Started doing Slomming World yesterday, on my own, no class... Anyone else the same??


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Hi, I started doing SW yesterday on my own.. I did lose over 2 stone a few years ago at class, but things have changed since then, so just trying to pick up all the info I can to get back into it..

I'd love to go to class, but money won't allow, so looking for people in the same boat who I can support and vice versa!..

Thanks for reading,
Blue x
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Hey blue

There are loads of us doing it alone on here, you are in the right place for support!:)

Good luck x


S: 17st5lb C: 17st5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ah glad to hear it... theres sooooo many posts and threads, I'll be here forever reading.. hehe..

I'm serious this time.. sick of losing the same 2-3 stones over and over... now I want to lose them, and a bit more, AND keep it off.... A new way of life.. :)



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I've been to 2 different classes & lost & gained the same weight. I now do it by myself at home & have lost more than both times I went to class.

I did love Image Therapy & do miss that but there's plenty of support & info on here :)


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Hi i have started from home this week too, i bought the books off ebay never done this diet before so im a lil confussed on either to do the easy plan or red and green days :S


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lil miss chatterbox

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I'm doing this alone from home too. Got given a book with most syn values last summer, but only just started last week.


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oooh thanks for the link to that thread, and helooooo to everyone who's posted good luck :) xx


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Im exactly the same as you, im not in a financial position to be able to go to meetings so started last week on my own. I did this a few years ago and lost over 2 stone. it is slightly harder to keep motivated doing it by yourself, but it still works brill. Good luck to you. x

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I'm doing it alone too - looks like there's a few of us ;-)


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Hi I have joined online but got all the information from ebay to, been doing for 5 days now and am finding the extra easy better to follow than red and green. I still wonder can you eat what it says and lose weight


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mee too :D


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I'm doing it from home too, using my books from the last time I attended a group and the sw magazines are great for recipes/new ideas etc, I started just over a week ago and have lost 6lb :)

lil miss chatterbox

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That's a fab loss! Good luck!


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I'm a homie too!

Morning folks!

I started doing SW at home on Monday - I'm new to this forum but not to the diet..... I've done it loads of times before and the only thing that fails is me!! But I have a 'never give up' outlook so here I am again!! :happy096:

I've never really enjoyed going to a class.... all a bit cheesy for my liking, but this forum is fantabulous, I love it!! Soooooo supportive and so much help and advice! :thankyou:

I've got two main focus areas this time round which make it different from when I've done the diet in the past, which are:

1. At least 30 mins of Wii Fit EVERY SINGLE DAY - no excuses!! :character00116:

2. Eat homemade syn free soup by the bucket load because it's filling and yummy! :eating:

Good luck to you all!

Hugs Tara xx

PS. I'll quit with all the smilies soon but it's fun when you're new on here! :roofles:
Im doing it alone too but just got to get my head around it as I've always done weight watchers x I'm confused as to which I should follow some say red day, some green, and some the easy one?

Do you have to do a red or green day or can u just do the plan which I'm assuming is eat lots of free food,.the healthy extras and syns and exercise lol x

Sorry to be a pain I'm just confused also how do u work out how many syns to have a day?

Any help is greatly appreciated x hoping to start soon but need to get my head around it also hoping to write a food diary x anyone else find them helpful? X


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You can do any plan you like, EE, Red, Green or just whichever suits any particular day, its entirely up to you, depends what kind of food you prefer to eat.

Syns are always between 5 and 15 a day on all plans.

Rather than picking a plan and THEN deciding what to eat to fit into it why not just decide *what you want to eat* today - once youve decided that THEN you can see if you need to adapt it at all to make it more SW-friendly.

Itll all become clear with a bit of practise x :)
Thanks that's a good idea x though where can I get a list of healthy extra a and b from ? X

Had white toast with clover and a ski fat free yogs so far x