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Specialk's CD Restart Journey


Good evening

I am starting CD tomorrow, and thought i would start a whole thread, just for my ramblings, as i seem to be good at it!!!!:)

so i am starting round 2 after only lasting 2 months last time, but i do have to say i didnt realise how hard it owuld have been and all the rest of it, but this time i am more determind, realising i have only 9 months untill i go to university, and i want to be a slim(er) student than what i am now.

so i am aiming for 10 ish stone in 9 months, hopefully more :)

each week after my WI i will post my weight loss and every 4 weeks i will post my inch loss.

Starting Weight - 26st 11lb - 375.4 lb

Starting measurements 04/01/10
Neck - 17.5'
Bust - 55'
Waist - 53.5'
Hips - 58'

so to be perfectly honest, i do not mind if you read and dont post, i am wanting this to monitor my self and my silly ramblings.

K x
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Good luck. I started with 12 stones to lose and I have lost 4.5 now and am feeling so proud of myself and soon you will be too! lol of you I mean - not me!
Good Luck specialK, I am starting on friday so will be glad to read your posts! :)
Thanks everybody

Alex, thats great!!!! i am hoping similar losses, but like i said, is i need to really work at it, as i have so much to lose in a little amount of time.

Mandy, trust me i have no end to my ramblings especially after a hard day at college and work... so be prepared, be very prepared :)


is going to loose!
SpecialK good luck with your journey and your diary, be strong and guzzle lots of water.



is going to loose!
Water and me are best friends. In fact I only drink water, 2 cups of coffee a day and about 3 wines if you are lucky for the week. I usually drink at least 2.5ltr of water for the day. You could always have the CD water flavouring to help you?


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We like ramblings, so ramble away! :D :D :D

I find it keeps me sane, although it might not seem that way, some of the rubbish I post. ;)

You're certainly not the only restarter around here either. If I'd managed to keep going the first time around, I'd have been a goal for about two years now. That's a sobering thought, but hey. Better late than never, eh?

All the very best for your restart hun. Looking forward to hearing about less of you each week!
yeah suppose i could do the water flavourings, but i didnt particularly like them either! theres not much about the diet i do like, apart from the weightloss, but then again looking at LL and LT, CD seems so much better as its got more flavours and stuff... so obviously not got the short end of the stick there have i?

i do have to say, i had a good blow out tonight, spagetti bolognaise and bread and chocolate, and im eating strepsils like there is no tomorrow, to try and shift this sore throat beofre tomorrow!!!!
Good Luck specialk, lovely to see you here on round 2 of CD. I know how much you would like to be feeling the best you can for starting university.

I took a CD break and also starting back tommorow, best wishes for everyone embarking the best diet ever x
Hi Specialk

I wish you all the luck in the world. I am restarting again tomorrow, maybe we could buddy up and ramble away together!!!!!

The one thing I am dreading is feeling even more cold than I do now Brrrrrrrr!!!!!!

I am looking forward to getting rid of this christmas bloat feeling though!!!

DAY 1 - ARGH - first shake down, 3 to go, and bedtime is midnight.... starting on the water but really dont want to, i am aiming for 3 ltrs a day, that should be sufficient, i am still trying to find a CDC as at the minute i am using up packs i had from round 1 and it is murder, i sat ans figured out that unill i stop CD in aug/sept, i am going to drink about 1000 packs!!!!!! thats one hell of a lot of packs :(

NumNums, dont worry about the talking, i aimlessly talk to postmen all night in my job, i work at royal mail and have endless people to talk random poo about, but they all want me to remember the drama going on in their lives... which is quite hard when you think i talk to about 300 ppl a night..... so chatting random jibberish is my thing!!!!

Linnyloo, by all means jibber away on here with me and NumNums, i dont mind at all

Bling, HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiii, cant believe you stopped, but even better your back!!!!

K x


Girl on a mission
Morning hun....Good luck with the start i'm sure you don't need it and think this time of year is hard with the water as so cold..but sure you'll get it all down:D

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