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Soya flour recipes


Never give up


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The only one i've tried yet is pancakes, drool :)
100g soya flour
3 eggs
2 teaspoons of splenda
80mls soya milk or cream (more if needed)

Just mix everything up and cook like normal ones. The batter is a freaky yellow colour, don't be put off by that. I had mine with a little splenda sprinkled on them.
I've no biscuit recipes yet but will be googling later so will try get some good ones.

Making pizza base's tomorrow, recipe looks a bit weird so i'll try it first and see.

1 cup soya flour
0.5 cup of parmesan cheese
1 egg
tsp of basil
1tsp sweetener
enough water to bind

roll on thin, bake at 170c for 10mins, then add your toppings and bake for another 10mins.


Never give up
Thank you so much for those Susan - good timing for the pancake one too! :D


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Yes it's definitly great too have the option of having something like that.


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How far does the pancake mix go - so how many carbs per pancake please! DH desperate :D


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I like make 2 thick and 9 thin, the thick were NOT nice, as it does taste of soya. I'd say 1g per thin pancake. You can't get the soya taste when you do them thin. I'd recommend cooking them in butter and putting lemon and spenda on them when conked. NB. I used a small pan, pancake were approx 5inches in diameter.


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I mean cooked not conked. Stupid predictive text on phone. Ha ha.
Speaking of soya - I tried soya milk for the first time yesterday, made a hot milk drink with some bourneville choc powder in it and 3 splenda tablets to make it sweeter, was really ok if you need a bedtime drink - unfortunately it did not help me sleep due to head stuff going on lol. Had some in my coffee this afternoon, let it cool a bit first so it did not split, it was ok but still prefer it black these days.
Su, thanks so much for your very specific instructions. Can't rep you again, sorry, apparently I have to spread myself about a bit first. (How does that work anyway?)

Think I'll try the pancakes tomorrow. I have zero carb syrup for topping. And cream. Will be dreaming of them tonight. :)
Bren, I couldn't survive without my Alpro Lite - very low carb and I'm so used to the taste now. I still drink black coffee in work, but only because I can't remember to take the milk with me!
i've been using the soya 'molk' from lidl, it doesnt split, and i've found a wee screwtop container that holds exactly the right amount for a days use at work.

the soya flour....i have tried a few things with it, just using it as a direct exchange for wheat flour, some things taste strange, others where fine. not made anything for a while, so can't remember, will need to start experimenting again!
Thanks Marty, would appreciate anything at this stage! x


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Pizza base was horrid IMO. Won't be having that again. Thanks for the rep, don't know how it works either, i cant rep vicky ever.
oh, that's disappointing, was thinking of trying it too.

i just put some beef in the oven, browned it off and put a little soya flour and paprika in, some green pepper and leeks, a little water, will let you know later how it turns out!
Off to the shops tomorrow to buy soya flour, I feel a kitchen experimental session coming on!

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