 packs a day.:eek:


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well, i wish you luck with it!
for me, this is a personal diet, and soon as you find the right way to do it, for you, you should see the weight coming off and be happy with yourself!
let us all know how you do! x


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But surely with only 2 shakes you arent getting the full RDA of vits and mins? As far as i know.. CD guidelines insist you have three packs.. So maybe you mean the 1000 plan..? but on the 1000 plan i dont think you're in ketosis.. cos you have to pick one of the options of carbs to eat a day.. maybe im wrong.. lol..

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That's right, it's 3 shakes and 200 kcal meal on Sole Source Plus(1b) :) Check out page 7 of "Weight Care with Cambridge" :)
You don't lose a shake until you get to adding 1000 kcals.
Good luck :)


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Didn't mean to muddle you MME but what it sounds like you are doing is half ss+ and half 1000cal and kitteh is right if you are only having a meal the size of a 810 one and you aren't having your 3 packs then you won't be getting all your daily vits + mins which can put your body into starvation! She is also right about you not being in ketosis (most people aren't in it even on the 810 plan).
Carry on with your meals if that is what you need to stick to it but make sure you have your 3 packs (unless you are doing 1000cal plan).


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i understand what shes saying kelly.. she says shes having the meal from the 1000 plan.. but then the cdc cant say this is "option 2 of SS".. lol.. cos it just isnt.. and it wont get her into ketosis as carbs are in the meal plan...

Edited - Didnt read what you said properly.. Sorry kelly.. Stupid Catty.. yeah.. the only thing i find a bit dodgy is that her cdc is calling it SS option 2.. lol..
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Yes a minimum of 3 CD packs per day unless on one of the higher plans. You can do SS+ and have a small protein (chicken/tuna/cottage cheese) meal with salad or veg, or 4packs and 200ml of milk - or 810plan is 3cambridge plus milk plus a meal. See yellow booklet - or look at plans on website -

cambridge six steps to losing weight()

If you need any more advice - ask away!


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S: 20st9.5lb G: 10st0lb
And my body must be in ketosis, as i have lost almost 6 lbs in 2 half days.
Sadly that doesn't really mean your in ketosis hun, it just means that you're eating a very low calorie diet (under 1000cals) so your body will drop a lot of weight at first. A lot of that weight will be water I'm afraid.


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You don't ever have to do the SS if you don't want to. If you get along well with the SS+ and you are happy with the weight loss it produces then there is no reason why you ever have to deny yourself your meal per day.

I've done SS+/810 allthe way. I'd never be 'ready' for SS, as for me to go without food would just be too hard - its one of the great pleasures in life.

But what I love about Cambridge is you do have the choice. No-one has to do SS - you can do whatever plan suits you.


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You're most welcome.

I love this plan too. Whenever I'm tempted to stray during the day, I can always know that my next meal is less than 24 hours away and it keeps me sane.

I've used my 'meal' to have lunch with friends, a romantic dinner with my hubby, a barbecue party, and even on one occasion a yummy weekend breakfast (Quorn sausages with mushrooms & tomatoes - yummy). All of these wonderful occasions would have been lost to me if I was on SS.

I've got the greatest respect for those people who do SS, who find they can stick with it and who make it work, but if anyone out there is doing it because they feel that they 'should' or 'must' and if it makes them miserable then I say - there is a better way!

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