Sona on Dukan Diet- Restart

So far so good had not had any hunger pangs. Had a spoon of greek yog last night with a light dusting of drinking hot choc powder as all out of sweetner. That was quite nice!

Wi 2 days in is -2lb
But this is not my real weight its just the water weight iv been carrying due to a few meals out over the last 2 weeks. When im 4lb down after that will be actual weight! First weekend on dukan so hopefully it wont be a tough one. Plan for today is:

2 egg ommlett with cottage cheese n some chicken mince left over. With tea

If i have time as had a late beekki
Oatbran porridg

Going out for MIL birthday but do a chicken place so it will be a mixed grill with NO sides!

Busy day today with housework n shopping. Will be starting my exersise from next week once im back to my normal routine.

Feeling very positive.
Well today didnt go according to plan but i did my best!

Had my brekki then got really busy with weekend chores didnt have time for lunch! No oatbran today.

Dinner was piri piri chicken but ended up with a few chips and a slice of bday cake.

Not ideal but hey ho i didnt blow the whole day. Back at it tomorow.

I havent had any hunger pangs or cravings for anything so far.

Have bought some sweetner and nutmeg to sprinkle on plain yog if i need something sweet.
Ive got my days wrong lol im on day 4 today! Lol i think...

Anyway wi today -3lb which is great after yesterdays dinner!

Oatbran porridgr with skim milk sweetner and a dusting of peanutbutter hot choc powder.

Chicken mince, chicken and cream cheese.

Coffee with skim milk
Water water water!

Beef burgers without the bun and cottage cheese.

Gotta a fasting blood test in the morning so going to sneak in a cup of tea before 9.30pm

Hope its still down in the morning.
Day 6 still no more movement on the scale so feeling a bit disheartened.

Oatbran muffin

Chicken and kebab


Chicken and onion soup
Day 7 wi this mornin only -2lb which is not great and dissapointing considering i havent ate much last night.


Dukan muffin with cresm cheese

Chicken onion soup

Beef burgers with no bun
Chicken breast, 1 egg and cottage cheese

Was starving by 5pm today so had an early dinner. For dessert i hac cheesecake made from cream cheese sweetner and plain yogurt.
Day 10 havent logged for a few days but stuck to the diet. Only lost 2lb in 8 days of attack. Not great but its a start. Moved on to cruise yesterday with my first pv day. Only had salad in the afternoo yesterday. Wasnt very hungry all day.

Today is pp

Oatbran bread
Chicken ommelete with a bit of chicken mince. Coffee

Chicken breast, chicken mince with cream cheese.

Not sure yet.