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SparklySize12's Diary to get into those Size 12's!

Hi everyone!

Just new to the forum, need somewhere I can keep track of what I'm doing and try to get the motivation to move this excess weight that has crept on me.

I live with my husband in Scotland, we got married last year and since then I've put on 2.5 stone! I think there was so much pressure for me to fit into my dress coming up to the wedding that afterwards I just went crazy and fifteen months on I haven't stopped! :sigh:

I have a big birthday coming up soon and would like to lose a bit of weight before then, I know I don't have time to get anywhere near to where I want to be but it will be the first step in the right direction.

I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes in four different sizes, the majority of which don't fit me.

So tomorrow is d-day, I plan on following the Weight Watchers plan although I won't be going to the classes - there are none in my area which I have just moved to but I have been many times before and have all the books etc. I am also a memeber of Curves so plan on getting myself down there again.

I've weighed myself tonight (although I am going to weigh in every Tuesday, starting next week) and I am 13st 9.5lbs (bmi 33.0) eek! Would like to get down to 10st 4lbs (bmi 24.7).

Look forward to getting to know you all :)
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Thanks Shanny! You have done so good, well done xx
I get 22 points but aim to save throughout the week cos I like to have a bit of a treat at the weekend so probably try to stick to around 20 per day xx


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That's enough time to shift a stone if you work at it :) You'll do great!
Hope that everything goes well for you :)
Best wishes.
Thanks Shanny and Pink!

When in Sept Shanny? We might be twins lol! xx
I'm the 19th which is a Sunday so plan on going out either the Friday or Sat (or both if I'm lucky! :D )
Ok, Monday was to be day 1, however due to different things I started properley yesteday so official start date - Thursday 12th August (luckily I didn't leave it til today cos I don't think I would have fancied the start of my diet to be Friday 13th!!)

Day 1 was good, I went for a long walk yesterday afternoon which made me feel so much better, it's amazing how some fresh air and exercise make you feel better. I intended saving some points, I like to do this through the week so I can have a treat at the weekend, but I did in the end use them all up (damn that kit kat at 10pm! :eek:).

So onwards and upwards today on Day 2! :D


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Ahhh the dreaded lat night munchies, I feel your pain on that one, lol.

Walks really are great, get your blood flowing, get you out of the house and into the fresh air, always of the good.

Hope that everything continues to go well :)
Thanks Pink!

I have such a sweet tooth, it really is my downfall so I'm going to try and keep any points for sweet things til night time cos I know if I have it during the day I'll be craving at night time.

I've discovered those new Muller Light yoghurts with the chocolate sprinkles in them, delicious! :D
Well Friday 13th hasn't been so bad after all!

Day 2 and it's been good so far. This is the first Friday in I can't remember how long I haven't had either takeaway, wine, lots of chocolate/cakes - or all of them! Eeek!! Feel good for it though, hope it lasts.

So tonight I have my lemon flavoured water, I had jacked potato and tuna with peppers and onions for dinner and I'm saving my kit kat for my cup of tea before bed - I know how to live life on the edge!! :D


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ohh i love jacket potatoes so much!

Welcome to the site and good luck!

ohh and my birthday is the 25th september! lol i want to aim to have lost about another 10lbs by then!

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