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Sona on Dukan Diet- Restart

Hey guys!
Day one for me and i have to addmitt im not really prepared!

Going to tesco in a bit to get my oatbran, eggs and some fish... Have to buy some chicken to make in to tikka and then i think im ready for a propper start.

Made some beef yesterday, total amuture style! tried to follow the luc lac beef recipie but it was too bland for me and ive never made beef before... so i ended up using yogart, lemon, spices and a bit of vinigar to marinate with crushed garlic and ginger. Greased a pan and dumped the whole lot it.. beef lets off alot of water! so cooked till it was DONE i dont eat meat half done.. then i put it under the grill to... dry off.... its a bit chewy... is it meant to be like that? im thinking beef and cottage cheese for lunch and for dinner chicken and scrambled egg... this morning im having a fruit muller yogart.. it says fat free on it... and its realllly nice. Im gona stick with WW ones after this tho...

Also with blasted timing and 2 days early TOM started! so in sooo much pain! :-(

Weight in this morning is 12.4.0.

So hoping to 11 stone soon!!

cheers xx
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Hey Sona. Good luck hun. Beef/steak is chewy the more its cooked. If you cook it to med so pink in the middle but juices run clear you will notice the difference in texture and flavour
hey hun!

thanks will try remember for next time, i have been asking for a few days about how to cook it but didnt get any answers! I cant eat is medium raw or pink in the middle so i havw to have it cooked through.... Just gona have to break smaller pieces and chew my way through the batch ive made! lolz

i got my oat bran this morning with more yogart, formage fraise and cottage cheese and low low fat cream cheese. Skimmed milk and some chicken mice for my patties also got a chicken soup brewing right now.. i think lunch is gona be soup from tomorow onwards.

i did the oats as porridge which exploded in the microwave! oopsy.

so far today

B- muller light
S- half the oats portion as most of it expoded
L- beef with ketucp and cottage cheese
D- looks like chicken and egg soup. and maye a patti if they are made in time!


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You might like to cook it slowly for on a low heat in a stock it becomes really tender then and falls apart. IT took me years before i could eat it still pink in the middle and now i have mine med-well done if im not cooking it. Grill it, roast it, bbq it its quite a versitile meat.
Can we use meat tenderiser?
First pancake attempt total disaster, buying new non stick pan tomorow
So far so good today
will have chicken soup for dinner

goin nandos tomoro for lunch with hubby n son
what can i eat there attack friendly? Chicken breast
without skin?


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yes chicken breast but id opt for a plain one though :( think the sauce has lots of carbs in :(


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What's meat tenderiser? Check the label, and if there's flour... no!

Frankly, on attack, restaurants aren't going to be easy... I'd eat before, and drink Diet Coke saying you're feeling unwell! haaaa! This diet just doesn't really work with that sort of restaurant!


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Sona cant you just tenderise with one of those wooden things? Get a slow cooker - they are fab. TBH i dont eat much beef unless its mince or steak.


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ooh I pressure cooked some beef the other day for an hour and that made it lovely and tender!

Over here, it's common to eat beef rare... or even blue... so I forget what it's like back home, where I refuse now to order steak!


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I love love blue steak especially fillet :D with bearnaise sauce. yum yum


** Chief WITCH **
Gosh you're unusual for a Brit... I've sent steaks back before in England, refusing to eat charred offerings when I've asked for "rare". They love me!


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mmm its the only way :) only when the cow starts to move off my plate do i worry that its too rare ;)


** Chief WITCH **
You'd love it over here...


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I know. Havent been to France for years. Spent a lot of holidays there as a child.
Doesnt Dukan say you should have steak well done ish to get rid of fat?


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Ideally yes... (but I buy lean only and say a prayer!). We did, to be fair, make an effort to overcook our steaks for a while but hey... eating meat on its own on PP is already an acquired taste, let alone overcooked!!

Last night, we had stir fried veggies with our THICK steak... yummy (bought frozen pack of "julienne legumes", and added bean sprouts, mushroom, and onion to the wok and 2 tspsns light soy sauce for the two of us... YUM - ok could have done with 3 times the amount of soy sauce, but needs must!)


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mmm forgot about stir fries. Hope you kept your portion of veggies down LOL


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probably not... so I stayed off scales this morning!

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