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Sole Source Plus Option 2


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I started with chicken and leaves and broccoli exactly as the book said. I also tried tofu in stir fries and made my way through the entire repertoire of Quorn (I absolutely love the sausages). I've eaten most kinds of fish & also really love prawns.

However after a few weeks and once I was safely in ketosis I have started to experiment with a few items that are not on the Cambridge list. I understand that the list exists because some people are extremely sensitive to carbs and even small amounts will tip them out of ketosis, but I figured I wouldn't know unless I tried & thankfully I find I have a reasonably high threshold & stay in most of the time.

So i have extended my vegetable selection to include occasional carrots, parsnips, sweetcorn, pease etc. because I love them so much. I have a serving of one of these veg off the list every couple of days. And I have extended my protein selection to include eggs occasionally (I really love omelettes!) and also the very occasional piece of really lean steak which I adore. I've also thrown the occasional handful of nuts & seeds into my salads & stir frys.

I'm not having any starchy stuff - no bread, potatoes or pasta, and no sugary stuff, including fruit.

I guess I'm just the kind of person who always kicks back at any rules that are imposed on me. This is why so many diets I've tried have failed in the past - tell me I can't have something and I have to try it just to prove you wrong. But thankfully this time, I'm managing to have a few treats and yet continue to lose weight. This plan rocks.


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does it matter if ive been doing ss for 2 weeks , then do ss+ for a week then go back to ss. or is it ok to just have a couple of days a week doing ss+?? ive got a bbq on saturday, im planning to only have chicken breast and salad ....i need to shed a load so not sure i want to make ss+ a regular thing yet but need to eat satuday???


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I flit from one to the other occationally and it's not done me any damage. I think provided you only do it now and again you'll be fine.


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My favourite bars are the Malt toffee ones, which if I shut my eyes I can almost believe are Mars bars. i also love the Caramel ones.

I quite like the Chocolate and Orange ones - although sometimes with the chocolate one I think it tastes a bit salty which is odd.

I think the Cranberry Crunch is OK - have it now and again for a change. But I'm not particularly fond of the peanut.
My favourite bars are the Malt toffee ones, which if I shut my eyes I can almost believe are Mars bars.
I love mars bars and hated the malt toffee, I think you have a great talent to be able to close your eyes and feel you are getting something close to it :)
Im on week 2 of SS and desperate for something to eat. I was thinking of scrambling 2 eggs (160cals) BUT MY cdc said that thiw would kick me out of ketosis - surely this wouldnt be too different from SS+? like others im thinking that the occasional foray onto SS+ wouldnt be too dangerous. I have 6.5 stone to lose and the thought of nothing for at least 12 weeks is painful.
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hates diets
i have chicken and salad or fish and courgettes(AS GROWING THEM IN GARDEN) everynight...iv bought some fat free dressing and have eaten every night...my scales show ive lost 5lb this week.....althou i must admit on occasions ive not had my 3rd shake....i have not wanted it. i take vitamins everyday too so dont think im lacking anything
you cant have eggs on SS+ only white fish or chicken, if you want to have something move to SS+ for a day and back to SS the next day it wont do any harm and shouldnt knock you out of ketosis.

But the losses are very similar on SS+ so it might be worth sticking with SS+ if you are unhappy on SS


hates diets
i have found that eating that little bit at night has kept me on the straight and narrow....i can sit down and enjoy a meal with my family and i havent been tempted to pick at theirs when im preparing it....i suppose with only have a bar a shake and meal im probably still only on about 500 cals aday so the weight is bound to come off!!
Shell are you only having 2 packs a day? or did I pick it up wrong, not having all 3 of your daily packs on SS/SS+ can slow down weight loss due to lack of nutrients

Orange Plum, I have been using the kraft fat free dressings I found 3 of them, the italian and french dressings are nice, I also have the thousand island, I wasnt too keen on it but its nice blended with tuna, as a replacement for mayo :)
You sure do have all of us hun!!!!!!


hates diets
i think i had the italian one....

cant understand how it can slow down the weight loss if i only have 2 packs a day??/ i ma taking extra vits and surely eating some veg should compensate for the extra????
Its up to you, I think it would be worth talking to a CDC about it. Extra vitamin supplements wont make up the essential extra protein and carbs required to stop your body going into starvation mode (which tells your body not to give up its fat reserves). Thats about the extent of my knowledge on it though, maybe a CDC would have a better answer for you

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